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The Green Bay Press Gazette says Green Bay will bring in Ricky Collins for a pre-draft visit.

Solidifying the defensive line with the Guion and Raji signings keeps the GM's options open in the draft. 

The opening of NFL free agency hasn't stopped the Green Bay Packers front office from checking out Wisconsin's pro day workout on Wednesday.

The Packers general manager is carrying nearly $10 million in salary cap space into 2015 he'll use to sign the team's pending free agents.

Thompson will appear at 9:00 a.m. CT on Thursday, McCarthy at 2:00 p.m. in Indianapolis.

We check in with Paul Guillemette from the site of the East-West Shrine Game to find out what Ted Thompson is doing this week.

General Manager Ted Thompson will, as usual, stick with his own guys rather than look for help outside the building. 

Hitting on undrafted free agents have helped Packers GM Ted Thompson fill in the cracks caused by recent draft misses. 

The Packers general manager will hold a press conference at 10:45 a.m. CT.

During his weekly press conference held Wednesday in Green Bay, Packers general manager Ted Thompson commented on the recent news that Brett Favre...

Next up is head coach Mike McCarthy, which Thompson called a "big priority" on Wednesday.

An extension for the Packers general manager could be coming soon.

In response to Bob McGinn's recent report at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, today's episode focuses on the futures of Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson.

Thompson's annual pre-draft presser will be streamed live on at 12:00 p.m. CT.

Ted Thompson has been the Packers general manager since 2005. Here are his best ever picks, round-by-round. 

A pro day workout at SMU is one of three on schedule for Friday.

With Sam Shields allowed to escape from the Packers' grasp without so much as a tag or offer, some Packers fans are already on the verge of panic. It's time for a healthy dose of reality...and patience.

The Green Bay Packers spoke at the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine and Andrew Garda is here to give you a run down, along with some quotes direct from the press conference itself.

The full press conference with GM Ted Thompson.

The brain trust of the Green Bay Packers will hold press conferences Friday morning at the NFL Combine.

General manager Ted Thompson does, however, have to start having more hits than misses in the NFL draft.

For anyone that knows Packers general manager Ted Thompson, he's not exactly the savvy, media type prone to giving exclusive interviews to radio...

The Packers general manager was observed talking to the Michigan State NFL draft prospect at the site of the East-West Shrine Game.

The Packers general manager was reported to have talked with the North Carolina defensive back at the site of East-West Shrine Game this week.

The Cheesehead Radio gang are joined by the Green Bay Press-Gazette's Wes Hodkiewicz, who is well-positioned to let us know what's happening behind 1265 Lombardi's doors, as well as his insights as to what Ted and Mike have in their long-range plans this offseason.

The Green Bay Packers are in the playoffs! Next up: The 49ers return to Lambeau Field. They've had the Packers number recently, so this will be an intense game. Our special guest is Packer safety Sean Richardson.

Join the CHR gang for a post-holiday mash-up where we talk you through everything to do with the Packers.

While Ted Thompson might feel pressured to make a trip to every Packer fan's house this Christmas to explain why he's not playing Aaron Rodgers today, it's nothing compared to the pressure felt by Mike Shanahan and Robert Griffin III.

General manager Ted Thompson has assembled a collection of defensive players that have one redeeming quality but not enough all-around talent.

The Packers' defense needs a change next year, and won't have cap room or high draft picks to waste on the front seven. But a schematic change to Wade Phillips brand of 3-4 might be just enough to bring about the positional (and attitude) change this team needs.