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Not even the combination of Bart Starr and Vince Lombardi can measure up to what Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have accomplished together.

Since 2015, Tom Brady has only been hit eight times.

The Patriots continue to build on a legacy of success that will never again be matched in the NFL.

Ross will provide a few observations every Monday afternoon following a Packers game based on a few viewings of the condensed version of the game...

What challenges do the Patriots present for the Packers this Sunday night?

Aaron Nagler chats with Packers fans ahead of Sunday night's showdown betwene the Packers and the Patriots. 

If the Green Bay Packers really can compete with anyone in the NFL this season, the time to prove it is in Foxboro, MA this Sunday.

The Packers will have the league's toughest schedule in 2018. Here are the games we can expect to give them the most headaches.

QB wins are not a stat. They never have been. They never will be.

Tom Brady is the NFL’s Golden Boy. With a win on Sunday, he will have more Super Bowl wins than any player in NFL history and at age 40 he’s likely to win his third MVP.

Adversity is life’s greatest litmus test. If you can stay afloat during tough times, you’re doing something right.  

The almost impossible standard of success set by the Patriots over the last 17 years has changed the way fans define the successes of their own favorite franchises.

The Divisional Playoffs have always been my favorite NFL playoff weekend and this weekend should be interesting. This is the last weekend that there will be four time slots in the NFL and most of the games should be pretty good.  

We’re on the doorstep of another NFL season. This campaign seems a lot like last year — just replace Tom Brady for Ezekiel Elliott.

Are wins a quarterback stat? Is Aaron Rodgers better than Tom Brady? The debate is expanded on in this article.

The other day, Aaron Rodgers said it himself, he said he’s on the back nine of his NFL career. And in truth, he’s right. 

Over the last week, the Internet has been abuzz about the fact that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will reach the milestone of throwing 300...

The National Football League will enter its 97th season this fall.

A great topic was posted from Manish Mehta - a New York Jets beat writer for the NY Daily News. ...

Between Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan and Tom Brady, it's almost impossible to choose who should accept the NFL's prestigious award. Let's narrow it down.

Aaron Rodgers has had a soap opera season this year.

The NFL’s Week 6 started off with a bit of a surprise, as the previously undefeated Atlanta Falcons fumbled their way to their first loss, a...

We’re at the quarter pole of the season already and the Packers are right where they want to be.

Fans of the Green Bay Packers are spoiled by the play from their quarterback position.  Who would have guessed after a nasty Favre-Packers divorce in 2008 that Packers fans might be treated to perhaps an even greater performance out of the quarterback position?

We’re finally ready to start another NFL season. Let’s be honest — the preseason is long enough.

Tom Brady is a cheater.  We've known this for some time, at least most of us have.  While some don't care that he "likely had knowledge" that the...

The moment I heard that Greg Hardy’s suspension had been lowered, I wasn’t too shocked.