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Remember the “If I could be like Mike” Gatorade commercial? Legions of people were humming that tune or singing the song that summer. 

This is the first season since realignment, and perhaps in the modern NFL, that the conference championship games do not feature a single team ranked in the top 10 in total defense.

-- There's no Sean McVay in Green Bay. There is, however, Matt LaFleur. For the Packers, this could be the next best thing.

Matt LaFleur enters Green Bay without any ties to the organization and is tasked with revitalizing a dormant Packers' offense.

There is a sense of foreboding surrounding the Packers' future as the team heads into the offseason. Will Mark Murphy and Brian Gutekunst restore hope to the team by hiring the right coach?

A look at previous large underdog appearances for Aaron Rodgers' Packers.

Aaron Nagler chats with Packers fans about the matchup with the Rams, the health of the two teams and also takes a look at the end of Ted Thompson's tenure. 

Trade targets, health of the team and the Packers chances against the Rams are all discussed during our latest chat. 

The Rams have the ability to make splash moves while their QB is on a rookie contract, but these short-term gains have long-term consequences.