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Aaron Rodgers Gives Endorsement to Rookies Tyrone Walker, Myles White a Second Time

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Aaron Rodgers Gives Endorsement to Rookies Tyrone Walker, Myles White a Second Time

For the second time in roughly a week, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers gave an endorsement to a pair of undrafted rookie wide receivers, Tyrone Walker and Myles White.

The first such comments came from Rodgers on the final day of media availability during the team's offseason program last Tuesday.

Referencing the pair of rookies the Packers selected in the seventh round of this past April's draft, Charles Johnson and Kevin Dorsey––both of whom have missed the overwhelming majority of the team's offseason practices––Rodgers gave his unsolicited thoughts (as far as not being asked about any one particular player) on Walker and White.

"The young receivers, it's frustrating, I know, for them to be injured," said Rodgers. "But you've got to give credit to the guys who have been out there and have been playing. I think you've seen some good plays from Myles and Tyrone. I think they've stepped up and (they're) getting their opportunities.

"But it's going to be wide open once you get to training camp. We usually keep five receivers, and I think the top three are pretty set in stone, and there's a lot of guys fighting for those other two spots. It should be interesting to see who comes out in training camp."

The second instance of Rodgers' seal of approval came during an exclusive interview the quarterback granted, published on Monday.

Rodgers offered in-depth commentary:

I think two guys who have benefitted maybe the most from this spring are (undrafted rookie wide receivers) Myles White and Tyrone Walker. I think both those guys have made a lot of plays for us. And with our two seventh-round picks at wide receiver (Kevin Dorsey and Charles Johnson) missing most of the OTAs, those guys have stepped up and done some great things. Tyrone reminds me of Antonio Chatman, who not many people know I actually played with. But Deuce had very similar size and agility but he was a good route runner, very good in and out of his breaks. And I see that with Walker. I think he has very good hands, he’s a good route runner and I think he has a chance to be a good player in this league. Myles is very shifty, he has very good releases, and mentally, he’s getting closer. He has a strong hunger to be good in this league and he’s very self-motivated, and that’s very important. Those guys benefit from an incredible position coach in Edgar Bennett, who harps on them about fundamentals and details and he’s got three of the best examples of what it looks like every day in that room in Cobby, Jones and Nelson. I tell those young guys all the time, “Watch the older guy in your group and see how he does things. That’s what I did when I was a young player. Watch the older guy in your group, and pick out the things that he does well that you don’t do yet and try to incorporate those in your game. And look at the things that maybe you don’t like or you don’t understand and question those and figure out why they’re doing them. And then either incorporate that in your game or do it a little differently.” But when you’ve got really good examples like Myles and Tyrone do in their room, there’s no reason they shouldn’t make big leaps this fall and have a chance to make the team.

Whether the depth chart at wide receiver is starting to take shape remains to be seen. Without question, it's the coaches' decision who will receive playing time and who won't, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have the confidence of the person who's in charge of distributing the football in the Packers offense.

White was reportedly signed by the Packers immediately after the NFL Draft concluded. He's a product of Louisiana Tech, listed as 6-0 and 182 lbs., and had 56 receptions for 718 yards and six touchdowns his senior season in which Tech led the nation in total offense, scoring offense and was third in the nation in passing offense.

Before enrolling at Louisiana Tech for his final two years of eligibility, White began his college career at Michigan State where he got into a large brawl with several other football players and eventually pled guilty to misdemeanor assault. After that, he transfered to Northwest Mississippi Community College for one year.

Meanwhile, Walker was signed to the Packers roster as one of five players who took part in the team's post-draft rookie orientation camp back in May.

Listed at 5-10, 191 lbs., Walker ended his career as Illinois State’s all-time leader in receptions (250), receiving yards (3,565), receiving touchdowns (32) and 100-yard receiving games (16).

