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A Few Words On Cutler

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A Few Words On Cutler

Well, Jerry Angelo is the new desperate.

Angelo just ruined the Bears for the foreseeable future. Two first round picks, a third round pick, AND Kyle Orton? Rampant desperation gone wild. When I saw that the Broncos were asking for two first round picks, I laughed out loud. (No joke, people asked me at work what was so funny) I thought for sure they would have to settle for a (low) first round pick and a player. But no - this is Herschel Walker 2.0. Kudos to the Broncos. I know what people are asking - who will QB the Broncos? Let me tell you, I wouldn't be surprised to watch Chris Simms win the job and do well. I think McDaniels has set his team up for long term success.

As for Angelo and the Bears? Well, let's see. They're remaking their offensive line - again. Their best receiver is a converted corner, they have three players approaching the downside of their careers on defense that tie up a good chunk of their salary cap and they now have no first round pick until 2011. Now, it's foolish to say the Bears did not improve their roster today - I'm not saying that at all. Cutler is a definite upgrade over Orton. But I think Bears fans will find (if they don't know already) that quarterback play was not what kept them out of the playoffs last year - their defense did. Urlacher and company aren't getting any younger - and Angelo just dealt away a good deal of the ammunition that should have been used to replenish on that side of the ball.

No, as a Packer fan, I'm ecstatic hearing this news. The team in our division that was a quarterback away from becoming a dominate team, the Vikings, didn't want Cutler. The team that has desperately been searching for a quarterback since Jim McMahon was under center just a mile.

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Holly's picture

I thought the Broncos got Matt Cassel to sign a multi-year deal? This trade got me a little scared, but seeing what the Bears gave up to get him makes me feel a little better. Although...the Vikings traded away quite a few picks to get Jared Allen last year, and they were able to do pretty well despite still not having anyone worth mentioning under center, so precedent says the Bears have a point in the plus column with this.

WoodyG's picture

Angelo as he leaves the room:

"There, I gottcha a QB. Now you fix all the rest."

However, I like Cutler in Chicago. Game One of 2009 is already looking better.

Next debate question: AR ? Cutler ? Who's the man ??? Waiting for your blog on this topic.

buckslayernyc's picture

Well, its not a stupid move if you have proven incredibly inept at drafting QBs as the Bears have. Its as though they had to pay a high price to cheat on a test to make it through an honors gives them a chance. The guy is good, and he will be around for 10 years just like Rogers, and this is just what our rivalry with the Bears needed. This is good for us. Now what the challenge will be for the Bears is to find guys to throw to. We have them, they don't. Also, when you have a guy that can throw like that, you tend to get away from the run a bit, which makes it more likely that your defense spends more time on the field....not a good thing with an aging defense.

But in all honesty, this was a good move for them, especially if your history of first round choices sucks that bad. Orton was not good, no matter what people say, he was Neil O'Donnell or Scott Hunter, or Jerry Tagge.

I think the lack of draft choices will only catch up to the Vikings and Bears in the next few years if and only if ours develop well. Then we win the numbers game. Only time will tell. One thing I am glad of, Minnie did not get him. That would have been tough to stomach for the next 10 years.

Our division just got a lot tighter...I can't really pick a winner yet, but its going to be tough for the Vikings to win with the 4th best QB in the division, this may have just sealed their coach's fate.

buckslayernyc's picture

Off topic but equally important....and By the way.....BJ Raji tested positive for drugs at the combine....and it came out that he tested positive during his time at BC,,,,Big Fat guy just getting a big paycheck....hmmm likes to chill with weed.....hmmmm He will be there for us at 9 but now I wonder if he is packer people or Cleditus Hunt Peoples.....

Ron La Canne's picture

Let's not fool ourselves here. Cutler will add a lot to the Bear Offense. If they can teach Hester to catch he could really be a problem.

That said, the Bears have no other receivers of note. Forte is a good back and he can catch the ball coming out of the backfield. Tight End with Olsen is also very good. So, yes I think the Bears are going to chalange for the NFC North this year. Their future, however, is not looking so good. Age is catching up.

Andrew n Atlanta's picture

Funny, I thought Hershel Walker myself when I heard that. Agree with Ron - they'll be better in 2009, but worse in the coming years due to age (after all, no one ages like Ron!!). I'm also interested to see what Jay says when he throws for only 175 a few times because his receivers suck. Hey, if nothing else it puts a little more pressure on TT to keep the Pack competitive. Nothing wrong with that. I sure am glad we didn't give away the farm tho on a deal like this

BobbyOShea's picture

As much as I hate to say it, I disagree. Cutler is a hell of a quarterback who instantly makes the Bears better. They already have a good running back in place, and with the threat of the long ball, they could make some noise. Fortunately for us, the receivers are garbage and the defense is getting old.

bomdad's picture

1) can the bears coaches live up to the challenge? turner?
2) can Angelo replenish his D with the now limited picks?
3) will they sign Holt or Harrison, even old these guys are good
4) will Bears fans be able to cope with a #1 QB? they love to love the backup guy. Neckbeards are painful to shave.

