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A Packers Fan Experience at an Away Game

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A Packers Fan Experience at an Away Game

I’ve been told this before, by commenters throughout the years, I am what is ruining football.

Which is a completely absurd statement, whether I’m writing at my old website and it’s readership of 4 or a nationally syndicated columnist, one person’s writing is not ruining football.

But after my experience last week, I have to admit, maybe these commenters were onto something.

I am part of the problem that is ruining football.


I love going to football games.  I love tailgating. I love feeling connected with the thousands of other people in the stands as we experience the highs and lows of a game together. And I had a great time last Sunday in Cincinnati. Football games combine my favorite things, eating and drinking outside and sports! What’s not to love?

I met up with a co-worker who had prepared green and yellow Jell-O shots. I had club level seats that included a waitress who allowed me to pay via credit card, and brought my food and drinks to me. I was finally able to see, in person, Johnny Jolly run on to the field.

The fans in Cincinnati were a very nice bunch. Even after the loss a man chanting “Go Home Cheeseheads!” saw my face, and stopped. I didn’t say a word, he didn’t rub it in. That was the height of any fan on fan altercations I encountered. One man a little overly happy about his win, seeing a young lady quietly walking out of the stadium, they share a glance and both move on.

But then something happened on the way home. My husband called me and started talking about Rodgers’s face on the sideline. “Man there’s some drama there.” I had no idea what he was talking about.

And I thought back to the game. I knew Finley went out. That happened right in front of me. But Starks and Matthews, I had no clue. It wasn’t until they called Franklin’s name for the third time that I looked down and saw Starks on the sideline sans helmet. I saw Matthews gingerly jog on the sideline and guessed it was his hamstring, but I had no way of knowing.

I’ve spent the last three years with one eye glued to the TV and the other eye glued to twitter and the CheeseheadTV game day chat. Someone’s hurt, I see the replay. I then wait for one of the many beat reporters I follow to give me (the world) an update.  So when I’m submerged in a world with no internet or phone connections, even though I’m at the event I am lost.

That sounds stupid, but it’s the truth. I killed my phone battery early in the game. After spending 10 minutes trying to send tweets showing all the Packers fans in the stands and being unable to I finally tried to connect with the wireless provided by Paul Brown Stadium. I tried over four times to connect to “Who Dey” but it wasn’t happening. Feeling silly that I was investing time and about 40% of my previous battery life, trying to connect to a world instead of living it, I put my phone down.

Paul Brown Stadium has two giant screens, but none seemed to be able to provide me with the quality replays I was looking for, partially because I was an away team fan and partially because there’s just so much going on.

How awful did the Ross fumble look? Close up, I have no idea. I was scanning the sideline to see how badly he was getting yelled at.

Being an away game, there was no Packers post game radio in my car on the ride home. So no updates there. By the time I got home, press conferences were done, the team was probably on the plane headed back to Wisconsin and I felt like I had completely missed the game.

The next morning I walked into my co-workers office. Fellow Packer follower who had also attended the game – although his seats required binoculars; we both felt the same. We missed the game.

I know what happened. The Packers lost. I know how it happened. They were down, came back and then while flat-lining, fumbled the ball that lead to the go ahead score. I know the Packers were stopped on fourth down and I know I walked out of the stadium sad.

That’s all I got.

I know people that go to games and feel they learn more from it, I wish I was them. But after Sunday, I am confident that I am not one of them and I am ruining football.

What would have made the game better, besides a win?

First and foremost, Wi-Fi that worked. I would have had no questions. Injuries, sideline drama, questionable calls, I would have known it all. I also wouldn’t have killed my battery so quickly constantly trying and failing to join the network.

I’m not sure the answer to my video problem, but there has to be a way to get at least the TV clips or the away team coverage. If you have a phone, connected to the Wi-Fi, streaming replays would be pretty awesome. And as completely gaudy and tacky I think the giant screen in Dallas is, had the screens at Paul Brown Stadium been better placed, maybe they would have served me better.

The way to make the “at the game” experience better for me is simple, give me a big TV and a connection to a social media world that is going on outside the stadium.

I feel sick even just typing that.

How many times have I said or heard Put down the phone and live your life! How much does my heart fill with pride simply stepping into Lambeau? I’m just shy of number 90,000 on the ticket wait list and this feels completely normal to me. Because being at a Packers game, actually being there, trumps all.

If offered the tickets to last weekend’s game again, of course I would go. And if by some miracle I get to attend a game at Lambeau this year, I will not turn it down. But I am starting to become one of those whiny fans, one of those fans who are ruining football by caring more about my twitter feed and a TV screen, than my view from my seat.

So, yes, I, Jayme Snowden am part of a movement ruining football, and I’m completely okay with it.

Jayme Snowden is a feature writer at CheeseheadTV and a contributor to Today’s TMJ4. She also co-hosts CheeseheadRadio, part of the Packers Talk Radio Network at You can contact her via twitter at @jaymelee1 or email at [email protected].