Following Walker's senior season, he earned first-team All-Missouri Valley Football Conference honors in after leading the conference in receptions (90), receiving yards (1,319) and touchdown receptions (nine). Walker was a college teammate of quarterback Matt Brown, who was also signed by the Packers.

What Rodgers' comments might mean for Johnson and Dorsey are open to interpretation. While neither took part in offseason practice to any significant extent, missing training camp––when pads come on––would hinder their development far more.

It's been head coach Mike McCarthy's policy not to comment on any player's injury status during the voluntary workout portion of the offseason, so the type and extent of ailments to Johnson and Dorsey have gone unreported.

If both are able to return in time for the start of training camp on July 26 and be full participants, it's likely they will have not fallen far behind the curve.

For a team that's lost both Greg Jennings and Donald Driver this offseason, however, the depth at wide receiver is a position worth watching. Considering Jermichael Finley and James Jones are both scheduled to become free agents after the current season, the depth has the potential to be tested even further in the future.

Brian Carriveau is the author of "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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JakeK's picture

Regardless, the 2013 WR Corp will no longer be the strength of the offense after Rodgers. Better hope Cobb, Nelson & Jones can be available for 16 out of 16. Too many injuries could be devastating.

Boykins, Ross, Johnson, Dorsey, Walker & White. ..... Replace two former Pro-Bowlers ?? (Jennings, Driver). ...... I doubt it.

Evan's picture

1. "Too many injuries could be devastating." That could be said of any position group of any team in the league.

2. "Replace two former Pro-Bowlers" Calling Driver a "former pro bowler" is being awfully considerate. He hasn't been a meaningful contributor for 2-3 years - he was replaced by Nelson 2 years ago.

djbonney138's picture

Also, the 366 yards and 4 TD's Greg had last season may not be too hard to replace.

JakeK's picture


It is a fact that Driver is a former Pro-Bowler. I was stating a fact, not an opinion. Same with Jennings. Neither will ever be (again) what they were in their prime years. However, that doesn't change an eventual problem for the Pack.

Boykins, Ross, Johnson, Dorsey, Walker & White. ..... None are proven WRs in the NFL. We'll see how much praise Rodgers has for one of the youngsters when he runs the wrong route or drops a gimme TD or misses an audible. ... Happens alot with unproven players. .... More facts as opposed to opinion.

Charlie M's picture

Yeah those 7th round wr's never work out.

ScottS's picture

At one point in their careers Jennings, Driver, Nelson, Cobb, and Jones were all not proven WR's in the NFL.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Exactly what I was thinking.

The TKstinator's picture

Me too!

JakeK's picture

Boykins, Ross, Johnson, Dorsey, Walker & White.

4 undrafted free agents and 2 7th round picks. .... Good luck finding the next DD out of that group. Jennings, Cobb, Nelson & Jones were all high draft picks.

Some of you need to try a little reality here.

Stroh's picture

Saying Driver and Jennings need to be replaced when they didn't really contribute last year is a bit disingenuous don't you think?

JakeK's picture

Your post makes little sense.

We will see how the 4th & 5th WRs on the 53 man roster contribute. My guess is little in 2013 which means Cobb, Jones & Nelson need to stay healthy. (original post)

BTW, it's a problem when no one has a clue as to who the 4th & 5th WRs will be on a passing team featuring Rodgers who loves to audible to the pass. ... Think about it. It may make sense eventually.

Evan's picture

The point you seem to be failing to grasp is that neither Jennings nor Driver contributed much at all last season.

You speak about the absence of 4th and 5th WRs and how Cobb, Nelson and Jones need to stay healthy as if this is a new development when it's actually essentially a repeat of last season. And the offense was more than fine. What bodes well for 2013, in my opinion, is that the Packers will no longer be relying on two players who couldn't be counted on.

Of course if there are major injuries to Nelson, Jones or Cobb the offense will be in trouble. But I think you're overstating the impact of the loss of Jennings and Driver.

