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Straight from McCarthy today, via his press conference, Charles Woodson will start at strong safety for the second straight week.

Just an excellent post from Mitchell over at the ACME Packing Company concerning the upcoming decision that awaits Coach Mc

Lots of people have noticed the handshakes that the secondary extended each other yesterday after both Woodson and Williams' interceptions.

Good thoughts from Andy over at PackerGeeks regarding Tramon Williams stepping into Al Harris' spot as the starting corner opposite Charles Woodson.

Mike Mcarthy is talking, but I'm not listening. Coach is quoted as saying, regarding Grant playing tonight:

One of the many great benefits of having Packer World up and running is being able to monitor news basically as it happens. So, I see that there is a new article on It's my favorite kind. Highlight videos. Last season's 5 best by polling data. A must see. "Favorite Fives" of 2007: Play of the Year. Having seen 2 of the 5 plays live, Donald Driver TD against the Giants was a trace more exciting than the Tramon Williams punt return TD if only because it was a playoff game and we needed the boost and Double D willed it to happen. The other interesting note is that Favre is only truly responsible for 1 of those plays...and it's the one that has the most questions for Aaron Rodgers.

Here's where I pat myself on the back. Bubba Franks a key to the offense? Check.

While much is being made of the fact that if Tramon Williams plays in place of an injured Will Blackmon the Packers corner would be targeted by...

As USA Today noted in their recap of the Lions game, I was struck while watching Thursday how the Packers seemed to have a young replacement come...

"To play him or not to play him?" That is the question....

Packer fans are a spoiled lot. How else to explain this post over at Packer Geeks? In summation, I offer this: