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49ers: 30 Packers: 22

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49ers: 30 Packers: 22

Clay Matthews, Randall Cobb, James Jones

The Bad

The Bad

Mike McCarthy and Dom Capers

The Bad

The Bad

The replacement refs



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redcheesehead's picture

i agree about jones and cobb.. both are definitely coming into their own i thought they both showed that last year as well. the coaching is clearly a problem. not calling for heads so early. but capers needs to get his secondary under control. their is no excuse for so many missed assignments and blown coverages to many people standing wide open with no one near them. as for MM i felt like he did not manage the game like he usually does. was strange. didnt mind how he ran the offense tho.
capers seems to be developing a consistent issue with the defense tho. definitely worrysome

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

" as for MM i felt like he did not manage the game like he usually does. was strange."

Totally agree, some unusual decisions for sure.

ppabich's picture

I don't know, I didn't see much of what McCarthy did differently. It was up against a Buzzsaw of a defense with refs that allowed 1960s football in the defensive backfield.

Brooklyn81's picture

I didn't like how he managed the time outs near the end. I felt like they should have saved one for after the 2 min warning

Nerdmann's picture

James Jones looked great today. Give credit where it's due.

jack in jersey city's picture

yep. big props to JJ. he came to play. i totally agree about cobb and cm3 as well

Mojo's picture

Yup this wasn't one of the coaching staffs better games. I look at other 3-4 teams, and they seem to get much more consitent pressure. Something isn't clicking with the D-unit, especially in the secondary. I can just hope it comes together as the season unfolds, but then I was waiting all last season for that to happen.

I know DD fans probably aren't happy about his snaps, but Cobb is just too good to keep of the field.

Offense just didn't have any rhythm and I don't know how much of that was on the refs and their bizarre calls, but it seemed the Pack were moving in slow motion up to the line.

Bad start, but I'm still optimistic.

woodson4president's picture

Cough Hawk belongs on good list cough....

PackRat's picture

The Refs! What a cop-out when our DBs can't cover one of the worst passing teams coached by a guy who alsho shuts his offense down to allow us to catch up. Just like last year when the ball flowed to whoever Peprah was covering, Bush (+MD Jennings) is that guy this year. In addition, for not being able to dominate a single game in over a year YOTTO deserves to reside next to Bush on your ugly list.

dawg's picture




Keystone Cops--Are you kidding me?

dawg's picture

PLUS--Who are those warrant officers on the sidelines with walkie talkies?

T's picture

Finley was hit and miss. He made some drive saving plays and some huge drops, which is why he isn't mentioned.
I wonder where Nelson and Jennings were hiding?
With both safeties dropping deep, they should of been man to man the first 20 yards.

Our offense better get creative very fast, the 49ers just showed the NFL what the Giants already know, how to contain our passing game.

MarkinMadison's picture

Jones had his best game in quite a while. Cobb nearly lost another punt. Not saying he should not be in the good, just saying it seems that he has some issue handling punts, and it happens more often than it should.

Bob Hagen's picture

I have to agree with the Ugly being the officiating crew. They made so many bad and non calls, it almost made the game look rigged. I also thought the coaching staff had fixed the tackling problem in camp. It looks like the Packers have a lot of work to do between now and the Bears game.

mark's picture

Cedric Benson/O-line should be in the ugly for the run game. Yes, they're the 49ers, they're good. I get it. But when your biggest gain on the ground is 4 yards, that's inexcusable. Every single run play they took it to us. No lanes, no push, and Benson looked like he had cinder blocks on his feet.

I don't think it's coincidental that our Super Bowl was won with an (at the time) effective run game. Coach, I know you love the pass, and I know you have great tools in that department, but unless this offense gets some balance (not just lip service) we will continue to win some, lose some.

PackerFan4Life's picture

The refs were absolutely horrible! I have never seen such a one sided game called ever. I even heard MM had scouted the very same officiating crew that worked the game and thought they would do the best and well we all see how that tuned out. Goodell better get his head out of his ass and get a deal done with the real refs before they ruin this season

murphy's picture

How quickly we forgot the likes of Jeff Tripplette and crew.

Pack66's picture


I told you so...

Lord' that was so funny, yesterday...

I told you that Aaron Rodgers look pedestrian when things don't go absolutely perfect for him....LORDY..LORD..and the 49er's just show'd the rest of the NFL how to beat the Packers....don't you Packer fans wish you had a PLAYMAKER now...a QB who could the team on his back and WIN when things aren't working perfectly...??

Don't you wish it was FAVRE-TIME....the most winingest QB in NFL HISTORY..???

