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Favre To Stay Retired

Favre To Stay Retired




The whole silly mess has finally ended. Please move along now, nothing to see here folks...





...until the middle of the season anyway.

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MrBacon's picture

3 Things have happened today.

Ed Werder is disgraced, because Favre never came back.

The Vikings still dont have a good quarterback, and now have to convince Sage and LaVar Burton that the whole news story was a big misunderstanding. And that the probably starter right now is Tavaris follow by John David Booty Juice.

Jay Cutler, well its a nonstory, but he still sucks.

Greg C.'s picture

"Ed Werder is disgraced." Give me a break. Werder just reported what he heard. And Favre himself said on Joe Buck's show that he intended to play for the Vikings if his arm healed.

Don't blame the messenger. Brett Favre is solely responsible for all of this nonsense that has gone on for the past several years. If it's the media's fault, why has it only happened to Favre? I'll answer that question. It's because Favre is the only old QB who has been so clueless about whether or not he wanted to keep playing.

MrBacon's picture

Well come on, ESPN was reporting on some of the most non-storys of Favre for the past 2 years.

Greg C.'s picture

So why were there so few non-stories about Joe Montana? John Elway? Dan Marino? And so on. Maybe it's because those guys were actually capable of making decisions about their careers, like mature adults. Sure, there were nonstories about Favre that were generated by journalists, but many of the stories came from Favre's agent, his family, and even Favre himself. Part of it was indecision and part of it was his desire to put ideas out there into the public arena and generate a reaction. And it was because of Favre's unpredictability that the media (and people like us, who read papers, visit web sites, and watch ESPN) became so fixated on him.

This whole mess is all on Favre. There are plenty of things that can be blamed on people in the media, but this is not one of them.

Jeremiah' s Johnson's picture

The Packers will STILL SUCK this year...I will root against them until they FIRE that mediocre scumbag, Thom P. Tedson!!!!

PackersRS's picture

Please do. And after that...

Toby Hump's picture

You sad, sad individual

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Quote: <blockquote cite="comment-4642">

<strong><a href="#comment-4642" rel="nofollow">MrBacon</a></strong>: Jay Cutler, well its a nonstory, but he still sucks.


Classic. One hit of the Like button.

Asshalo's picture

Definitely good news. Jackson and Rosenfelds are obviously jaded now that their team (players, coaches and ownership) have openly supported Favre starting. It's a incredibly hilarious if you ask me. Thanks for this one last memory, Brett.

andy's picture

Cue the "We've been behind Tarvaris and Sage all along" quotes coming from Winter Park. Laughable.

Andyman's picture

Exactly what I am waiting for too.

"We didn't REALLY want Favre over you guys!"

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I'll cue those right after the "we should get Favre as the backup" show is over.

PackersRS's picture

Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels are eager to learn under Coach Childress. They thrust his lead completely. And they have the support of their fellow teammates, who didn't want Favre AT ALL. Jared Alled actually called him NOT to go play for the vikings. It's a great locker room they got over there. Practically a family.

PackersRS's picture

That was Brett's intention all along. He realized what he did to us, and though of a way he could help us. So he put the vikings through all of this, knowing that, in the end, it'll help us win the SB!
Would be great to believe in that...

Asshalo's picture

He was a double agent to whole time (004). Favre, Brett Favre.

Greg C.'s picture

This is not over by any means. Favre has decided that he is not sure that he can endure a 16 game season. But how about a 12 game season? Or an eight game season? He might even want to play as soon as training camp has ended. The Vikings QB's will be looking over their shoulders for most of the season, knowing how badly their coach wanted Favre. Every bad performance by them will get the rumors started.

Asshalo's picture

Very true, he claimes he's sitll working out. I still think this is hilarious though. I don't think it's going to be that easy to turn it on mid-season though.

IronMan's picture

"This is not over by any means."

What Greg said.

IronMan's picture

Here's what is going to happen:

Favre will try to force his way onto to the Vikings a few weeks into the season. They will say no. He will then try to sign with the Lions so he can stick it to the Vikings!

longtimefan's picture

I hear Bretts pilot is saying that the Vikings needed to move on and sohuldnt have to wait any longer..

They wanted Brett to take a little more time but according to" David" the Vikings had to move on..

My assumption is that those feelings are coming from Brett too..

So if thats the case why in the hell is it okay to say the Vikings have to move on, but the Packers were suppose to wait for ever?

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