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49ers: 45 Packers: 31

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49ers: 45 Packers: 31

Sam Shields, James Jones, DuJuan Harris

The Bad

The Bad

Dom Capers, McCarthy punting in the 4th quarter

The Bad

The Bad

Jeremy Ross



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Fish/Crane's picture

I had no problem with ROss if he's receiving on the 40- but on the ten....? in the imortal words of Ron Howard's brother in Parenthood....he had no business!

NOt that it mattered...the 48'ers played superbly...bastards.

pooch's picture

Dom should be under bad and ugly.And yes wtf,punting on 4th and4 when your defense has allready given up 500 yards.How do these coaches go brain dead in thses games

some guy's picture

I have no explanation as to why, but I think most all of us can agree that McCarthy cannot think on his feet. If the gameplan works the team steamrolls people, but if it doesn't he just falls apart. It makes no sense to me because he's a very smart, methodical, and analytical coach according to everything I've read. Then he gets on the field and loses his ... mind? Temper? Who knows.

D B H's picture

I kept thinking we would be better of handing them the ball at the 50 vs. punting inside the 10 because that would be less time they could grind off the clock before the scored. After punting, 8 minutes came off the clock before our offense saw the ball again - down by another TD. wtf.

Nerdmann's picture

McCarthy's teams are never as good as the sum of their parts.

I just don't think he can get it done consistently.

Yes I know. He won a Superbowl. But not before verging on the edge of elimination. I put what success we have had more on Ted's player acquisition than on MM's coaching ability.

murphy's picture

"Yes I know. He won a Superbowl. But not before verging on the edge of elimination."

Also see: Coughlin, Tom

Your entire comment makes my eyes bleed.

imma fubared's picture

Nerdman, I'm kind of with you there. TT has no money or any intention of getting help via free agent. He has made it clear, the team is in the market for draft picks. That strategy required him to dump our second and third rounders to accumulate a ton of 4th, 5, 6th and then the undrafted free agents.
Its the philosophy lets throw something at the wall and see what sticks.
MM is now stuck with these guys : Zombo, Waldent, Moses, and must make a silk purse out of there ears.
So my take is its a combo of poor draft picks, and MM being a stubborn fool at times and making poor decisions.

pooch's picture

The 3-4 defense will never beat a frisco offense,trash it now go back to 4-3 while our franchise mvp qb is relativly young

some guy's picture

Um, what? There's very little that's inherently better about one scheme or another. You can play power football and squash the run with a 3-4, just look at, gee I dunno, the San Francisco 49ers maybe. This comment is ridiculous.

bryce's picture


BubbaOne's picture

I'd put the O-Line in the "Good": One sack, AR was kept pretty clean and had plenty of time to throw on most dropbacks (he did have 4-5 throwaways though it was due more to receivers not open). RB's were 13 for 76.

I'd put Walden in the "Bad": Eric, it's called setting the edge.

pooch's picture

I guess our players lack the intelligence to run a 3-4 defense

some guy's picture

4-3 players have to set the edge too.

MarkinMadison's picture

Amen. IMHO a lot of the problem last night was Walden failing to set the edge. Jones was also caught out of position. And I don't know whose responsibility it was to hold the edge on Casey Hayward's CB blitz (CM3 crashed inside, but I wasn't sure if he was drawing people a way to clear the alley for the blitz, or if he should have stayed out to set the edge), but Kaepernick made the Packers pay, big time. This team needed much better play out of the LB position than it got last night.

imma fubared's picture

Could not agree more. They actually looked confused and that includes Mathews. Our defense needs some help. Unfortunately we have two O linemen who may or may not play next year so that screws us getting first round help on the d side where we need it the most.
PS, I'm tired of us having 5.8 d backs and most of the other teams have 6'1 d backs who can tackle.

pooch's picture

With our personnel the 3-4 will never beat a Frisco offense.Had we won ,huge if and Seattle won we were in for another major embarrasment at Lambeau.This team does not understand concept of containment and lane disipline.If our personnel is that good than geez it must be coaching.hmm Woodson was asked about halftime adjustments his reply"We had no adjustments"I mean get serious worst defense last year in NFL history give up nary 600 yards in playoff game and you tell me 3-4 is working.Not to mention 50o yards given up to A.P.,even with lame duck qb last game

jack in jersey city's picture

mccarthy said that they did make adjustments at halftime but they just didn't work

marcopo's picture

There is no reasonable excuse for the Packers defensive performance. It wasn't so hot on offense either.