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Joe's picture

You are correct, can you even call yourself a fan, you certainly don't fit the definition. Do us all a favor, don't ever go to a game again. This game you pretend to love so much will no longer exist with people like you. It makes me and many true fans sad that you are ok with this. My condolences to you. You are pathetic.

Evan's picture

I think I've written and erased about a dozen different replies to this shit head, but really all there is to say is: fuck this guy, right?

Smith's picture

That's the response I would have went with.

Sven's picture

Yeah, what a classless response to well written and honest article. Thank you Evan. Joe, You suck!

packeraaron's picture

No, Joe, your judgment of Jayme is what's pathetic.

Sunbird's picture

Based on the unnecessary anger of Joe's comment I am thinking he is just one of those people who go through the world hating everyone and everything. I am sorry for your life Joe. Chin up fella.

Mojo's picture

Say it ain't so Joe. This has to be a joke post, right?

themasterfake's picture

Joe's never been to a game outside of Wisconsin one bets

Jamie's picture

Ehhhh, I don't see the game being ruined by this type of attitude toward the live game experience, at least for the foreseeable future. I know the NFL is trying to get ahead of this, and will bring in new things to make some of the at-home luxuries (connectivity/interaction) more accessible with the live game experience. For every fan that chooses to stay home, you have a fan that wants to go in least for now. Some signs point to this leaning toward the in-home experience.

I'm not threatened by any of this myself.

You know what's a bigger issue for me? That Lambeau has become more of a tourist attraction on gameday than the Mecca for hardcore Packer fans that are willing to scream their lungs out to give the Packers a '12th man' type advantage. That's threatening to me as a fan that can't make it to Lambeau (though I will some day) to scream my lungs out. Too many folks there just to experience a game, and not to show their also there to do there part to help the home team.

Just my .02.

Jamie's picture

Man...I butchered the last sentence 3rd paragraph. I'm really not (quite) that dumb.

murphy's picture

They're their, Jamie, it's ok.

themasterfake's picture

lol right . Jamie don't be so hard on yourself you are much dumber than that.

Bobby's picture

Jayme, I was at the game on Sunday as well and i must say that my experience with Bengals fans was not so pedestrian. I was absolutely blanketed in Bengals fans yelling “Who Dey!!! Nobody!!!” right in my face. Other friends I was with experienced profanity and obscene hand gestures. I had a really good seat and I never once picked up my phone. With that I will not be attending another away game. The “fans” have become so enamored with “Protecting this house” that I feel threatened attending anything other than home games by those whom call themselves “fans”.

jack in jersey city's picture

i thought eagles and raiders fans were the worst. WRONG! the new dickhead fans in the NFL are bengals fans. i grew up in cincinnati so i can say this. i've never witnessed a bigger group of "sore winners" in my life. my facebook page was completely blown up by these losers after the game on sunday.

they've lost for such a long time that they don't know how to act after a win. sure, you rub it in at first- that's completely normal. i usually respond with a "great game. congrats". most normal fans will move on (especially since it's a long season and this is only the 3rd game). but no, even today, i'm getting texts and IM's from these losers about sunday's outcome.

i can't wait until the bengals are eliminated in the 1st round of the playoffs- it's what they are best at!

James's picture

Agree. I had season tickets in another state just so I could attend the random Packers game. The crew at the physical games nowadays are so young, so immature, and so pathetic, that I would never take my family to one, short of going to Lambeau, our home. It's so sad. I wish Mom's and Dad's would stop giving their children money to see games until they are of age.

djbonney138's picture

A friend of mine bought tickets for his brother to the Niners game. His brother (Packer fan) had urine thrown on him. Somebody actually pissed in a cup and threw the cup of piss at them.

Hands's picture

For the first time in my life I was at a Packer game in Green Bay and they were playing the Redskins. It was a great gift from my son who flew in from LA and between the rain and meeting new people the experience was wonderful. We discussed all the new and upcoming shows for AMC since he's an executive there, and life in general. I was able to point out many of the Green Bay players on the field from the 60s and little stories I had heard over the years about them. We talked to the lady who flew in from Rochester, NY to see the game and met the families around us.
The problem about watching the game is exactly what you mentioned above. It is hard to keep track of what is actually going on if you are watching the game. At home we can watch and hear what the announcers say since they have about 7 sets of eyeballs watching and giving feedback that they think we would want to know. I was at the SB in Dallas and every play was reviewed and just about everyone could see what was happening.
I agree that every stadium could use wifi and actually would be nice to have the applicable radio stations available for each team. You could either watch and listen or just watch the game.
The problem is human interaction. I love it and eventually could see everyone sitting in a stadium watching the game w/ earphones on never reacting to the people around them. I hope it doesn't happen, but progress marches on.

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Wow Joe...that was rough. Jamie, I think you are addicted to technology (says he typing this on his iPhone). The cure is more football. Rediscover the game by going to your local high school game every week. No jumbotron replays. No injury updates. This is supposed to be fun...recreation. So what if you missed something you would have seen if you were plugged in. Relax and enjoy the Jell-O shots.

