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The Packers have dropped three in a row and are on the brink of falling out of the NFC playoff race. Joining us LIVE will be Tom Silverstein, beat writer for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

According to Tom Silverstein, Green Bay will host the 49ers on Sept. 9 to kickoff the 2012 NFL season.

Aaron Nagler & Corey Behnke talk Green Bay Packers with Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Packer Beat Writer Tom Silverstein on Packer Transplants LIVE.

Packers Hall of Fame safety LeRoy Butler joins Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for their weekly video series.

Packers Hall of Fame safety LeRoy Butler joins the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Tom Silverstein in their weekly video series.

Packers Hall of Fame LeRoy Butler safety previews Thursday's game in his weekly video series with Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

LeRoy Butler helps preview the second half of the Green Bay Packers' season now that the bye week is over.

Packers Hall of Fame safety LeRoy Butler answers questions and goes through some Xs & Os in his newest weekly video series.

Packers Hall of Fame safety looks as some Xs and Os as the Packers prepare to take on the Chicago Bears this weekend.

Former safety and Packers Hall of Famer LeRoy Butler sits down with Tom Silverstein to break down Thursday's NFL Kickoff game.

(Actually, 0-3 if you count the Jarrett Bush nonsense...)

I'd like to respond to, if that's the right phrase, Tom Silverstein's assessment of Ted Thompson's approach, or lack thereof, to free agency this offseason. In this morning's Packers Daily Briefing, Silverstein states: The problem I see with this philosophy is what happens when one of your draft classes isn't any good? There is so much pressure on you to be right in the draft that if you have an off year, it absolutely destroys you. There's no room for error. To me, that's exactly what happened with the 2007 draft class. DT Justin Harrell, the guy who should have provided the most impact, has offered nothing for two years. RB Brandon Jackson came out of college too early and wasn't ready to be anything more than a spot player. WR James Jones was the bright spot of the draft, but an injury ruined his development last year. S Aaron Rouse and OT Allen Barbre have been disappointments. FB Korey Hall has been solid, LB Desmond Bishop flashed ability last year but clearly wasn't ready to start, K Mason Crosby has had his ups and downs and RB DeShawn Wynn is a developmental player. If you want to know part of the reason why the Packers were 6-10 last year, there it is.   I would point out that Silverstein has some very conveniently colored (for his argument) assessments of the players in question. With Harrell, of course, he is spot on. With Jackson, however, he is way off. Sure, Jackson was not ready in 2007 - but last year he was the best back on the team. He should have at LEAST made a push for more carries after the Carolina game, if not been handed the starting job outright. But for whatever reason, McCarthy, Philbin and Bennett feel the need to stick with Grant as the featured back. That's not Jackson's or Thompson's fault - that's mishandling the personnel on hand - that's one of the many coaching decisions that produced a 6-10 record. Next he points to James Jones and how his injury 'ruined his development'. Um - so what? It's not like Thompson didn't have a deep stable of receivers at the ready in case of such a development. In fact, I would counter that Thompson's drafting of Jordy Nelson, in the face of a lot of criticism, offset whatever loss was felt from Jones' injury. And on and on...

Good to see Brian Carriveau posting with some regularity again over at Railbird Central, and he has

Great back and forth between Ted Thompson and doofus concerened shareholder Don Ellsworth as reported by Tom Silverstein:

The Packers, benefiting from the latest reporting date in the league, are beginning to

I keep reading things like this regarding James Jones at the end of last season:

Goes to Mike McCarthy in his presser today when asked if he had any concerns about how Daryn Colledge is playing:...

In today's Journal-Sentinel, Tom Silverstein has a column entitled "Thompson Can't Run From Backfield Problems" (sorry, sub required) which plays...