Jamie's picture

I seem to recall many a game that we'd go into the 2nd half with a small lead, tied, or small deficit, and many times this team would play dominant in the second half and pull away with a W. That's been a staple of this team for a few years. Not every time, but the large majority of the time.

These inaccurate over generalizations are killer.

Jamie's picture

I love when Mike McCarthy dials up an entire drive of really successful plays and then just completely banishes them from his brain and the game plan.

So Dujuan Harris has a ton of success running the football, we torch the Niners D, and get 7 out of it....So let's take Dujuan out entirely the next couple of drives.

So JMike, James Jones, and Greg Jennings are crushing these wide open seam routes...yeah let's take those plays out of the play book completely.

And can someone explain to me why we always dial up huge deep ball plays on third and short? I really don't understand it.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Dude, it's effing mind boggling. I don't get it either.

fipp's picture

This. Seriously.

some guy's picture

He's doesn't seem to realize that the 'surprise' bomb on 3rd and short has become such a McCarthy staple that the only thing surprising is when he doesn't call it.

Let's not let the QB off the hook either. Rodgers still chooses who the ball gets thrown to, and he still hasn't accepted that 2011 stuff isn't going to happen every time he drops back. Seems like both Rodgers and McCarthy have a tendency to respond to the plan not working by insisting that it will work if they just try harder.

Of course it doesn't help how often MM responds to the plan working by switching to the one that doesn't. Oh by the way, have we been assured that this will be cleaned up yet? They probably just need to fix their pad level.

Tundraboy's picture

That is so true. I just dont get it. Maybe sometimes you need to put down the playcard and go with the "hot plays" for god sake!!!!

cow42's picture

Time to fess-up.

The whole "negativity" shtick was superstition... Early in the season I said something negative, made a ridiculous prediction out of anger and the Packers ended up making me look like an idiot... so I rolled with it... and it seemed to be working.

At first I didn't like getting railed on by ever single other poster, but felt like I had to keep doing it since the Packers kept winning.

After a while it started to get funny. Reading some of the responses from you guys was pretty entertaining (sorry for getting my kicks at your expense).

As for SF - After watching what they did to CHI on MNF I actually did believe that they were the best team in the NFL. In my opinion - football (with all its fancy bells and whistles) is still about taking the guy in front of you and moving him to where you want him to be - against his will.

The 49ers do that better than anyone.

Normally I would come off of a year like this one thinking... "man, the defensive has some nice young players, the offense does too. Next year might be sweet: adding Bulaga, Sherrod, Smith, Bishop, Perry, and some draft picks - getting some growth/improvement out of McMillian, Worthy, Daniels, Harris, Ross, Cobb, EDS... this team could be loaded!"

But then I watched the 49ers again.

That team is not going to go away for A LONG time.

The Packers' team, the way it is currently constructed, can not contend with those guys.

I am not a huge fan of the style of play that the Packers implement on both sides of the ball. I'm no expert, but it just doesn't seem "rugged" enough. Even the SB45 team leaned on turnovers as opposed to smash mouth play.

I don't know if they can change that (or if they even want to). And that sorta scares me...

cow42's picture

oh - at least i get to shave off this damn playoff beard!

cow42's picture

oh - and Capers' has to go.
this is not a "knee-jerk" reaction to last night's game... i've been down on the guy for a while. yes - he's limited by personnel at times, but when his defenses play bad (which is more than they should), they play REALLY bad... Like LEGENDARILY bad.

Can't have that.

cow42's picture

oh - and, while i'm not 100% happy with him, I'm not way down on MM.

I don't love the play calling, but I kinda think that he understood that they needed to take "shots" (deep patterns, long on 3rd and 1, etc). The offense wasn't going to be able to consistently put together long drives with the likes of Harris, Barclay, Newhouse, and EDS playing prominent rolls.

If he ever gets a line and an RB he can trust - we'll see better play calling and in-game adjustments. Right now all he's got is a qb, some wr's and 2 guards.

cow42's picture

oh - and as for the draft...

you've got enough skill guys...

Finley (probably)


... you can probably roll with that.

What they need is some bad ass big mo-fo's.
I want every draft early pick to be in the 250 - 330 range (lb.'s, dl's, ol's).

worry about little fast guys later.

MarkinMadison's picture

I like your thinking on the draft. Upgrade the OL, upgrade the LB. I know they have Bishop and Smith coming back, but someone is always getting injured. Pickett is getting old and you can't count on him anymore. It's a blessing that he has played this well this long.

Jamie's picture

I think when it comes down to it, we just need "playmakers" on defense. What we have right now is just a bunch of serviceable players. CM3 and Bishop are the only playmakers, with Raji capable of being one.

We traded in Nick Collins for Morgan Burnett and MD Jennings. We lost Desmond Bishop and had to play with AJ Hawk and Brad Jones in his place. Jones played well all things considered, but he's nothing more than a stop gap. And our defensive line aside from BJ and Pickett is simply just a cast of characters.

When we won the Super Bowl, our defense was loaded with playmakers. Tramon was truly a lock down corner. CM3 and Bishop did their thing blitzing and punishing guys. BJ made monster plays, and Charles was still a force.

PackersRS's picture

I actually agree with you.

The Packers need a defensive coordinator that can adjust. I'm not even touching the gameplan. Letting Kaepernick convert so many third and longs with his legs and not putting Matthews as a spy on him was criminal.

And the Packers need a new OC as well. Someone that can get into MM's ear. Because the coach is too stubborn and full of himself. Once again he got away from the run (when it was actually working) and it costed the game.

Jake's picture

More so than just playmakers, the defense needs some players with some nasty to them. Every player on our d-line is laid back. Raji, Picket, Wilson... However they are as players, the nastiness isn't there like it is with other defenses. Clay is the only player on our D (while Bishop is hurt) that plays with some attitude. Watch any of his mic'd up videos, he's always talking trash to the other team (and backing it up). I like Morgan Burnett a lot, but he's not the big hitting safety that offenses fear. Look at Seattle or San Fran's D. They play mean and nasty, and offenses fear them because of that. We have plenty of talent on our D, just not enough attitude. That's my opinion anyway.

MarkinMadison's picture

Welcome back to the land of the living. I knew you were possessed when you started talking about Devin Hester as a great WR. :-)

Point Packer's picture

I'm still pissed.

Philly the Dane's picture

Cow loses his villainous rockstar status, caricature of himself that he was. Truth prevails.

Unfortunate. The banter was absurdly hilarious. Other than the mystery former player/coach's comments, cow and his spawn were the best things about these comments.

Ardoge's Mustache's picture

WOW, just wow.
I knew it all along.
I read but never really posted and always thought you were a head case in disguise.
Welcome back

Ardoge's Mustache's picture

Spot on commentary BTW.

Mark in the montain's picture

MM clearly isn't game coaching very well! Certainly he can't while also running the offense. He needs to have an OC doing more so he can maintain better and more timely perspective. Capers should be through and out. Neither game plans well or adjusts. Thompson has a chance to manage here.

imma fubared's picture

I'd jump on the Capers got to go bandwagon except I look at what he has to work with and here is my take:

Raji and Pickett gave him zero pass rush up the middle and teams ran away from them effective as noticed in Adrian Pedersen and Kaemerlick.
So the so called run stoppers did zip to help the defense.

Still no pass rush from the left side. Mathews would have been better used in the middle to patrol the dink passes and runners trying to go around end. Since we have no legitimate pass rushers, Mathews is it.

Need to pass for first downs. Find out who Tramon Williams is covering and you'll do fine. Its not like teams don't get our films, they know us better than we know ourselves and they all see that Williams is one of the weak links, along with our linebacking core suspect at tackling.

This is what Capers has to deal with. He is forced to call defenses based on his talent available and its just showing we have very little talent on defense. How many yards and points did this team give up this year? Ouch.

24woc's picture

what do all the people that wanted to take Cobb off punt returns have to say now?

markinmontana's picture

I don't necessarily support taking Cobb off returns, but I don't see that Ross is a worse option because of the muffed punt. Cobb has never been particularly sure-handed either, and indeed did not catch a kickoff in this very game (the consequences were not as bad because there was no one near the ball and he got it back). Cobb also makes poor decisions regarding kickoff returns from the endzone at times. I'm not saying either is a good or bad option, they are both dynamic returners that are going to make mistakes.

Devil Doc's picture

Ross muffed a punt, but the few times we saw him return punts/kicks, he didn't "dance around", and went North and South. Cobb has probably the best playmaking ability on the team, but there were many times this year I was yelling at the TV in frustration as he lost 3-5 yards dancing around instead of running the ball forward. You have to take the good with the bad...Ross just happened to have his "bad day" in a very bad spot.

madmanJack's picture

we don't know anything about Ross to really make that determination. timing is everything and i don't think this was the right time to be switching from a sure handed punt returner.

WisconsInExile's picture

Even Cobb wasn't spared muffings.

cow42's picture

Cobb petered out at the end of the season.
But he still should have been returning punts.

WisconsInExile's picture

Don't disagree, but it's important to note that even Cobb wasn't sure handed. Ross muffed the punt b/c he was watching the gunners not the ball. He was probably trying to hard to make a big play and rally the team. Of course, the big plays come from being patient and either good play from blockers or bad play from coverage team. I suspect that was the same reason Cobb muffed his return.

Xuyee's picture

Cobb fumbled more than Ross. He didn't turn it over because it was on kickoff, not a punt. The 9ers didnt have to punt much in the 2nd half.

Cobb has looked slow recently. I'm hoping its his flu or ankle and that it'll get better. In fact the whole team looked like it had the flu. Ross is fine for next year.

Corporate cheesehead's picture

Love Jamie's comments. Bottom line with mm, if he knew he could win the game using a balance offense, I don't think he would. He's addicted to passing and to the long pass on 3rd and short. Its just like me with bacon. Put a plate of it in front of me next to some nice healthy veggies and 10 seconds later, my hands are dripping in bacon grease. Put a second plate of bacon in front of me, and I'm chanting, "do the right thing, do the right thing" but 30 seconds later, the grease is now up to my elbows and I'm pretty close to hurling .... It's the same with mike. He simply can't help himself even when he knows better.

Jim - KBK's picture

When the 3rd & 5 to Jones was in the air I was screaming “No”. Jones makes a great catch and my son looks at me like I’m an idiot. Then comes the 3rd & 7 to Jennings and it goes downhill from there. I too am very tired of watching this.

I’ve been reading for 2 years how MM needs to stop this going for it when we needed only 4 yards, but I can’t blame him entirely. Some accountability needs to be taken by the Great Aaron Rodgers. These plays are designed with options, its Rodgers job to find the correct one. The reason why we say he holds the ball too long is because he is always waiting for the long option to open up. It’s his 1st choice too many times.

I live in New England and am forced to watch Brady more than I would like. Somehow Brady is the forgotten man when it comes to discussions on who is the best QB and Rodgers is always selected. I’m here to tell you Brady is better. He does not have a better arm and can’t run like Rodgers, but he is much smarter. Watch him dice up Houston today. How will he do it? Gronkowski and Hernandez figure into a balanced passing attack.

Gronkowski and Graham’s numbers the past 2 years make J-Mike look incompetent. Are they that much better? I can’t see it. They have smarter QBs who understand the value of higher percentage passes.

Am I saying Rodgers sucks? Hell no, just hoping he gets a little more patient in 2013. It’s MM’s job to help him with this.

Love the bacon analogy, I could do the same with beer & orange juice :-)

Liz's picture

Yes, I think that is the difference between Brady and Rodgers. Rodgers can make throws no one else can make but he always wants to go for the big play. Granted there were a lot of big plays in 2011, but you have to take what is there. Rodgers needs to learn that short quick passes are sometimes better. This will also prevent him from getting sacked as much.

He can potentially be better than Brady if he is willing to march down the field. Also that style (Brady's) eats up clock/time of possession. Big plays = style, but do not help control the clock and do not keep another offense off the field.

Idiot Fan's picture

Manning went through the same thing. The year after his record-setting offense, teams played him like they play Rodgers now. It took him a little time to adjust to it and start taking the short stuff, but he did adjust. Hopefully #12 can do the same.

cow42's picture

Brady keeps his ego in check (on the field).

Kinda feels like Rodgers is getting' a bit "Favreish"... needs some reigning in. If MM's calling all deep routes on 3rd and short - it's on him. But if Rodgers has options and is deciding to go for "kill shots" - he needs to be talked to.

