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This is the time the quality GM's really improve the bottom half of their rosters

 Harvey Fialkov goes off the deep end in reaction to a divison rival signing a 36 year old reciever.

Hasselbeck and Houshmandzadeh will become part of a prolific passing attack.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them here at Cheesehead TV.

Enjoy the Super Bowl run for what it was Cardinal fans: a brief respite on a continuing journey of ineptitude.

The type of move that makes the middle of your roster stronger and more flexible

Giving up more than a (very) low round pick for Kitna, a player the Lions would most likely have ended up cutting, is just plain irresponsible.

The Patriots are the masters at this - finding older players cut by teams that are going younger at certain positions that can still play and play...

Trading for Lito Sheppard makes no sense.

Have to agree with Les Carpenter on this one. By signing Haynesworth and Hall to rediculous contracts, Dan Snyder has started back down the same road that he ventured down when he first bought the team - namely, throwing stupid money at name players without any kind of foundation in place underneath them.

and so they should be the first to get a Bobble head here at the Other 31....

and they all place second to the Green Bay Packers.