Sven's picture

Great point. If you are lucky enough to a cable setup for a DVR, hopper, or what ever. Record it, and rewatch later to see what actually happened. I usually find more interesting the second time. watching a game live is very emotional, I can only see the big picture, not the details that tell the deeper story of the game.

Evan's picture

I think you're far from the only one who feels this way, who prefers the in-home experience. And I think the NFL is keenly aware of the phenomenon and trying to make the stadium experience as much like home as possible. The bottom line is the pros of staying home are quickly eclipsing the pros of going to the stadium.

I'd imagine some of the newer stadiums (not that PBS is old, but in terms of technological advancement, 2000 is ancient) have far better, more "plugged-in" fan experiences.

While I'm very cognizant of my phone usage and try not to have it out at parties, or bars, or whatever, I do think the instant-analysis and breaking news enhances the game experience.

packsmack25's picture

I was there too. I had no idea Starks was out until Franklin went down, because I figured McCarthy had once again decided to run with the "hot hand." I also had no idea Matthews ever left the game. I had no clue what was going on when any penalty whatsoever was called, because the mic that the ref had wasn't turned up enough to make him understandable.

All that said, I didn't really care. It was awesome to be there at a great game that went back and forth like that. I was more frustrated by the lack of updates/stats on the boards for the other games, as I really wanted to know for fantasy purposes. But I think it's more of a case where Paul Brown Stadium is a dump than anything. I've never had a problem with getting updates before in places like Atlanta, Indy, Charlotte, Nashville, and St. Louis.

Linda Lange's picture

Interesting point, Jayme, and I agree with all of it. I was at that game with my smartphone plugged into a portable charger because my battery was low. I found out about the Rodgers-McCarthy tiff from the ongoing coverage on Cheesehead TV, not by seeing it from my end zone seat. I've been a Packer fan since 1959 when my dad had season tickets on the 50 at City Stadium, not yet Lambeau Field, so I ought to be a purist, but I can't get through a game w/o Twitter. My eye doesn't tell me who missed a key block, only that the play failed, but my tweeps fill in the details. I enjoy having the best of both worlds, at the game, enjoying first-hand excitement, but connected. As for the Bengals fans, they're pussycats compared to Detroit Lions fans. Went up there once wearing green and gold and was genuinely scared.

PackerBacker's picture

Two team's fans that need to start acting like they've been there before.

Tony's picture

I was in Cincy too. I was equally pissed about my phone not working, though texts still kinda got through. I had no idea about Finley or Starks's statuses and had no idea Matthews was out until about 6 hours later.

I don't think we're ruining football in any way, we're just much more into the team than the casual fan, and we want to keep up with every detail about them during a game.

Frankly, you don't go to a game to necessarily watch the game. You go to meet people, tailgate, and drink a $9 Stella Artois. I made some friends around me, razzed from Bengals fans, and enjoyed myself.

It's not ruining anything, it's just not being used to being in that environment. It can certainly be frustrating!!

JakeK's picture

Jayme, didn't you recently write a very intense blog about the pains of addiction?

Jello shots before noon??? Game experience or not, alcohol is a big-time gateway drug. .. Makes your past blog about your personal experiences & Jolly's addiction issues a little suspect, ya think?

Jayme Snowden's picture

Nope, not suspect a bit.

Just because I have family members who are addicts, and understand the disease of addiction and want to help those struggling does not make my actions or feelings suspect at all.

JakeK's picture

Lucky Jolly actually had a game to play. ... He sure couldn't have tailgated with you.

Sorry, but, the hypocrisy is all too clear.... Credibility must not be high on your list of priorities. ... You know, you didn't have to mention the drinking aspect. ... There are too many kids that visit this site.

Jayme Snowden's picture

Credibility is honesty. And I'm always honest.
And no Jolly wouldn't have tailgated with me, because he was playing a game. And I have tailgated with sober people. Part of the recoveries that I have experienced has been learning to exist in real world and understand a person's triggers.
It is not hypocritical to live my life, and still care about others. I am supporting a family member going through recovery right now. Babysitting their kids, helping them get to meetings and on the one weekend the Packers are here, I tailgated. So long as the person I care for thinks I'm being helpful and a good person and so long as I, and the people in my life, think that, I'm okay with my choices.

Kids were also at the game. And people were tailgating all around them.

JakeK's picture

No one questioned your honesty. ... I'm questioning the wisdom of treating alcohol with such nonchalance in a blog where impressionable kids hang out.

You can't say anything at this point. ... You blew it.

packeraaron's picture

<em>There are too many kids that visit this site.</em>

And I hope they're drunk when they do.

Evan's picture

Interestingly enough, excessive alcohol consumption is the one thing that makes JakeK's comments make sense.

andrewgarda's picture

That's the only way my kids are allowed to read the site.

PackerBacker's picture

And here I thought that JakeK was just a Packers troll.

As it turns out, you're just a complete troll and that includes Packers issues.

Thanks, this clears things up. Now I can just ignore everything you post.

packeraaron's picture

Jake - please turn off the dumb prior to posting. Thanks.