I LOVE Rodgers. But the dude is cocky... and smug as shit.

2 share owner's picture

"Brady keeps his ego in check (on the field)" Are you for real? Brady has one of the biggest egos on the field that you will see. Maybe not as big as Aaron's, I don't know. But I completely disagree with ya on that one.
Lets get another thing straight. You came on here and spewed pure crap on this blog all season because you got embarrased over a prediction? Then you were pissed and predicted them to lose and they won, so you continued your assault with bullshit and complete disregard for the contributors to this blog? How did that strategy work out for ya? I'm glad you found some comfort and humor in trolling. You should go over to the Vikings sites and Troll for real.

paxbak's picture

I think it is the first prayer of the same sort that was answered all year. Your "No" response was the same as mine. 99.9% of them fall incomplete and we send out the punter. - 3rd and 5 should not be this difficult with a QB that can run and throw as well as rodgers does.

24woc's picture

zero contain on the left side all night. how does capers keep his job after this pitiful defensive performance. no adjustment to contain K in the second half...thats all they had to do.
i would add Walden to the ugly also.

cow42's picture

you know you've "made it" when someone takes your name - turns it around backwards - and uses it as your own.

Lou's picture

Walden should be at the top of Ugly. His record the last 2 years of yards due to not setting the edge will last longer than Cal Ripken's consecutive games played. He has an occasional flash play or two and that keeps him on the roster. If he is offered any kind of contract for 2013 Ted Thompson has become Tom Braatz reincarnated. Get him out of town ASAP, there are many reasons why he has been cut 4 or 5 times.

KurtMc's picture

+1 on letting MM focus on the game and game management. Maybe a change and let the O coordinator call the game will be better.

As for Capers, and many pages of stuff will be written...( key in God Father music)... It's his time.

Injuries aside, he doesn't get a pass. No logical game plan or adjustments for not only this, but many games now. Clearly, the failure of the D has cost us another SB shot. 4-3, 3-4 it does not matter as much as failing to adjust or game plan for the opposing teams weapons.

Too many examples to over the past two years. The bigger Q is where will the next coordinator come from?

24woc's picture

one can only wonder what Nick Perry would have added to this defense had he stayed healthy...i truly hope that he can develop into a force opposite Mathews...but i have my doubts.

kennypayne's picture

Me too. Saw no explosion in the pass rush from Perry, though he did look decent against the run.

Xuyee's picture

He's strong and can move guys with a bull rush. Maybe that's all you need to set the edge.

marcopo's picture

Nick Perry, given the CK factor, would be a huge upgrade over Walden. Perry has great discipline. Walden allowed himself to get sucked time after time.

WisconsInExile's picture

I have to wonder if Capers can keep the locker room if not fired. The message all week was trust your coaching. Based on that curt response from Woodson, I have to wonder if that trust will stay back in the visitor's locker room in Candlestick.

cow42's picture

I agree - although if Dom sticks around I don't think he'll have to worry about what Chuck thinks (gone).

WisconsInExile's picture

Yeah, but all those young guys on D do care what 21 thinks. And if the last thing those guys here from Wood before he leaves is "good luck with that," then Dom would still have a problem.

Xuyee's picture

During that long TD run by Kaepernick, Woodson was clearly just too slow to catch up. If you get burned by QBs, you can't really call yourself an NFL DB anymore. Safeties have to be fast.

murphy's picture

Well, none of the DBs seemed to be able to catch him unless he stumbled into their arms.

EP66's picture

What gets lost in the rhetoric is that the 49ers OC Greg Roman worked under Capers at Carolina and Houston. Roman has often said he knows how to get inside Capers head. Capers and his toupee need to go. His record and lack of adjusting is terrible.

WisconsInExile's picture

McCarthy has previously expressed his opinion that teams should not try to change their installed offense within a game. I think what he means by "adjustments" are much more nuanced than what most others mean by the same word. In retrospect, his game plan seemed a little embarrassingly over-simplistic: run the first half, then pass the second half. Makes one wonder if Clements wasn't the real "offensive innovator" slash "genius."

Sadly, I strongly agree that McCarthy *could* become a great coach if he would just delegate play calling to his OC. I also believe that he would sooner leave GB than do that. It is so painful to see such a talented personnel group perform so poorly. I mean really, you refuse to take the underneath yardage they were conceding all night? Give your overworked defense get a break? Keep your offense warm instead of on the bench? "No"s all around.