JakeK's picture

I'll try to make this as simple for you as possible.... The Pack have been 5-deep at WR for every year Rodgers has started. They are now only 3-deep until someone steps up.... No one knows who or if it will even happen anytime soon. .... Got it? .... Just read the words.

Evan's picture

Actually, they're currently like 11 deep.

ted, of bill and ted's picture

yes, donald and greg were proven receivers (jakek's point)

yes, neither contributed last year (evan's point)

thankfully, cobb, nelson, and jones did not get any serious injuries last year (a point i think we can all agree on)

this year, like last year, i pray cobb, nelson, and jones do not get hurt (because the two former pro bowl, ineffective receivers we had are now gone, and the new ones that are effective may not be that good)

also, i pray that jarrett boykin makes a big jump in his second year, just in case the injuries that i just prayed not to happen, do in fact happen

JakeK's picture


Think in terms of the 53 man roster. I mean, really, they're not about to carry 11 WRs, are they?.... Hope this helps alleviate your confusion.

Evan's picture

You never know. They kept 3 fullbacks once.

Stroh's picture

Jake... "The Pack have been 5-deep at WR for every year Rodgers has started."

Uhmm, last year Driver was the #5 WR most of the year and he did NOTHING and Boykin (a guy your dismissing now) was on the roster too. Not to mention that Jennings was completely underwhelming last year. SO really last year they were FAR from 5 deep at WR. And that's not counting other years I'm sure there were other #5 WR that didn't contribute and were unproven!

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

"4 undrafted free agents and 2 7th round picks. …. Good luck finding the next DD out of that group."

Remind me again, what round did we draft DD? Thanks, Sport!

VApackerfan's picture

That is exactly what I thought when I first read that statement.

MarkinMadison's picture

From the Wilds of Ohio, I give that a +2.

The TKstinator's picture

Are you saying none of them stand a chance?

Franklin Hillside's picture

Nelson missed a number of games last year as well.

Finley is the number 4 receiver.

The hand-wringing is unnecessary. The times of putting 5 wide on the field is done. It was cute, but it was a gimmick.

Jake's picture

He also endorsed Borel and Gurley. Let's see what happens when the young WRs are actually getting touched.

JakeK's picture

Good point. ... No one talks about them like they did last year at this time. How soon everyone forgets.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Part of the reason everyone forgot was how good Boykin was. Boykin purely out played both Gurley and Borel.

Rymetyme81's picture

Grain of salt. What I do love is that Rodgers gets excited about seeing new talent in camp. Nearly every veteran says it just gets to a grind one year where you really just hate it. I think #12 enjoys the bonding and feeds off the excitement of the rooks.

I may be making up, but I believe AR said he'd never continue playing when he couldn't give it his all in camp. Easier said than done after hearing respected veterans' quotes about camp.

Tarynfor12's picture

Anyone got a....grain of salt?

PackersRS's picture

Here you go:

"Aaron Rodgers gives obligatory hollow praise to fringe teammates"

He's really good at rhetoric. And it shows he's a good teammate and leader. But this "praise" isn't organic. It serves clear purposes, to build confidence in the players and to use their dedication as an example to those lacking it.

It also enhances his leadership over the team, but I believe that's a side effect more than an ulterior motive.

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

Not to worry. Any receiver not making the cut will quickly be signed by the Vikings.

Jer's picture

Didn't Goodell say he wanted more humane treatment for players who are cut?

Instead of telling the player he's being released, they can just tell him he'll be going to the Vikings!

Actually, that's probably worse. ;)

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

While these kids may have looked decent, this wreaks of #12 sending Dorsey and Johnson a subtle little message.. get your asses on the field!

Are our scouts getting lazy? How many kids did we sign from Illinois State this year?

al's picture

I see 2 of them make the team this is one of the best group of WR rookies iv seen in a long time my hats off to T.T theres going to be good WR that don't make team hope thay find the right ones ..........