JakeK's picture

Go ahead Nags ... Be that 'shining example' for all the kids that visit your site ... This is sad. ... Just looking for a little common sense out of a public entity.

packeraaron's picture

I'll do whatever the hell I want on my site. Thanks.

Your assessment of Jayme's pre-game activities was beyond absurd. My GOD man! She had Jello Shots! The horror! (rollseyes)

A-rodg&#039;s Mustache's picture

Dude, step off the high horse. There is too much "grey area" in the real world of raising children in the 21st century for you to make this argument.
and in no way is Jayme a hippo for drinking but also supporting Jolly.
Face it bro, your argument is idiotic.

JakeK's picture

Draw any conclusions you like about me. ... This isn't about me.

packeraaron's picture

You're right. It's not about you. It's about your irrational judgement of someone you've never met based on two blog posts you read on the Internet.

Smith's picture

Conclusion... You're not very intelligent. And my kids would agree.

Sven's picture

Judge not lest ye be judged. Loser.

Adam Czech's picture

CheeseheadTV is a"public entity?" My tax dollars are supporting this website?!

Freaking Obama.

PackerPete's picture

woah, i hope it won't have to be shut down Oct 1st. Where can we sign up to increase support for this "public entity"

Adam Czech's picture

Maybe it will not be shut down if the other 31 NFL teams come together and reach a compromise that the Bears still suck.

PackerPete's picture

I thought that was a given and is the 28th amendment by now

Jersey Al's picture

Well done, Adam...

Tony's picture

Talking about the future of America's youth on a Packers blog... chalk that up as a first.

Sunbird's picture

So Jake K- you have NEVER EVER had a drink before noon? I have and you know what? I do not have an addiction. I hardly drink to be honest. So don't you DARE judge someone.

Jayme Snowden's picture

My second fav part of JakeK's argument, drinks pre-noon = devil 12:01 = a'ok. So someday I'll point out that games start at 1:00 here and I didn't even get to my tailgate until noon. :)

And Sunnie, you should know its not how often one drinks, or why they drink or how they've messed up their life, you can tell an alcoholic based on what time of day they drink

Sunbird's picture

Well thank god you didn't post the pics of you doing blow off random dude's asses.....or the bath salt intake which occurred that day.

TommyG's picture

Packers games start at 10am out west; we were drinking at 0930! We were also grilling steaks and frying hot wings at those hours. Time of day has nothing to do with it.

Sven's picture


I hope you feel embarrassed. Who are you to judge others?

Marlow's picture

Thanks for this post. I have experienced the same lack of connection while attending games in the stadium, too. I think one reason is that television cameras focus so much on just the quarterback and what's going on behind the line of scrimmage that it's hard to see the whole field at once, especially if one has never played the game.

I can remember many years ago going to college games with my father where he listened to a radio feed of the game on a little transistor radio with earphones while watching the game live. Perhaps he was ahead of his time.

A-rodg&#039;s Mustache's picture

THIS (the radio) is my go to move if attending a game. Stream the audio live on ur phone with NFL mobil. Only issue is the battery on the phone dies and the feed is normally about 3-8 seconds behind the action. But you get the updates and perspective.

Ryan's picture

This is coming from someone who loves going to games and has never owned a smartphone and has never been on Twitter. I am not against technology, I just seem to be able to get everything I need from a computer that is normally only a I think that you are all crazy! Why even watch the game, just get it downloaded into your head when it is over. It is fun to figure out what might be happening when you notice personnel changes, formation changes or other things going on in the game. I don't think that there is a better way to start to understand sports than by watching the entire game without any other input. The one big difference about attending a football game in person is that you do get to see the whole game instead of just closeups of the skill position players. All of the information that you cannot wait to see will be available ad nauseum for a whole week! Just sit back, enjoy the game, food and beer!

A-rodg&#039;s Mustache's picture

I totally agree with you. There is not better place to watch a football game then the confort of your own home. The beer is colder and cheaper, you get the best replays and can pause the DVR to go to the bathroom, and you dont miss the action. Unless, of course, you are a displaced rabid packer fan who wants to see the team in person. We are a rear breed, but I love to go to packer games and connect with like minded people. I Just wont ever go back to FedEx. That place is like Iraq for away fans. and I have been to philly, NY, Chicago, and carolina as well as washington. Dc is by far the worst.

Incidently, anyone want to acompany my wife and I to a game in Bmore on Oct 13th? I have 4 in section 125 row 11 and I need to get rid of 2. $250 each/obo ... any takers? dead center lower level seats at an upper level price.
email me at [email protected]

Jayme Snowden's picture

I love this!

Erik's picture

Great article Jayme, sums up my feelings exactly when I've been to Ford Field to watch the Packers.

