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49ers: 34 Packers: 28

By Category

49ers: 34 Packers: 28

Jordy Nelson, Ryan Pickett, Tim Masthay

The Bad

The Bad

Jerron McMillian, M.D. Jennings, Mike McCarthy

The Bad

The Bad

Dom Capers



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Bearmeat's picture

Pretty much agreed - except Ross should be in the Ugly too.

Capers is not an in game adjustment guy. Who can remember the last time he made an effective in-game change? I can't. If his original plan doesn't work, we're screwed.

This game is totally different with Burnett and Heyward though. Very encouraging overall. If we play again, it'll be GB that sends SF home cryin in the games that really count.

Lars's picture

Really, with Capers as DC? They've given up 1070 yards to the SF defense in the past two games and lost 3 in a row to the Niners. They gave up almost 500 yards to the Vikings in week 17 and 386 to them w Joe Webb at QB. Capers should have been fired last January.

Zub's picture

This game does bring into question Capers coaching ability! 500 yards given with no turnovers...

murphy's picture

Contained Eyes-too-close-together.

Stopped Gore.

Forgot about the passing game.

2/3 ain't bad.

notbadphotography's picture

Fully agree. Waiting way too long to make those changes. Capers should be long gone.

notbadphotography's picture

I've had the opportunity to live in many major cities around the country with NFL teams and believe me, private ownership would not put up with Capers and his awful defensive record. I am a shareholder in GB and think they move way to slowly in their decision making. The team is getting worse and that window is beginning to close. How does this man still have a job after the embarrassments of the last 3 years? All we get are lame excuses. Capers is the laughing stock of pro football. Has he no shame?

Zub's picture

Ugly, 1st round draft picks by the Packers the last 4 years. Nick Perry and Datone Jones played with little or no impact, Zombo could have held the edge as well as Perry, and I am not sure Jones even made a tackle and Perry just has no pass rush.

Our 2 first round tackles seem to be injury prone and are just not available.

With 4 first round draft choices with little or no impact will not beat the elite teams in the NFL

Turt's picture

What game did you watch?

Zub's picture

Ugly, last play of the game and 49ers rush only 3, Rodgers sacked in 4 seconds, can not even get a pass off

jack in jersey city's picture

yes. that was pathetic

murphy's picture

Amazing that they kept him upright for most of the game, and crumpled on a 3-man rush.

I was crossing my fingers for Failmary Part Deux: Karma Edition.

Seekr's picture

Jeremy Ross = Packers loss

Johnny's picture

I know this horse has beaten to death, but why can't Dom Capers make in-game adjustments? They had ONE guy torching us in the secondary. Why didn't we switch to man? Why not put Shields or Tramon on him at all times? Why couldn't we shade our coverage? Why does Dom Capers insist on playing zone coverage despite it never working out? I can't even remember how many times a CB tried to pass their man on to the safety....who was 15 yards away from the play.

Seriously, I just don't understand it.

And why does McCarthy insist on moving away from what works, immediately after a successful drive? When we went uptempo with quick slants and outs, San Francisco had no answer. Those drivers we incisive, predatory, and quick. And without fail, the next drive would start off with a couple of stuffed runs up the gut, bring up 3rd and long, and ultimately end in a 3-and-out after gaining 3 yards on a throw to the flat.

Christian's picture

The 49ers had 2 guys torching the Green Bay secondary. Don't forget Vernon Davis. He was as much part of the problems as was Boldin.
They played zone coverage to limit possible runs by Kaepernick. If everyone turns their backs to the QB to cover their man he has free runs each time. See Exhibit A from last years playoff loss.

I agree though on the play calling. But I have been critical of McCarthys playcalls for years now, especially his non-existing ability to reacht to the defense of the opponent. He just goes through his playbook as planned and does not seem to adjust to recent schemes shown by the defense.

The game was lost due to turnovers and field position, that's the complete story. It doesn't matter if you give up 400 yards, as long as your offense can keep up the pace, and they could.

Turophile's picture

(Johnny) "I know this horse has beaten to death, but why can’t Dom Capers make in-game adjustments? They had ONE guy torching us in the secondary. Why didn’t we switch to man?"

Exactly. The Packers play man coverage better than they play zone. That is on Capers. Once he sees Kaepernick is being (mostly) contained, having the corners facing the line of scrimmage (playing zone) becomes less important. He should have tweaked his gameplan toward more man coverage. Good DCs find ways to let players do those things that they do well. Packers corners are good in man coverage.