Nononsense's picture

Yes we are down to 3 good proven receivers which is still more than most teams can say they have. OMG what are they gonna do? The offense will have to evolve a little bit I guess if injury strikes.

You do know that we also have Finley and a healthy Quarless right? They also have a healthy Alex Green, DuJuan Harris and newcomers Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin. The point is this team won't have to rely on the passing attack nearly as much this season especially if injuries strike the WR position in particular.

Jennings and Driver contributed next to nothing last year so whats the big deal? Replacing them is not the impossible task you make it out to be Jake. Hell Boykins played in front of a healthy Driver for most of the 2nd half of the year anyway so what are we missing here exactly.

JakeK's picture

Boykins caught 5 passes for 27 yards last season & for his career. The rest of that group haven't caught any NFL passes....Feel good about that all you want, I don't... Rodgers throwing the ball downfield is GB's offense. That's not going to change anytime soon unless Rodgers goes down with some kind of an injury.

Stroh's picture

And Driver had 8 whole recp on the YEAR! Including NONE, zip, nada in the final 6 games! He's addition by subtraction. Say replacing Jennings if you need to, even tho he did next to nothing last year to speak of. These are players that were already replaced to a large degree last year.

Replacing them was done last year, so this year Finley will certainly take on a bigger role along w/ a better run game. The offense won't suffer a bit and the Passing game could easily get better w/o Driver and Jennings. I'm quite comfortable w/ Boykin as the #4 WR.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Completely agree.
Boykin proved to me that he had Rodgers faith when he threw to him on a 4th down play. And Boykin actually got injured on the play. That alone tells me Rodgers trusts him. He will be the 4th receiver.

This year, look out for Finley. And I can also see a TE come in and really step up their game. Quarless/Williams?

Also the running backs will be used a lot more this year. They might not necessarily run the ball a lot more then last year, but the production will be better. Also I really see them using the RB's more in the Passing game.

lovemd's picture

Our offense is evolving away from 4/5 wide spread em out to a more traditional look. 3 wide,te,rb who can catch as a safety valve.....and more running threat. I think having 5 wr who all want the ball, and formations that placate them are overrated. Id rather have more ways to beat a team on offense.

JakeK's picture

Every NFL team is forced to adjust based on their talent level. GB will be less likely to go 4 or 5 wide because they won't have the talent at WR to do it.... Believe me, if they did, they would... The more Rodgers can throw the ball downfield, the better off GB will be. ... Hasn't that been obvious the last few seasons?

Stroh's picture

Not last year it wasn't obvious. Last year the Packers couldn't get the ball downfield and it had nothing to do w/ Jennings and Driver! Teams were sitting in 2 deep zones all year and daring the Packers to run. Until the PROVE to the NFL they can run more than just adequately, teams will continue to sit deep and force the Packers to run. That won't change by Jennings or Driver not being in GB. Only by running effectively down in and down out will the Packers/Rodgers be able to get downfield again.

Kevin VG's picture

Jake, I understand we have 3 guys that have NFL experience (not including Boykin since his sample size is very small compared to the other 3). But what do you think we should do at 4-5? Sign a has been? Johnson just got released from jail-do you want him? I think Moss is still out there? I personally would rather go with these younger guys and see what they have. None need to be counted on as a #1 in the beginning of the year since we have Cobb, Jones, and Nelson. This gives them time to develop. Add training camp and preseason games and we should have a good idea of which (if any) of these younger players can play! I'm excited about our depth!

xuyee's picture

No, they are changing their spread offense because it's not consistent enough and it's getting Aaron killed, not because of a lack of talent at WR. TT could easily have drafted quality WRs high, but he made a conscious decision to get RBs.

Think about the Fail Mary game, all those 1st half sacks went away when we started pounding Benson. Running gets the OL in a rhythm and slows down the rush. The Packers Spread has been countered by dropping 7 into coverage. It's time to pound the rock. Think about the 49ers. They've got 1 good WR and 1 good TE, but got to the SB because they also had a consistent running threat to pressure on all levels.