PackerPete's picture

I don't think you are ruining football or any sports experience at all for me or anybody else. If you enjoy it for yourself, why not doing what you like doing and why keep worrying about others? I think every experience, sports related or not, is something very personal. I don't care at all what others are doing next to me as long as they are not harming others.
As for me personally, I just couldn't imagine "being connected" all the time. I don't own a smartphone and I am not on Twitter or Facebook. Don't feel I am missing out on anything. I like going to games and watching the game. Don't really care in the moment who is missing a key block or anything of that nature. I enjoy watching plays develop, how WRs run routes etc. If a game gets out of hand then I'll start watching individual players and match-ups. But that's just me, how others view the game is not important to me. I've had people next to me constantly twittering or texting or whatever else they do, and announce to anybody close "player xyz missed a block" or whatever, but it didn't impact me at all.
What I might do is watch the game live and have it on my DVR at home and re-watch if I thought there were some ticky-tacky calls or feel that I want to know more detail.
As far as away games go, there really are just 2 placed in my experience which are bad, and that is Minnesota and Philadelphia. The Vikings fans just hate the Packers and everybody associated with them, and in Philly I have the impression they don't even like themselves, let alone anybody rooting for the other team, no matter what other team. I have not been to all stadiums of course, but have been to 18 away games in different stadiums, so I think that is a good sample.

Franklin Hillside's picture

Joe and JakeK jointly win the award for 'Dumbest Things You Will Read Today'. I'm not sure how they will split their trophy.

PackerBacker's picture


Evan's picture

Hey Aaron - do you think with the new site design, we could somehow designate which users are impressionable children? Maybe make their username a different color (like pink and baby blue?) or put a little icon of a baby bottle next to their name?

I dunno...i'm just spitballin' here.

I'd hate for CheeseheadTV to be responsible for corrupting the youth of America.

Jayme Snowden's picture


PackerPete's picture

great idea. maybe those kids can then be blocked from reading the comments sections of articles if beer or shots or anything else is mentioned which could corrupt their moral or other values...

Idiot Fan's picture

The thing I would be most concerned about exposing my kids to on this site is the true existence of some dumbass Packer fans. I would like to shield them from that as long as possible. I personally was spared from knowing that fact until 2007.

hayward4president's picture

I would like to disagree about the fans being nice. A drunken female literally swung at my gf in the bathroom for no reason whatsoever except that we were the away fans. I was mouthed the entire way back to the car as well. These fans ranked up there with the fans in Cleveland or Pitt...awful.

Jayme Snowden's picture

Woah! That is insanity. I been to a couple Steelers/Bengals games there and there can definitely be a lot of meanness thrown about but that's just redic. PBS had "the jerk line" before anyone else and even sends out videos to season ticket holders about being polite and sitting during the game. That sucks you went through that.

PackerPete's picture

I forgot to mention that my favorite experiences are neither watching the game live nor at home. If I am somewhere else, I usually check out the next "Packers" bar. It's refreshing to be in Arizona or Georgia or North Carolina or pretty much all other states, going into a bar on a Sunday and seeing NFL jerseys where the Packers jerseys make up at least 80% of jerseys worn :)

My favorite experience was end of last year in Lake Havasu City in Arizona. Went to a Packers bar to see the final regular season game in Minnesota, but the bar was so full with Packers fans that one couldn't even get into the door. So I asked a waiter and he told me to go to another bar where they showed sports, telling me "it's just much more diverse and not as many Packers fans." well went there, and saw 3 (!) fans with other team's jerseys... was a bit of a letdown to lose that game, but hey, the comments, the beer, the company all was great.

Travis's picture

what is it with harassing away teams fans? my one time in Lambeau, the Lions fans were left alone but I go anywhere in my Packers jersey (most recently Dallas) &amp; it seems like the entire stadium wants to talk crap when all I'm doing is trying to sit there and enjoy the game.

TommyG's picture

I've been to games in Seattle and Baltimore as an away fan. Seattle talked a lot of crap, and one fan tried to start a fight... with the Seahawks fan that was with our group. Baltimore started out with just trash talk, no problem. The devolved into us leaving our seats in the third quarter and watching the game from the walkways. The constant threats of violence and garbage being thrown down on us was a little two far out of our comfort zone.

chris's picture

One thing I got from reading these posts is that JakeK is infinitely worse than our favorite prion infested bovine friend (i.e.Cow42), at least he backed up most of his pessimistic reasoning and never took shots below the belt (that I can think of). I think it is a bit ridiculous to question someones lifestyle and/or personal life when you have only met them through a blog or the internet and probably has zero place on a website dedicated solely to Packers football coverage. Calling someone an addict because they want to take in the great atmosphere at a 12:00 pm football game is way over the top. Also, I have been known to throw down a few cold ones around the lunch time hour watching the Packers and root for Johnny Jolly over all the D lineman. I also pretty much idolized Brett Favre growing up, who abused prescription medications, so my question to you is, would that make me an addict or someone with questionable behavior? In all seriousness JakeK if you want to tell us what you think about the Packers and that this is a rebuilding year that is great, it is always good to have two opinions. But calling people things they are not because you disagree with them is TOTALLY OUT OF LINE (also I hate it when people use caps, but I just did because I am so bitter).

JakeK's picture

Go Away, Jamie. You're a bore.

