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The Packers looked awful on Sunday in a loss to the Chargers. But as bad as the 26-11 score looked, what was even worse was how they lost.

Aaron chats with Packers fans as the team readies to travel to Los Angeles and take on the Chargers.

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Former Packers and Chargers linebacker Na'il Diggs joins the show to break down a Green Bay victory.

Check out all the latest breaking news, commentary and analysis as the Chargers travel to Lambeau for the Packers Throwback Weekend. 

Up periscope for a preview of the Green Bay Packers week 6 opponent, the San Diego Chargers

Aaron talks NFL draft and the league's pending move back to Los Angeles. 

NFL talk about Philip Rivers possibly playing somewhere other than San Diego and Rex Ryan's last days with the Jets and new beginnings in Buffalo.

Garda gets off hs lazy rear-end and gets back to work between Rutgers basketball games to write up some NFL thoughts including the shifting Jets-Bills game, the Chiefs bein' the Chiefs as well as thoughts on the playoff pictures of both conferences.

There's only been one regular season game, and already, the rolls of players lost for the 2009 season are already filling up.  We've been hearing all week that the marquee matchup between the Bears and Steelers is marred by significant injuries to All-Pro S Troy Polamalu (lost for 6 weeks) and LB Brian Urlacher (lost for season).  The standard doomsday questions abound:  are the Steelers in danger of losing their spot atop the AFC North? (If they are, it's not because of this.)  Will this mean the Bears and Jay Cutler will run wild? (Highly unlikely.)  With Urlacher out, are the Bears still Super Bowl contenders? (No, Peter King, but they never really were.)  Will the Bears' misery ever end?  (Oh, I hope not.) Well, now there's news coming out of San Diego today that Chargers DT Jamal Williams has been placed on injured reserve with a triceps injury. Like the Packers, the Chargers run a 3-4 defensive scheme, and an injury to the big man in the middle is going to put the Chargers in an even tougher spot than they already were going into this week's game against the Baltimore Ravens.