McCarthy flashes play-calling talent, but is too consistently mediocre to be effective against elite coaches/defensive coordinators. I cannot recall the last time I thought "Man, McCarthy had that team's number. He figured out their key weaknesses and exploited the hell out if them."

The talent on this team compensates for lack-luster in-game coaching--against most teams. That's usually good enough for 10 wins, since division games rarely hinge on coaching/scheme. Three of the Packers's four regular season losses all came against playoff teams, and the forth came against the defending SB champs during one of their healthier weeks. McCarthy believes that teams cannot change the identity they acquired throughout the year in the post season. I'm starting to believe it too.

That said, I genuinely think he *is* a great coach after the forth quarter right up until kick-off (excluding the actual gameplanning itself). Alas! That muddies the waters so much.

Norman's picture

No Walden in the Bad or the Ugly?

Ugly = 6 months until Training Camp, and no team that I can stomach rooting for still left in the playoffs.

cow42's picture

By the way... not to be too much of a downer already (although I'm getting pretty good at it), but next season's schedule is going to be brutal... (*2012 playoff teams)

CHI - away
DET - away
MIN* - away
BLT* - away
CIN* - away
SF* - away

that's 7 games vs. 2012 playoff teams (all on an upswing IMO) - 4 of them on the road.

it's hard to find even 5 "gimmie" wins in that group. Even CHI, PIT, PHI, DAL, & NYG (all non-playoff teams) have playoff - capable talent.

If they play against playoff teams next year the way they did this year (losses to Seattle, Colts, Vikings, 49ers, 49ers again) they may not make the playoffs.

redlights's picture

:) I knew you still had it in you!

Ruppert's picture

It's not superstition if it works. I heard that in a beer commercial, so it's gotta be true.

Devil Doc's picture

Its easy to look at a future schedule and break it down to win/loss based on what happened this year. I did the same thing after they got bounced by the Giants last year, and thought they'd have a much favorable outcome then what they did. I thought 3-4 losses at most, never thinking we'd lose to the Colts or Vikings.

IowaPackFan's picture

The NYG game is away...again.

Bob Tundra's picture

All season long we have seen the deep play on 3rd and short. I'd rather see us extend the drive than do this. What happened to our slant patterns and quick rhythm plays? We moved the chains consistently when we used them. The talk after the minnesota game was that playing against Webb will prepare us for Kaepernick. I saw Kaepernick run roughshod over our defense. So much for the preparation! What a sour note to end the season on! We are much better than this!

Piedmont Packer Fan's picture

After his first season with the Packers, Woodson was asked what adjustments he had made from when he was a Raider to cause to play at an all pro level as a Packer. Woodson's response was that he was unchanged as a player.

imma fubared is right. the defensive issue is personnel (including injuries). capers is a proven winner at defensive coordinator.

Ruppert's picture

Des Bishop and DJ Smith are two of our best 3 ILBs. Perry, even though he was a raw rookie, was probably our 2nd best OLB.

Losing that many of your top LBs hurts, especially in a 34 defense. But we need better LBs.

It's painful to watch Erik Walden. Honestly, why did we waste a roster spot on Frank Zombo? Francois is another guy who should be selling cars.

Brad Jones filled in OK at ILB, but we have to do better than him at that position.

Overall, we have a good secondary. But our front 7 needs more talent in whatever scheme we run.

KurtMc's picture

Great Offense, mediocre Defense can be a 11 to 13 win team. Look at New England. The difference is they ADJUST to the game, we do not.

Sadly, we have a better overall talent pool.

if you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got. That simple.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

A HUGE difference between the pats and us is the O-line play... Theirs is great. Allows Brady to read a book back there. BB is a fantastic in-game adjuster though.

ron's picture

Rodgers is the problem.He makes players and coaches look good by playing at such a high level.He makes up for a line giving up 50 sacks,a defense giving up 500yd ,receivers dropping 30 passes and a coach calling plays that should not be called...Put any other QB on Packers they would hardly win a game.TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE start coaches!

cow42's picture

Not a bad point at all.
He does cover up a lot of inadequacies, doesn't he?

Sorta' like how 15 wins covered up the flaws of last year's team (as ridiculous as that sounds).

cow42's picture

Just gotta keep telling myself...