UP-Packer's picture

You people take this stuff too lightly. I have 3 sons and several nephews who have come here in the past. They all have many influences outside the home that are not positive. It's hell as a parent to always have to counter the bad influences, like treating excessive drinking as completely acceptable.

Getting tired with having to block all the questionable places. Just looking for a little help. Not another place I have to keep tabs on.

ohenry78's picture

Hey, here's an idea: instead of hiding your kids from alcohol and its abuse, explain it to them and show them why it's bad, and let them live their lives hoping that they make good choices.

People these days are too afraid to talk to their kids. It's insane. "Why should I have to explain gay marriage?" -- "How do I talk to them about alcohol?" -- "It's not MY responsibility to make sure my kid doesn't play Grand Theft Auto!" -- "Oh dear sweet Jesus there are pictures of breasts on the internet! How will I keep my child away from them!"

Everybody wants to hide things from their kids and pretend they don't exist instead of being responsible, talking to them about life and things they're going to see in it. And then you get posts like this that criticize Jayme (which I totally don't understand -- there's like three comments that were started for the purpose of bashing her -- what did she do to all of you?) because you can't talk to your shitty kids.

Grow a pair and start fucking parenting, people.

JakeK's picture

Hey Nags

ohenry78's post must make you proud, especially as a parent.

packeraaron's picture

Jake - maybe I missed it, but as far as I know, ohenry78 aint my kid. So hard for me to be proud "as a parent"

But yes, I agreed with every word.

JakeK's picture

OK, parading as a parent. ... You always avoid the point being made when you're cornered.

Your site is attracting mostly undereducated and vile riff-raff that have extremely limited football knowledge. ... You know this to be true. ... There was a time that 3 out 4 posters here actually had football knowledge and insight. ... No more. ... Read the comments... Of course, for you, it's all about hits, right?

I walked the silo before you did. Everyone there is pretty much glad you're no longer around. ... Funny how things never really change.

packeraaron's picture

"Your site is attracting mostly undereducated and vile riff-raff"

See, our data suggests something else, but I'd LOVE to know where you're getting your info.

Go ahead and post whatever info you have. I'll wait.

packeraaron's picture

Also, I'm not sure which "silo" you're referring to or who it is who is glad I'm "no longer around."

But I spent the afternoon today hanging out with Randall Cobb as part of my job. I got paid. To hang out with Randall Cobb. They paid me to do it.

Yeah, I'm fine where I'm at. Thanks.

PackerPete's picture

“Your site is attracting mostly undereducated and vile riff-raff”

People always make that mistake - they assume since they are attracted to certain things because of who or how they are, everybody who is going to the same place or doing the same things is exactly as they are - wrong.

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

"There are pictures of breasts on the Internet."

There are? What the heck am I doing on this site?

ohenry78's picture

Doug -- no worries. Just scroll through these comments and you'll find plenty of boobs.... ;)

Sunbird's picture

I teach my son about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. He has seen first hand with my job what drugs and alcohol can do to a person. I think educating them is FAR more valuable than hiding it from them.

PackerPete's picture

I had to think there for some time before responding to this post, but I feel I cannot hold my opinion back about it.

First off, excessive drinking is not ok, but I don't see where and when it was mentioned in the article. Is having a Jell-O shot or a beer or another drink being considered excessive now?

And, how come that it's always "outside influences" who are blamed for anything and everything? Kids have been seeing and encountering good and bad behavior all the time throughout time, and not just outside home but at home as well. Yet all the time if a kid does something incredibly stupid or bad, it's always the outside influences, yet when a kid is doing good things of course that is only because the parents taught the kid well. What a bunch of bs...

Let me give you a little perspective: I grew up in a country where beer is very much part of the culture, where people drink often and a lot, even at lunch a beer is ok. There also are about 80 million people living in that country, the area is just about the size of Minnesota and Wisconsin combined. One of my inlaws friends who visited there recently said that the showergel commercials are "worse than X-rated videos here". So if outside influences would play a real big role, everybody there (including me) would be a drunk, DUIs would be rampant, and you'd have teenage pregnancy rates shooting through the roof.

Reality is, DUIs and DWIs are just a fraction of the percentages here in the US, teenage pregnancies are not even 30% of what it is here, and in general violence and crime rates are way below the ones here.

So I think blaming "outside influences" is just making excuses...

People talk about common sense but what they really mean is that everybody has to behave in 100% agreement and conformance to their own value systems (that's what they consider "common"). Best example is a former neighbors couple. One day they came over when I had a beer on a Sunday early evening on my patio, asking me to not drink where their kids could see me as that would be a bad influence. Of course nobody can tell me what I can and cannot do on my patio, but in the interest of good neighborly relations, I didn't stop drinking but the week after planted shrubs and trees so that their line of sight onto my patio was blocked. A few months after that, I caught their kids shooting with a BB gun at my dog who was in my yard, tied to a stake in the ground on a 30 ft lead with no chance or intent to enter their yard, do them any harm or anything of that sort. Of course this time I went over and calmly demanded that they stop shooting and harming my dog. The response: "Ah come on, they are just kids having fun, it won't kill the dog." There ya go - having a beer on your own patio is an incredibly bad influence on a kid, but allowing a kid to shoot at a neighbor's dog is great and should be encouraged. But then again, it probably was my fault since they had seen me drink a beer...