Fi crane's picture

Now those are two nice posts

WBare's picture

Jake, I would like to know who appointed you the expert on wide outs. I and all other readers get very tired of the personell that cut the newbes down. When you draw coaches pay, then you can critises. I believe this players have a chance. Look how overloaded the receiver corps was during the draft.

Idahopacker's picture

Boy once again I see individuals questioning what we have before they even played one game, I truly wonder if these guys are the same ones who didn't want TT to resign Jones a couple of years ago during Free Agency

PackerPete's picture

You are absolutely right. Any remember, when Jennings and Jones were drafted, everybdoy was screaming why is he drafting WRs with LB speed only? And Nelson was a head scratcher for many after Ted traded out of the 1st round... Ted has shown in the past that he knows what he is doing. Even if only 1 young guy comes out of this group, there will be many WRs released from other teams at the end of training camp, and there will be a 5th WR to be found. When the SB was won in the 90s, both Brooks and Freeman were out for an extended time, and Don Beebe and Terry Mickens were the starters... So relax people, there are not just WRs who can catch the ball, now we also have RBs who can do that, and there are a few TEs on the roster...

TXBadger's picture

The Packers are going to play to their strengths. One of those positions that is going to be more of a strength this year is tight end. With the increased emphasis on the running game, they're going to go with more multiple tight end sets. Sometimes, they'll flex one back into the backfield to act like a fullback, other times they'll split one or 2 out like a wide receiver, and in some situations they'll keep them in tight and thump on the other team in a 2 or 3 tight end set.

I'm not worried about the 4th and 5th receiver. Finley will the the 4th receiver in most cases and the 5th can always run their defender off the play to open up the field for the other guys.

Lucky953's picture

I think Rodgers is making a good point about the HUGE opportunity for either an undrafted or 7th rnder WR to make this team. Don't presume to know talent by where a guy is drafted. Some people just seem to grab on to opportunity and don't let go. Also, Bennett has had some very good things to say about Boykin. He doesn't usually blow smoke. We'll learn a lot about the 4th and 5th guys in preseason games.

Lucky953's picture

I think Rodgers is making a point about the HUGE opportunity for an undrafted or 7th rnder to make this team. Don't presume to judge talent solely on where a guy is drafted. Some people just seem to know how to seize opportunity and not let go. Also, Bennett had a lot of very positive things to say abt Boykin and he usually doesn't BS. We'll learn a lot about WR depth in preseason games. I'm confident a couple of guys will separate themselves.

aussiepacker's picture

Do you think they might keep 6 WR'S if the 6th one could return kicks/punts instead of cobb but there is 2 better options as just WR's?

Lou's picture

Jennings was one of the best 2nd round choices in the last 20 years but the persistent injuries at his age and cap busting salary left no choice for Thompson. Had he stayed he would have impeded the progress of Cobb and limited the chances for both Nelson and Jones. Driver simply had no burst left, he looked like Antonio Freeman when he came back to Green Bay for his final year, even the fans in the stands could see it. In addition to the WR's the ability to spread out Finley and 2 promising young TE's (Bostick & Stoneburner) give them a lot of options. I would have liked to say the same about D.J. Williams but he looks like just a tease.

JakeK's picture

"Regardless, the 2013 WR Corp will no longer be the strength of the offense after Rodgers. Better hope Cobb, Nelson & Jones can be available for 16 out of 16. Too many injuries could be devastating."

Some of you can reword or change the meaning of my original post anyway you like, but I stand by it 100%.... The Pack will be hurt'in if Cobb, Nelson or Jones aren't available for 16 out of 16.... Any solution offered by anyone is based on hope not fact.... 2013 is going to be interesting.

cow42's picture

But don't you know that every 7th round draft pick turns into a Donald Driver?