OH..JESUS..thank you for yesterday...How does it feel that your Lord and SAVIOR is just a man...who fails when things are not perfect? How about a little criticism for the "Anointed One"

Or do you hypocrites only save that for the "other" guy..?

Bwahahahahahaha...thank you Lord...har har..

PackerFan4Life's picture

your childish remarks speak volumes of how much a douche bag you are good job!

Tarynfor12's picture

They must have some good stuff being smoked that has you in a 'Hookah" lounge this early.

Tony's picture

Ha. This guy's something else.

PackersRS's picture

Most winningest is redundance.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

JJ! Hey ya dumb-sum-bitch... How ya been?

SHODAN's picture

Trolling troll is barely literate.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Morgan Burnett in the ugly for his attempted " tackle" of Frank Gore. If there's been a more half-hearted, chicken-shit tackle attempt in the last decade, I don't remember it.


mark's picture

Agree. Outside of Clay (and Bishop) this defense plays as if they are expecting to give up yards. The mentality doesn't seem to be about imposing OUR will. It's "uh oh, here comes the big bad 49ers offense. Everybody panic!" ...pathetic.

PackersRS's picture

Couldn't watch the game live. My internet connection was down, and the station that holds the rights to the NFL was showing the fucking US Open... In 2 of their channels...

Just watched the rerun.

Burnett was directly responsible for 2 SF tds. The one to Moss (that was one of the dumbest things I've seen in quite a while. It was his assignment, then he guessed wrong what was gonna happen and miliseconds before the ball was snapped tried to change the coverage.) and that pathetic, ridiculous attempt at a tackle in the Gore TD.

Idiotic mistakes galore last year, and it seems it's still going on. I still hold hope he'll get it right but it's looking more and more like it's an intelligence and attitude issue, and those don't go away.

Bush has no place being on the field, except on ST. It needs to stop immediately.

This idea of moving Woodson to safety backfired. He was far from the LOS a good part of the game. Also needs to go away ASAP.

Overall just an embarassing showing, except from Matthews and Jones in the second half. Rodgers was terrible, late in a lot of reads. But when everyone is bad it's on the coaching staff. Harbaugh and Fangio schooled McCarthy and Capers in a way I hadn't seen in a while, from preparation to play calling. What's good in motioning Cobb to the backfield if you're going to motion him out every single time? The 49ers didn't get fooled once.

It looked like Holmgren vs Kotite.

The team from yesterday doesn't make the playoffs. Yes the 9ers are one of the best teams in the league, but it was at home and they had the entire offseason to prepare for this game, and the result was atrocious.

If it's not corrected it's going to be a long season.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture


Bearmeat's picture

A little harsh RS.

The QB pressure was better. You know the passing game's going to be better. ARod doesn't have too many games like that. Ditto the coaching. MM just doesn't get schooled like that very often. You've got to think the communication in the secondary is going to get better too. McMillan is very young, and Burnett is still basically in his 1.5th year in this position. It took Collins about that long to figure it out too.

What scares me is 2 things: The quality of the OL play, and the tackling again.

Those things are physical mistakes, and you wonder if it is possible to improve from within on those things.

I trust Woody. He said, "We're close. We did some good things today. We'll finish the job soon."

PackersRS's picture

The pressure was a little better, but overall Alex Smith was too comfortable in the pocket. Of course, having his primary read open at almost all times contributed to this.

And I'm not saying the Packers can't fix their problems, it's the first game of the season. Nor saying they won't.

But if they play like this, they don't make the playoffs. The communication has been a reocurring issue since Collins went down. What Burnett did on the Moss TD shouldn't be done by a pop warner, let alone a professional player. And he's the one responsible for the communication in the secondary. So I'm not sure it will get corrected.

You know I'm usually optimistic, but I'm terrified with Burnett and the ammount of responsability and freedom he has. He needs to sit if he can't get the mental aspect of the game, which is paramount at the safety position. To me it has been the biggest problem since last year, and last game showed it wasn't corrected. The revolving door at the secondary doesn't help, but the fact that there's clear evidence that single out Burnett is very, very worrisome.

It looks like Capers tried to solve it by moving Woodson to safety, but it just ended up removing him from what he does best.

Honestly, to me the answer is simplification. I know Capers is scared with the thought of Hawk having to cover TEs and RBs, but he needs to trust his players and play more man. And if Hawk can't cover he himself needs to sit.

With all the problems we had last game, take away the gimme plays due to miscommunication and we probable win it.

Lou's picture

No matter if you have record wise the best QB to date and a head coach who prides himself on the passing game you must be able to balance that threat (a dose of reality was presented to McCarthy yesterday). However, even if they want to run it no one knows if they can do it consistently because there had been NO emphasis on doing it. Even the O-Line members are skeptical I am sure in this regard, they probably think they can but based on lack of commitment they have to be wondering if they can. The other teams are adjusting, McCarthy needs to realize what he needs to do, its early but he better start now.