Not too unhappy with the game overall. The Niners looked very good and despite that, in a rematch I feel they are beatable.

murphy's picture

They were beatable yesterday, despite all of the mistakes by the Packers and the questionable calls by the refs.

If Cobb had gotten out of bounds, we might not be having this conversation. Who knows?

TwoMoreCuts's picture

That was the secret play of the game. That defender came out of nowhere to tackle Cobb in bounds.

murphy's picture

And you missed the point entirely.

Tundraboy's picture

Not a dead horse at all Your points are dead on Why? For years we ran slants screens, play action , draws. and we have kind of stopped almost altogether. Isnt MM a WC style coach? Now that we have the weapons like yesterday showed to make up for the oline by keeping the other team guessing. We run up the dam middle? Why its not like we have a monster O line. I just do not get it either and it drives me crazy. Oh and Capers just has to go. No debate needed. I would even take Rex Ryan

PackRat's picture

Had the chance to carefully watch the game again. A few thoughts on defense.

Pack played much better than when watching it in real time. D-line played GREAT against the leagues best OL. Happy weeks ahead. Not a concern. Mike Neal will be great this year--and Datone Jones was just a little behind but is around the ball with good instincts--give him time.

Hawk remains a lost soul in pass coverage. If you need a first time, pass it through the middle or in the flat to whoever Hawk is covering.

Perry and especially our high priced Brad Jones stay away from running play contact--Moreover, Jones got eaten up and spit out by any blocker, including RBs and WRs, on every running play he was involved in.

We got what we payed for in our secondary(it was the perfect place to dip into free agency). But why Capers didn't put Williams on Boldin or put Banjo in to spell McMilan is beyond me. McMillan has a long way to go in pass coverage. Jarett Bush continues to be a JOKE on defense. He IS Charlie Peprah--out of the league after the Pack finally cuts him. HE IS TAKING UP A DB ROSTER SPOT.

TwoMoreCuts's picture

"We got what we payed for in our secondary"

IMO the two best players in the Packers Secondary were out. That cannot be ignored.

Lou's picture

Bush is the "current" Tiger Greene, Maurice Harvey, Estus Hood, Charlie Peprah. All you need to do is look where they line up on 3rd down and you have a 90% chance to make it. Losing both Burnett and Hayward you 2 best pass defenders last year really hurt. It is time for staff changes on the medical side, instead of "Titletown" it can now be called "Hammy Land".

Bob Tundra's picture

All I remember of Bush is seeing him 2 yards behind Vernon Davis, who caught the ball, in the end zone.

PackRat's picture

On offense, outside of the obvious greatness of Rodgers/Nelson and the exasperating Finley:

Lacy and Starks both looked very good in limited action, running, receiving and in pass pro. Why Kuhn gets any snaps is beyond me with both Lacy and now Starks capable. Why did MM forget about the screens and swing passes that worked early on?

EDS is an improvement over Saturday but only because he has a pulse. I really thought he would grow after the 2nd half of last year. Another area that could have been improved with JC Tretter at least a year away.

Barclay and Bak played great considering the competition. Sitton at times All-Pro at other times lazy and taking shortcuts. Watch the "Fail Mary"--both Kuhn and Lang do nothing to help Barclay/Rogers. Lang is what he is...average. Would like to see Newhouse get a chance there...

Two special team notes: Don't kill Ross--Gurley watches and does not block--he was singlehandedly responsible for two bad returns (no way he should be on the return teams) but did okay in punt coverage. Bush is no help as a blocker either. Amazing he is still on team.

Please tell Mathay not to run down and tackle and risk injury. Having said that, two of his tackles kept us in the game.

mudduckcheesehead's picture

I don't think it was Gurley's fault - he's in Cleveland now.

And are you seriously suggesting that a Packer NOT TACKLE!? Thank God we've got Masthay. The Ginger Wolverine is a gamer. I just wish our safeties tackled like he did.

Mark in the montain's picture

I'm glad to see our (packer nation's) pathetic game coaching get the credit it desesves. What is it some $5.5M/yr+ directly spent sustaining the arrogant incompetence of McCarthy and Capers.

Bomdad's picture

When you get the ball back with five minutes left, down by three, you have to score. Playing the NFC favorite, on the road, at full strength and the pack had the chance to win it right there.

Boldin will be hurt by the next time they play. And the three rookies starting will have a full season of experience.

Bushwhacked's picture

As long as Bush has a spot on the roster the Packers ability to go dep in the playoffs will be in doubt. When he got that pick in the SB I thought the world was about to end. He has no business being on he field as a defender. We have better, younger, and cheaper special teams players. Bush obviously has something on TT!