Stanislaw's picture

This is a bad move . . . for the Pack - this gives the Bears life. Now they can come back when they are down when you knew Orton or Grossman were just slugs and could only 'manage games.'

And who did Denver have - Brandon Marshall - c'mon, the guy is an overrated stiff. With Forte and Olsen, they become formidable. And with Marinelli coaching up the dline with some pretty good athletes. You have to think they will be up there to win the division.

Of course, we're talking paper here, let's see what happens when the bullets are live.

Keith's picture

I think those who compare this to the Walker trade are way off base. First, Cutler plays the most important position on the football field and should be a very good to great QB for the next 10 years. I know we're a bit spoiled in GB, having gone from Favre to Rodgers, but these kinds of QBs don't grow on trees. Second, those draft picks are essentially lottery tickets. The Cowboys netted 6 (SIX) draft picks in the Walker deal, and the only notable players selected with these draft picks were Emmitt Smith, Russell Maryland, and Darren Woodson. Granted, those are 3 Pro Bowlers, but what are the odds of the Broncos selecting even one Pro Bowler with their 3 picks? Sure, the draft picks are nice, but Jay Cutler is a top 5 QB right now. This isn't Denver trading for Elway or the Giants trading for Eli. Cutler has proven that he can play in this league. 25 year old Pro Bowl QBs with rocket arms don't come down the pike every day.

joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

here's where i disagree...

i know cutler is not late 90's favre, but...

favre played with mediocre receivers and a mediocre defense under sherman and we still went 12-4 and were perennial playoff participants. the difference is one pretty good receiver. a driver, a freeman, something like that. you don't need a stable of studs with a guy like cutler.

you know, i can't really work it out logically, just compare the bears now to the packers under sherman. robert ferguson, bill schroeder, etc. still better than the bears now, i know... but i think the comparison holds at least a little water. ... i'm just sayin'

but i'm glad he's not in minnesota too.

the cutler in the purple pajamas. dude. worthy fu#@in' adversary. well, woulda been.

LACHEEZ's picture

just another reason for the packers to get some freakin' pass rush. cutler is a weenie and my number 3 favorite player to not like in the NFL - right after T.O. and Phillip "D-Bag" Rivers. Please TT give us some pass rush this year! it would be amazing to see cutler get hit over and over again! Twice in one season from the green and gold!

Keith's picture

LACHEEZ, why do you not like Cutler?

JoshyWoshy, I'm with you. I would like to add that while the Bears' WRs aren't world beaters, they're not as bad as people are making them out to be. Brandon Lloyd was playing well before getting injured (although he's an UFA) and Rashied Davis is a solid 3rd/4th WR. Devin Hester could be a gamebreaker... remember how Steve Smith got his start? A name to keep tucked away is Earl Bennett. He was the Bears' 3rd round pick last year and didn't catch a pass. However, he's been working as their #2 WR in camp and was all SEC playing at... VANDERBILT.

Further, they could sign someone like DJ Hackett, Hank Baskett, Jerry Porter, or Ron Curry. Or even sign someone like Malcolm Floyd to an offer sheet. I know none of these guys are great WRs, but someone like Porter has the ability and look at what happened with Antonio Bryant... talented, out of the league for a year, monster season last year. All of these guys are as talented as Schroeder or Ferguson were. When you have a QB like Cutler, he can be a HUGE difference maker.

buckslayernyc's picture

It will be interesting to see how Cutler handles the Chicago Media.....He is not the most engaging guy, he broods even when he smiles...That is not going to fly. You know the thing people are really missing here is Chicago's absence of a great O.C. Shannahan knows a thing or two about throwing the rock...Chicago does not. Franchise QBs that don't succeed right away have a way of getting coaches fired in the offseason....They did not give up 3 picks and QB for Lovie...
I am just sayin'.....