Reality Packer's picture

I'm going to say it week 1 instead of wait til the playoffs. We don't have a Super Bowl defense - nor will it evolve into one. Just checking reality in week 1.

Bearmeat's picture

Chicken Little needs perspective here. Give them a chance to adjust.

By this time in week 5 we'll know what the team is made of. Not before.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

I concur.

Tobey's picture

How many times did I hear "blown coverage", referring to the big pass plays by 49ers yesterday,i.e., the Packer secondary! At least 4...OMG! Can you spell cushion? Nobody was even in the picture when they caught their passes. Wow...might as well play Hayward and McMillan/Richardson. Geeze...I'm disheartened actually.


of the day.

Adam Rank

Green Bay hasn't learned from last season's shortcomings
Disappointing is a rather strong word for the Packers' performance, considering they lost by eight points to one of the favorites in the NFC. But what should trouble Green Bay fans is that the team didn't seem to really learn from last year's mistakes.

The Packers did a pretty good job during the offseason of brushing off their playoff loss to the New York Giants, saying it was a one-week thing and promising they would be more focused in 2012. So how did they respond? Aaron Rodgers made a bet with the guys from Boyz II Men that he would wear an Alex Smith jersey if the Packers lost. I mean, I like the swagger, and these guys should have some fun out there, but the scarlet jersey on Rodgers' back this week should be seen as a giant red flag.

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

Is that bet real? Boyz 2 men are still alive? And Aaron Rodgers speaks with them? WTF over.


capers is on downers!!!! get some life in this thing called your defense mr. capers and wakeup and ring the warning bell!!!! get a giant can of redbull and start yelling!!!!

FITZCORE 1252'S EVO's picture

LMFAO. You are my new favorite "internet personality". Seriously!

Start yelling... Priceless.

some guy's picture

until this team gets rid of Ryan Pickett, things won't get better. he's got to be one of the 5 worst starting D Lineman in the league. at least the young guys have upside.

Don Hutson's picture

Wup da Bears, and all will be forgotten. Get wupped, well then we need to listen to more of this all over again.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree completely with the GOOD, BAD and UGLY picks.

To me the Coaching has to take a major blame for the loss. Alot of people complain about timeouts use. that didn't lose them the game. To me on offense McCarthy needed to play more personel. Keep the main guys fresh for the whole game. Bring in Driver, DJ Williams, Alex Green. I thought this is a game that Williams could have played well in. Ran 2 Tight End and have both Finley and Williams running routes. Finley would draw most of the attention and Williams could have been a mismatch.

I also blame the coaches for personel on defense. Bush just can't cover. He is good on blitzing and tackling guys out of the backfield, but he can't be trusted to cover guys for a long time. Also as heavy of a run team as the 49ers are, why not have your best tackling safety in the game? I thought Jeron McMillan proved to be their best nickel safety. he could have been a neutralizer against their run game.

I am not liking how our coaches can't seem to adjust to what teams are doing to them. They were taking our run game up the middle away. Why not try some screens, or reverses, or draw runs. Whatever happened to the shuffle pass? Just get some misdirection run plays. Provide more looks and try to throw more at the defense.

Players in general need to step up. Nelson's attempt on the last play for the Packers was bad. If he would have went after the ball vs. letting it come to him, he could have high pointed the ball and made a good play on it. Vs. letting it get knocked out by the corner.

The refs were absolutely horrible. I haven't seen such a horrible officiated game in, well ever...

jay's picture

Not at the expense of the three mentioned, but how about Newhouse holding his own on a really tough assignment?

SoTxPhil's picture

When the Packers can only score 7 pts in 2/3 of a game, why didn't the HC who is calling the plays realize that running Benson into the line for 0-2 yds and a wasted down against a very good defense ISN'T a good thing to keep the chains moving. He waits until the fourth qtr to try a screen and more of Cobb out of the backfield. I think he tried one planned rollout by AR, which is always an effective play. MM reverted to his 09' play calling, 3rd and short, bombs away and then punt over and over again and lose a close one. Why not just keep throwing the short passes for 4-8 yds and first downs rather than try for the homerun as soon as you get near mid-field. If we score and keep the pressure on them to move the length of the field something good might happen for the defense. Every time they made a mistake Sun the ball bounced right to them or into a dead spot. Plus, the officiating was horrible on both sides, but hurt us mostly on 3rd downs and the PI on JJ after him being held for 10 yds prior to the ball's arrival.

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