"SF is gonna lose guys and coaches, SF is gonna lose guys and coaches, SF is gonna lose guys and coaches".

7 all pro players... not pro bowl players... ALL PRO PLAYERS!

If they can keep that crew together, no one's gonna stop 'em while K'prnk is still cheap.

I honestly think that kid is going to go down as a player who changed the game. There's no way to stop an offense when it's being run by someone like that...

He gives his RB's room because defenders have to make sure he's actually handing off.

He's so quick and fast that any defensive hesitation (watching handoff fake) gives him all the room he needs to get on the edge himself.

Cover his deep receivers and he just runs.

Keep him in the pocket and he throws dimes.

Bring pressure and he just runs away from it (how slow did he even make Matthews look - damn!).

Not only that, the kid made every right adjustment at the LOS. He read Capers like a book. Every audible was the right call.

I don't think I'm out over my skis when I say I think he's a future HOF'er.

If I played fantasy football - He may be the first guy I would pick next year.

Only thing that can stop him is if he starts taking big shots when running - but no one can catch him.

I don't even think the 49'ers defense would be able to stop an offense he was running.

That kid's unreal.

murphy's picture

I see you're back to the same old cow. That was fast.

"There’s no way to stop an offense when it’s being run by someone like that"

Unless you're the Rams or Seahawks.

Devil Doc's picture

That college option run crap worked this year for some teams, but thats the great thing about the NFL, teams adjust to that much better a year later. Pocket passers aren't a thing of the past, and will continue dominate the game. Vick is the poster boy for this statement.

Chris's picture

Kaepernick will go down as all the other option QBs if they keep doing this stuff all season. Noone can absorb those kind of blows in the long run.
BUT: For a few playoff games you can get away with it.

The future will show if he is good enough from the pocket to win consistantly

gbrealz's picture

He's unstoppable until he tears his ACL like they all do.... Mobile QBs are not sustainable. Never have been. Once they get on the wrong side of 30 and they lose their legs as a weapon, they're done.

IowaPackFan's picture

Donovan McNabb, Daunte Culpepper, Vick,

Ruppert's picture

I watched CK beat Boise State a couple years ago and just loved the way he played. He looks exactly the same in the NFL.

Running QBs are at a higher risk for injury no matter how you cut it. They don't run the option in the NFL because eventually a 250# LB is going to get free shots on your franchise player. Being 6' 4", 230 means he can take more wear and tear than a guy who is Mike Vick's size, though.

When a RB sprains an MCL and is out for a month, you plug in the #2 RB. It's hard to go without your franchise QB for a month if that happens to him. And I'm not even talking about the increased concussion risk. If they run him 16 times a game, he's going to take a lot of abuse.

SF will have to pay all these all-pro guys eventually. And they'll have to pay CK. Hopefully they lose a couple guys due to the salary cap in a year or two. And I really hope somebody hires Fangio and/or Roman as their new head coach.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Yep, I remember that Nevada vs. Boise State game. That's when I first witnessed what he could do with his legs... and arm. Apparently Dom didn't catch it.

Ardoge's Mustache's picture

Cant elp but think we really missed nick collins last night.

What u think? Could he have been a CK spy?

mark's picture

I would like to put some Packers fans in the "ugly" -- I know whenever you get a group of several hundred thousand you're going to have a few bad apples. But some of the stuff that popped up on Twitter last night was simply gross.

The Packers are possibly my greatest passion in life, but it's still a game.

The "fans" who take it too far aren't fans at all. They're scumbags.

Proud of 99% of Packer nation. Still the best team, fans, franchise in the world.

KurtMc's picture

Kap will suffer the same fate every other running QB has. A short NFL appearance.

Doubtful he changes the game from that position.

Xuyee's picture

He seemed untouched to me, and pretty good at running out of bounds.

paxbak's picture

You don't think teams are going to take shots at him without the ball on those options? - won't last long before teams instruct players to ignore the RB and go after the QB on those fakes - a couple of big shots will take him out of that read option.