Andrew n Atlanta's picture

It's like Hershel Walker because it's mortgaging the future for the present. All the Cowboys got from the Hershel deal was three Pro Bowlers? Geez, only 3?
Also, I said the Bears would get better short term, but this hurts their ability to stock long term. Yes, I'm a little worried in 2009, but the Bears D showed they were getting old last year and obviously you can't cure age (especially without draft picks).
I also feel like Denver is not done. They have 12 picks now and two first rounders. There are a number of ways they can maneuver. I love this deal for Denver

packeraaron's picture

Keith - I have to take anything you say in regards to Cutler with a grain of salt, what with your huge man-crush and all. ;)

Yes, as I said in my post, the Bears improved themselves. Today. Tomorrow? Not so much - or did I miss Angelo's stellar track record when it comes to drafting and/or signing premier offensive talent? Yes, they got Pace. What's he got left, a year? Maybe two? And don't drive the lane with "Rashied Davis is a solid 3rd/4th WR" - by God man. You're right - the Packers are screwed! ;)

scrumptrulesent's picture

I tend to agree with most here in disagreeing with Aaron on this. Who gives a crap about 2 first round picks? Look at the Packer's last few 1st rounders. Would they be worth giving up for a 25 year old proven NFL quarterback? And don't say he's not proven because that's a cop out. He's proven that he can play in this league, and play well....unlike his draft mates Vince Yound and Linehart. Chicago gave a lot in draft picks but they're gambling that they've got a great QB for the next 10 years. He could make the WR's better ala Brett Favre as stated before. Their defense could be more successful since they won't feel that they need to win every game because their offense is "safe" and can't be counted on in crunch time.

Add to it the future for QB's coming into the league. What's on the horizon? Coy Wire? Tebow? Sanchez this year? Not a whole lot and more and more colleges are going to a spread offense to QB pickings is less every year.

I don't believe this to be a desperate move by Angelo. I think the move makes perfect sense and the Bears should probably be favorites in the North now for 2009. It's scary.

jerseypackfan's picture

I was cracking up when this was announced yesterday. I love this trade. Thank you Bears!!! The NFC Norse just got a lot easier to win.

Ryeguy812's picture

It's been pointed out but worth reiterating: with Cutler the Bears got a tremendous talent; but with the Bears Cutler got a coaching staff that knows nothing about the QB position. The Bears are going to rely on Hester and Earl Bennett to catch passes from a rocket armed QB? Watch Cutler's TD/INT ratio get worse (it was 28/18 last season) as his coaching declines.

packeraaron's picture

Ryeguy - could not agree more. Everyone is making Cutler out to be like he's John Elway and Peyton Manning wrapped together with a sprinkling of Johnny U thrown in. It's absurd. The kid has the tools - but he's going from one of the better QB coaches in the league in Shanahan to Ron Turner? Really?

scrumptrulesent's picture

jerseypackfan: Wish I was as confident as you about this trade. Please enlighten me on how this move made the Norse easier to win please. I'm all ears.

Aaron: Washington was hoping for a Cutler/Shanny reunion in time. What if the Bears are thinking the same? It's not too funny then.

packeraaron's picture

scrump - you mean Shanahan would ride in with a bare cupboard, an aged defense and his track record as a GM? Love it.

bucky's picture

I don't get the love for Cutler from some here. He's an ok quarterback, but he was a step down for the Broncos from the previous guy, Jake Plummer. He's Jeff George 2.0. Will he make the Bears better? I don't see it. Orton at least was good at managing a game; Cutler still hasn't learned to do that.

I think Aaron is right that the real problem with the Bears is their supposedly-tough defense. I've said for years that the key to their defense was Mike Brown; when he was healthy, their defense was top-notch. When he was not (far too often, unfortunately for them), their D was pretty mediocre. He was Bob Sanders/Troy Polamalu before those guys made their names. Urlacher is not and never was the key to that D, and without a healthy Brown (or someone like him in his stead), the Bears will continue to blow.

WoodyG's picture

What I like most about Cutler is that he's alot like Favre.
What I like least about Cutler is that he's alot like Favre.

Strange but true.

jerseypackfan's picture

scrum - Jay Cutler QB rating 87.1
That was with a great WR in Brandon Marshall. When he gets to Chicago what is he going to throw to? Factor in their aging defense and now for the next two years they are not getting a number one pick.
I`m with Aaron, Cutler aint nothing to brag about! Why else would Denver`s head coach try and get Matt Cassell (who has played only complete season in 6 years)

Keith's picture

Andrew, it's not like the Cowboys acquired 3 Pro Bowlers. They had to nail the draft picks. Lucky for the Cowboys, Jimmy Johnson is pretty good at evaluating talent. We'll see how Denver does. Plus, I really don't think they gave up a lot. Mike Lombardi at the National Football Post explained it best. I urge you to go and read his article.

buckslayernyc's picture

You know......he may be the next Jeff George at that, hmmm

that should keep the people in Chicago awake at night.


ReadyforSomeFB's picture

And here we have Chicago loving to hate their QB's - and the media. JC is screwed, he just doesn't have the personality to handle this. Am glad he didn't go to Minnie, but even then Chilly's playcalling would still suck. However, he does love to pamper his QB's which is what JC needs. He's a punk.

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