Just ask the posters who frequent this site... they'll tell ya all about it.

JakeK's picture

I was at Lambeau cheering for the Pack before most here were even a fetus in the womb. Although Driver needed to retire, he is a once in a lifetime 7th round pick at a skill position. Green Bay won't find what they need at WR on the street or in the 7th round.... Watch Thompson correct that mistake in next year's draft.

Jay's picture

No one has any idea what they will or won't find in late round and undrafted acquisitions. Maybe another Driver or Victor Cruz, or perhaps another Tori Gurley or other washout. None of this will be clear either way till they play the game. That is why they play the game, right?

cow42's picture

of course no one "knows".

but probability suggests that chances are slim the Packers ever uncover another Driver that late in the draft.

Stroh's picture

Except when it comes to your 9ers cow. Its already ordained that every 9er is better than every Packer!

zeke's picture

Hyperbolic much?

MarkinMadison's picture

Good Lord people (JakeK, etc.) we're worried about who receivers #4 and #5 will be? Seriously? Have the Vikings figured out receiver #2 (who is "proven" in the NFL)? Is Greg Jennings an adequate replacement for Percy Harvin? Quick, name the #2 receiver for the Lions? Quick, who in the Bears receivers corps. would beat out anyone in the Packers' top 3?

Let me humbly suggest that the WR position was due for a little turn-over. Speculating on who your #4 and #5 receivers SHOULD be an annual event, not cause for crisis.

cow42's picture

Marshall would be the #1 in GB.

Stroh's picture

So would Megatron. But neither team has even a decent #2 WR. Take our WR group over there's in a second.

Stroh's picture

Couldn't agree more!

Lucky953's picture

This team had greater needs than wide receiver at the draft. You can make a better case for them drafting a safety or a center than a WR. As multiple posters have said, it remains a position of relative strength with respect to the competition. The idea is to make them respect the run and then even Boykin, Ross, and Williams will be getting open.

The TKstinator's picture

I helped build Lambeau Field with my bare hands.
I have forgotten more about football than anyone else even knows.
I can see the future.
I think the Packers should deal their way into having 22 first round picks every year, that way they don't have to rely on "getting lucky" with LATE (2nd round, 7th round, whatever) picks all the time.
The Packers should be allowed to exceed the salary cap by as great a margin as they see fit. That way they can always rely on "proven" players, rather than "risk" their season on young, inexpensive players.

I'm off my meds and I feel fine.

JakeK's picture

Just a few factual & insightful comments about the Pack would be appreciated.... What you've posted is of no use to anyone.... You may want to consider new meds.

Brandon's picture

People must love going to comedies with you.

The TKstinator's picture

Anybody can second guess.
ALL gm's make mistakes.
In the salary cap era no team can retain all of its players.
I don't care how long anyone has watched football. Doesn't make anyone an expert.
Discussing what may or may not happen is the fun of being a fan. Trying to make it sound like we know better than Ted is both arrogant and ignorant.

How's that for insightful?

JakeK's picture

Quick question: ..Have you ever even held a real football in your hands?

There isn't a post anywhere in this blog that suggests any of your embellishments or exaggerations... Just read the words.... Don't let your imagination run wild...

Ray's picture

If the Packers are committed to running the ball more the 4th and 5th receivers may not see as much time as in the past.

The TKstinator's picture

Have you ever held a football in your hands?
Have you ever played at any level?
Have you ever tackled anyone?
Have you ever made an over the shoulder interception and returned it 81 yards for a touchdown?
Have you ever kicked a real football?
Do you think the Packers should have paid Jennings 9 million a year to stay?
Is there a chance that the young, unproven receivers will flop?
Is there a chance they will pan out?
Is there a chance that the men who are paid millions of dollars to make these calls know just a wee bit more than us fans?
Just answer the questions. Don't let your imagination get the best of you.

JakeK's picture

@TK & all your aliases.

Yes, but it was only for 49 yards.