I really didn't want to write a novel, but thought I had to give my perspective to this. All this PC world we are living in is really ridiculous. Live your life, let others who live their life live theirs as well, as long as they are not harming you who's to judge whom?

Evan's picture

If you want to shelter your kids from anything objectionable, I suggest disconnecting the internet.

PackerPete's picture

and disconnect from TV also. take away their smartphone. and don't let them listen to radio or read the paper.

Evan's picture

No shit. As if there aren't 450 beer commercials during a single NFL broadcast.

And, in the end, JakeK wins because we're all talking about this and he's jerking off to all the attention he's getting.

Oh, sorry, kids of UP-Packer - ask your dad what masturbation is.

cincypackfan's picture

many people asked me if I was going to the game. I said: "2 tickets to the game, parking, some food for two, a few beers" = more cash outlay in that one day than my Sunday Ticket DTV package for the entire year." (two kids in college forces decisions like this every day)

plus: way too many drunk/loud/stupid Cincy fans. I DID experience that before, when Brett Favre was hear once. pukers on the way IN to the stadium. WI fans don't drink any less, they can just HANDLE it.

my best fan-stadium experience? my one chance at Lambeau Field; and my brother-in-law was in Bengals garb from head-to-toe. even he agrees: great place, polite fans. even to the visitors

TommyG's picture

If there is any one thing possibly ruining football it is the cost to see the games.

Kevin Lamb's picture

Nice article Jayme, enjoyed reading it. Man people go get a job and stop busting on someone writing an article about a football game.

TommyG's picture

I just did a jello shot with my watch set to west coast time! I'm an alcoholic, waaaa!

Evan's picture


TommyG's picture

Oh god! Now their all drug abusers too! What have I done!!!!

cole's picture

The replays should be more accessable and the updates on injuries should be scrolling on a screen somewhere in the stadium just like a news crawl.

That said, checking twitter every two minutes while you're at a live game is really lame.

Enjoy the moment before life passes you by, because it will.

lebowski's picture


hayward4president's picture

Wait.....your phone works at the games? Lol

Luke's picture

I don't think this is ruining football. There's a lot of downtime while you are sitting in the stand like during commercial breaks, time outs, challenges, etc. What's the difference if someone wants to quickly check their twitter feed during this time? Is is really necessary to stare at a mostly empty field or a bunch of players standing around doing nothing?

I am fortunate enough to attend a lot of Packers games and I definitely miss out on things like injury news and replays. It's worth it to be able to see all the action unfold in front of you. Still, it would be nice to have phone service so fans could check twitter for that kind of information.

andrewgarda's picture

I would like to echo my concern about Jayme's jello shots.... because she never gave us any details.

Come on lady! Were they all one flavor? What did you mix them with? Were they tasty?

I'm deeply offended you open with that tease and never pay off.

My kids are too.

Chad Toporski's picture

Wonderful article, Jayme... as always. :-)

dullgeek's picture

Down here in Charlotte, we got NASCAR. And one of the things that they rent at the races is a gigantic gadget that taps into - well heck, I don't know what it taps into. But it allows you to lock onto your favorite driver's radio and (if equipped) the in car camera. If NASCAR can do this for an event with a capacity of 140,000, you'd think that the NFL could do something similar for an event that seats half that much. If not to provide video, but to provide commentary to go along with the game.

All of that said, when the Packers come and play here - and in 17 years living here I have not missed a single [email protected] game - I wouldn't listen to commentary even if it were available for free. My wife and I had a great time the last time the Packers visited. We had some very playful and fun interactions with the exceptionally civil Carolina fans. The last time I visited Soldier Field I had the same experience. If you were to ask me to trade game commetary for that, I wouldn't. To me, interacting with the people around me is just so much more fun than listening to the commentary. Twitter and the liveblog are great. I love them. But, to me, they're substitutes. I'd rather have in-person interactions with people than electronic. I'd rather go to #throwbackweekend and meet all of you than to type at you.

Personally, I'm not worried that the (very different) live game experience will die. And if you consider that ticket prices keep going up, that suggests that demand for that experience is still high. So I don't think there's anything to worry about.

ZeroTolerance's picture

Wow. Sigh.

Barutan Seijin's picture

I like going to live sports events because i can watch with my own eyes, without the teevee filter. If i want to focus on the defensive alignment, i can do that. If i want to watch Joe Scrub instead of the Star, i can do that.

Mind you, the game experience can vary. If you're in the end zone and the play is on the other end of the field, there's not a whole lot to see.

The internet is fun, but i can get sick of it, too. It's nice to have some time away from it. You're more in the experience if you're not tweeting it at the same time.

ohenry78's picture

So, here's a recap of this entire page :)

Jayme posted an article that said that she's OK with being a fan that uses technology at games, and wants the NFL to bring more of what you get when you watch on TV, in to the stadium experience.