Ross really cost us huge field position with his half baked efforts at coming out of the end zone. If there is another non-Cobb option available they should be using it.

Our special teams coaching is not what it should be. There always seems to be an excuse for mistakes. MM speeches on accountability don't seem to apply to that group.

I thought other than not ever going man the defense played pretty we'll against a loaded offense on the road. Appeared to be much more physical. Sometimes I wonder if in these early games coaches don't show all the wrinkles of the defense to avoid putting schemes on film for other teams to study. That being said getting Burnett and Hayward on the field can't happen fast enough.

Idiot Fan's picture

Apart from not declining the penalty, what did MM do that was so bad? He stuck with the run, which eventually paid off for us on the last TD drive. And his tricky little read-option play for a first down, if it had been done by Harbaugh, would have had people saying, "Oh my God, so genius, he's totally outcoaching us!"

Capers on the other hand...

Hands's picture

Green bay has a problem either w/ communication on the kick-off return team or Ross ignores common sense. Either way, it needs to be better.

murphy's picture


- John Kuhn

THEMichaelRose's picture

Thought that was effective

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Invisible safeties, ticky tack holding calls, anemic pass rush, and Domfounded Capers equal a loss. Oline overall protection and rush defense were positives. Can't feel too bad about this. If the few bounces and breaks go the pack way (1 turnover, actually call the facemask on Lacy and not the phantom hold on Sitton) this game could be different. Dom is terrible, that ship sailed. Make an adjustment you decrepit pile!

Chad Toporski's picture

I'm surprised you forgot about your turnover rule and didn't place Eddie Lacy in the Ugly category... His fumble/turnover made a bigger difference in that game than Caper's defensive plan.

California Cheesehead's picture

Lacy was a non-factor. Was only good, in my opinion, at running into piles. Maybe there weren't holes to hit, anyways, but after the fumble I said to my friends "I think we'll see Starks, soon. He needs to go in."

The Lacy fumble seemed like the Rodgers interception, last year. The difference in the game. Not to forget the free play the 'niners were awarded by the refs. Oh, but they said "our bad". Thanks.

I'm hopeful for the season, but we played tough. There were a lot of bad situations, especially Ross killing us in field position, but we'll be what we thought we'd be. Competing for the North, most likely 10 wins. We'll be good to go. Stay positive.

Bob Tundra's picture

Lacy was facemasked on the play he fumbled the ball. NO call. If I can see it at home, why can't the refs? Did you see the NFL "downgraded" the officiating crew that worked this game? It doesn't help anyone, now. Lots of bad calls and non calls in this game.

lynnwoodelliott's picture

Fun game to watch, Pack played better than expected...don't mean to sound cruel but I really hope Jeremy Ross is gone by this Sunday and we have someone else returning KOs.

denniseckersley's picture

Bounces didn't go our way yesterday, but I thought we played great. Lots of big plays from both sides of the ball, and I thought we were better on a yards-per-play basis (we just had far fewer plays). The 49ers offense steamrolled through the playoffs last year. They really just ran out of time against Baltimore, and it took them a full game produce against us what they produced in the 2nd halves of all their playoff games.

Really unfortunate that the Bengals let that one get away from them with the turnovers. Bears had no business winning that game. Call me crazy but I honestly feel that in a just world, we win yesterday and Cincy does as well. Could have been a really huge boost to start the season.

Bibbon Hazel's picture

Seriously, Im fine with Cobb returning kicks. Ross is terrible and I will certainly go with "I told you so" on Ross making the 53. His mental errors and tentativeness costed field position all day. He should be cut, Cobb should return and White or Johnson should be elevated. Kneel every time and start at the 20 you buffoon!

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

Ross was a "Big Ugly" in this game. Get that guy off the return team!

Tundraboy's picture

Never understood why Caper Coach Wizard is not on sideline. First thought the view helped, but you know what? This is what you get. An out of touch coach with no in game interaction on field with players!!!

Hank Scorpio's picture

The good: The Packers stood toe to toe with a very physical SF team up front.

The bad: 2 turnovers, none forced

The ugly: The middle of the field was defended with the same success France held off the German in WWII.

some guy's picture

i'm tired of people saying the packers played better than expected. Give me a break.

we're just as good. Dumb penalties, terrible breakdowns in coverage and some really fluky turnovers killed us today. that and not having Hayward and Burnett

The two teams are about as even as you can get. the 49ers are better-coached and until Dom is fired or does something different to generate a pass rush, we're fighting an uphill battle

but the 49ers are far from an unbeatable juggernaut.

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