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Consistency is the key to a successful offensive line. 

Before deciding what players to keep or get for 2018, the Packers have to decide what to do with general manager Ted Thompson. He is the Packers’ gatekeeper and has mainly used the draft as his talent stream.  

Ted Thompson's willingness to change hsi ways in free agency will be rewarded by the play of Davon House and Jahri Evans. 

Given the moves that the Packers have made in free agency, it's looking more and more likely the the team could address the guard position in the...

Is Ted Thompson executing a long-term vision or letting the chips fall where they will? 

It might seem like the Green Bay Packers have lost a ton of players in NFL Free Agency, but the truth is, they haven't lost as much as you'd think. 

Free agency departures could be just what Green Bay needs.

T.J. Lang was surprised that Detroit made an eleventh-hour offer.

T.J. Lang's career in Green Bay is officially in the rearview mirror....

None of us should be surprised at what didn’t happen when free agency kicked off on Thursday afternoon.

The Green Bay Packers likely had to pay a pretty penny to keep Nick Perry, but in the end, it will be worth every penny. 

We’re only five days away from seeing the cash frenzy of NFL free agency.

T.J. Lang has had a remarkable career with the Green Bay Packers. He has played aggressively through the whistle for the green and gold for eight...

The cost of doing business is only going up prior to free agency in Green Bay.

Despite criticism, the GM's approach to the draft has sustained Packers' current run of success.

If the Green Bay Packers move on from T.J. Lang could J.C. Tretter turn out to be a possible replacement?            

David Bakhtiari and T.J. Lang headlined a group that was stellar for the Packers in 2016.

Which Packers should stay and which should go in 2017?

When T.J. Lang was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the fourth round of the 2009 draft, he was an offensive tackle coming out of Eastern...

After what happened in the first half of Green Bay's 34-27 win over Detroit on Sunday, everyone wants to know if the Packers offense is back. 

T.J. Lang, J.C. Tretter and Don Barclay - the three remaining offensive linemen for the Packers who will face expiring contracts at the end of the...

David Bakhtiari, J.C. Tretter, Josh Sitton, T.J. Lang, Josh Walker, Don Barclay, Matt Rotheram.

Green Bay's starting left tackle will have to prove he isn't disposable in 2016.

The Packers’ offensive line will have plenty of depth this season as long as everyone stays healthy. But what about next year and beyond?

The third year center out of Ohio State did not participate in any drill work during today's practice. 

The veteran Packers guard talks offensive line play on Geoff Schwartz' podcast. 

For Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy the messages sent to his players this week was simple and straight-forward. First ‘I don’t want to hear anything about the bye week’, and secondly ‘if you are healthy you play’ regardless of when the bye week happens to fall.

Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Mike Daniels received a raise while offensive lineman T.J. Lang received a fine....