IowaPackFan's picture

Exactly. If they get called for it by the refs, they can just say they thought he had the ball. Certainly believable isn't it? The risk you take when you're that good at the read/option.

pooch's picture

still say we need to run 4-3 D.Perry and Neal DF ends,tackles Raji and Picket/draft pic to spell him(mean mother).You put Clay and Bishop outside linebackers.Clay would be tons better blitzing from there than going against 325 tackles playa after play,maybe his hamstring s would sytay healthy all yesr.Dear God draft an ass kicking middle linebacker or go to free agency .STill need a free safty.Rest of pics stock up on o-lineman,replace newhouse and smith.D.harris is a gamer stick with him and green,Kuhn needs to go,should have kept vonta Leach

Bugeater's picture

I don't know whether or not Capers should go - that's for greater minds than mine. However, I hope TT does his due diligence and at least see if there are any promising coaching prospects our there. Its difficult for any offense to overcome 500 yard games by the opposing team and this is becoming the norm in some big games. 300 yards rushing is really ridiculous - somebody needs to be accountable for these terrible performances.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture


Devil Doc's picture

Rob Ryan comes to mind.

Chris's picture

You sure? What has Rob Ryan accomplished until now with the teams he coached?

mark's picture

Keep Rob Ryan the hell OUT of Green Bay. Both Ryans are big on talk, short on results.

imma fubared's picture

I heard the MM only practices for 1:45 minutes a day in training camp. In order to do that you have to have a well oiled team who knows all the plays, the plays are simple and Mike gets to call them.
Not to mention this team was full of injuries as in were they not in shape or something? Not in 1:45 minutes of practice.
If you watched the Pats today for example. Two key offensive receivers got hurt early on. Immediately, one of the running backs filled the slot and they had a host of plays just for that event.
It was seemliss. Screens, short passes, very few 36 yard plays down field, they got rid of the ball quickly and called the plays quickly.
You can't be that sophisticated with 1:45 minutes of practice a day.

dawg's picture

Defense breaking all these statistical records, in the wrong direction.
What happened to all the slants that Driver and Jennings made so popular?
John Dorsey gone? Chiefs
Gonna be a cold winter.

Chris's picture

Can't throw slants consistently against Cover-2, and nearly all teams played the Packers this way.

Pack66's picture

some guy says:

January 13, 2013 at 2:10 pm

Let’s not let the QB off the hook either. Rodgers still chooses who the ball gets thrown to, and he still hasn’t accepted that 2011 stuff isn’t going to happen every time he drops back. Seems like both Rodgers and McCarthy have a tendency to respond to the plan not working by insisting that it will work if they just try harder.

Great post..what you need is a guy who can improvise and win games...what you need is

F * A * V * R *E

I love how you guys won't criticize all...and he's one and done...AGAIN!!!


If Favre had this team a few years would have had a couple more SB's by now...


Devil Doc's picture

I hate to respond to tools such as this guy, but one and done? Packers beat Vikings in Wild Card round...

No someone get Craftsman here another drink

pooch's picture

Not with this defense dumb dumb

pooch's picture

In fact dumbass,give rodgers a defense with Reggie White,Sean Jones ,Gilbert Brown,Leroy Butler,Brian Williams and see how far he goes,did Farve light it up for 31 against Denver in S.B

mike's picture

to time cut tramon williams

Roger's picture

Didn't watch the game but I did like the outcome. I won 1/2 time and 3rd quarter in our pool at work. So I was the winner. Doesn't matter to me who wins or loses as long as it lands on my numbers!

Chris's picture

Then why do you post here? Go away please.

Devil Doc's picture

How much did you save by switching to Gieco? Cause thats the real kicker....

2 share owner's picture

lol @Devil Doc...too funny

Manster54's picture

While I'm not a Packer fan, I'm a 49er hater than anything. I would like to point out something to see if anyone else noticed it. Not sure it would have been a difference maker but, here goes. Late in the 3rd Rodgers was hit after throwing the ball. No roughing the passer penalty. Next play, Rodgers ran it out of bounds for a 1st down. The clock stopped at 6:49. After a quick replay it cuts back to the players breaking the huddle and the clock is running. I thought the clock stops until the next play is called. About 20 seconds elapse before Rodgers snaps the ball. Can anyone explain this? Or is it all part of the NFL game fixing? Or am I just paranoid?

Tundraboy's picture

This is what happens when you do not keep your O on the field, the D gets lit up because they can not stop anyone on 3rd down when they are exhausted.

Add injuries , the dropped punt and they had no chance because the one thing they could have done that was working was run Harris and use Cobb......

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