"Discussing what may or may not happen is the fun of being a fan."

Now I get it. Any fan can have fun as long as it doesn't denigrate in any way, shape or form the great Ted Thompson. ..Rrrrright.

The TKstinator's picture

1. My 81 beats your 49.
2. Too many injuries could be catastrophic; brilliant.

Here's an equally "brilliant", insightful comment: if the Packers lose Rodgers, Harrell, and Coleman to injury, it could make winning the Super Bowl difficult.

Feel free to bask in my glory, free of charge.

JakeK's picture

@ S t r o h & all your aliases.
That's what this is all about plus your bromance with Thompson.

Stroh's picture

Cow and all your aliases. Yeah we already know. Its obvious as soon as you open your CowPieHole!

JakeK's picture

You're making up stuff, again. I've only started posting here recently. I know you from several other blogs where your MO is exactly the same as here.... Sad.

Stroh's picture

I'm the same Stroh or Strohman on EVERY Packer site I've even visited. I'm not even hard to figure out, cuz as others have said, I have a very distinctive style! I AM STROHMAN. Learn it... Know it!!!

The TKstinator's picture

Bromance, that's gross.
Thompson makes mistakes. I already posted that. All GMs do. I think, however, that he should have earned a little bit of trust. He inherited a team in salary cap hell thanks to Sherman. He made some tough calls letting Wahle, Rivera, and Sharper go. The fans went nuts. He drafted Aaron Rodgers when "clearly that was stupid, we still had Favre". Did GB win the Super Bowl a few years later? Do you think he's doing a poor job? Do you think that any time you don't agree with him that it simply means that HE is the one who is wrong?
Do you think you are insightful making these amazing observations of yours? The WR's will NOT be the strength of our team if we suffer injuries at that spot? Are you suggesting TT should have retained Jennings? Do you think that not even ONE guy out of that large group of young, unproven receivers will step up? Do you understand salary cap football? Do you offer any solutions? "Have you ever held a real football in your hands?" As if doing so would somehow provide an intelligent understanding?
Or, to apply your amazing grasp of "the facts", if Lacy, Franklin, Harris, Starks, and Green suffer injuries, we'll be awfully thin at RB? Now we're cooking with gas!

al's picture

let the training camp sort it all out and you can wright that one down !!!!!!!!!!!

The TKstinator's picture

Here's another amazing prediction, GUARANTEED to come true:
Some stuff is going to go wrong in GB this season.

Mark it down, my brothers and sisters!

cow42's picture

10 losses worth of wrong stuff.

Mark it down, my brothers and sisters!

schedule+improved division+weak Oline+weak Dline+weak ILB's+weak S group+weak DC = 6-10.

Stroh's picture

Improved division? On what grounds to you base that? Chicago lost the face of the franchise, w/ no replacement on hand and they're still saddled w/ Cutler at QB! Or do you consider him better than Rodgers too, like you do Brady?!

Minn had an epic season where EVERYTHING went right and need AP to get 2000 yds just to stiff (barely qualify) for the playoffs! Ponder is what he is at this point, at his best a decent game manager, who can't win a game on his own ability/force of will!

Detroit is as dysfunctional as ever. They'll probably rebound slightly, but they don't have the mental makeup to be a contender! If they're lucky they'll be in the hunt for a playoff berth, but they aren't going to win the division outright!

Packers are still EASILY the class of the division to everyone but you. But then again what do you know about the Packers, your still a 9ers fan 1st and now you've proven to be a NE fan 2nd!

dawg's picture

WOW--The Strohman, learn it, know it!
Im sure we'er gonna hear it now!

Stroh's picture

No... Not "The Strohman"! Just Strohman! ANd to you Mr. Strohman. Since your nothing but a Richard named CowPie!

The TKstinator's picture

Didn't Billy Squier have a song that went "Stroh man, stroh man, stro....stro...."
Could I possibly be mistaken? :)

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