There's a guy named Joe who disagrees, but can't articulate and argument so he resorts to calling Jayme pathetic.

There's another guy named Jake that can't see the article for what it is because he is blinded by the RAMPANT HYPOCRISY displayed by Jayme when she responsibly consumed alcoholic beverages at the game, just after having done a blog post about the dangers of alcoholism. Because, you see, everyone who drinks a bit is an alcoholic. Or at least if you've known one in your life. Or something.

Aaaand then the rest of the page is all the normal people being cool with things, and Aaron not taking crap from people like normal. :)

Jayme Snowden's picture


themasterfake's picture

i'd say that's a recap of every bar conversation I've ever had.

Sunbird's picture

Well son of a bitch...imagine my surprise when tonight while my son was shotgunning a beer in between bong hits and reading this site Child Protective Services showed up and took him away. I blame YOU JAYME and the rest of CheeseheadTV DAMN you people and your corruption!

KC's picture

If you can't get into the game at the stadium, don't go. It's that simple.

Broadcasts are very different from being there. Being at the game is the true essence of football, and I agree it is a less-informed experience, but attending the game is the way it was meant to be viewed. You are spoiled by technology. The game moves fast and you are learning that football is NOT what it appears on TV. You have to keep your eyes and mind on the game to keep up when at the stadium.

Put down your phone and pay more attention to the game. Maybe then you would have noticed a giant hulk-like creature wearing 52 was no longer on the field. He's kinda easy to notice from the rest of the defense. PAY ATTENTION instead of asking for information being hand-fed to you.

KC's picture

And if you're going to post such a fluff topic, at least do us the courtesy of NOT pretending to be an english major. The wordiness is quite annoying. You can shine up a turd but it's still a turd.

themasterfake's picture

I don't know about all of you but outside is freaky and people who go there longer than they have to are oddballs. The government will come for you one day.

Kids, stay inside your computers, inside your homes- and never, never, look up into a night sky in the country- even if your grandfather tells you. It's a hippie trick.

JackintheBox's picture

I live in Europe and I'll never go to London to see a game (like the rest of the players in NFL..or so I hear). I do plan on a trip to Wisconsin one day - we go on holidays to the U.S. every now and basicly, like a lot of other people I support a team that I've followed my whole life, yet never seen. People like you, A. Nagler, Brian etc. fill me in on details. Help me keep informed when I miss games (usually on at night over here) and make me smile when you offer opinions that are similar to mine. That's beacause, that way I know I'm not the only jackass in world that would actually sport a cheesehat or drink G&amp;G jello shots and feel truly good about it (can't buy Jello mix over here vodka...guess I could use slush ice instead). The point being:

You are not ruining the sport for the fans outside the U.S. - you are keeping it closer to their hearts. You do outstanding work and I would stand up for you and my fellow cheeseheads whenever the chance (not Jake though...I think he needs a good drubbing...or some jello shots).

Keep up the good work and smile :)

Jersey Al's picture

The main reason I go to games is for the TAILGATE. Yes, sitting at home, I can be much more attuned to what's going on during the game, but the social fun of cavorting with other fans before the game is the main reason I go. And I'm not a big drinker, either. 3-4 beers is a lot for me. And YES, I have had a beer at around 10:00AM at a morning tailgate. I don't know what that says about me...

andrewgarda's picture

It says that you're destroying America's youth.

Tony's picture

Destroying America's youth, in that case, is f*cking fun.

White92's picture

Someone had mentioned a book about watching football. I have never read the book, or can even recall the name, but I think it was something about not just watching the ball. Maybe this would help when attending a game in person?

I know when I'm at Lambeau, I always check out binoculars even though I'm on club seats as well.

I have tried listening to the radio while at the game, but the delay just annoyed me.

At the end of the day, a lot of people will find attending a game more of just an "experience". But I prefer being there so I can look at whats going on without relying on the TV camera.

TommyG's picture

I like to go to the game for the tailgating and the spectacle of the whole thing. I also like seeing all of the things that you can't see on TV. On TV you often lose most of the downfield action with the WR battling to get open, and watching the defense react to those guys.

I do love sitting at home with the Sunday Ticket. During commercials or game breaks I can flip over and watch a channel that shows everygame at the same time. I can also use the bathroom quickly, and beer and food is much much cheaper.

PackerBacker's picture

Great article Jayme.

Two things.

1) I'd love to see a banner across the bottom of the big screen or something with tweets from local beat writers during the game. Make a deal with guys like Dunne, Silverstein, Hodkewicz, Dougherty, etc. and have thier tweets scroll through. That would be sweet.

2) I love the home experience for all of the reasons you gave, but there are a few games in a lifetime that make it necessary to see them in person. First, every Pack fan should go to Lambeau at least once. Second, I had the opportunity to go to the Ohio State game in Camp Randall in 2010. That game was easily one of the best experiences in my life. The atmosphere was absolutely electric from the opening kick (returned for 6). It wouldn't have been that memorable at home. The problem is that games like that are few and far between.

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