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Are the Packers done in free agency? 

-- As someone who once not too long ago did everything possible to avoid any form of light, Sam Shields will be under the brightest lights of them...

-- It's been a long time coming for Sam Shields, now free of the terrors that haunt victims of multiple concussions.

The Rams have the ability to make splash moves while their QB is on a rookie contract, but these short-term gains have long-term consequences.

The Los Angeles Rams have signed former Packers CB Sam Shields, who has not played since week one of 2016.

-- Sam Shields is back in the headlines with the intentions of resuming his NFL career after being sidelined for 18 months.

It was a year ago when the Packers entered the season with so much promise on defense. But then Sam Shields’ head collided with Jacksonville running back T.J. Yeldon early in the second quarter and everything changed.

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Duo's stability has helped keep the Packers on course.

For as long as Aaron Rodgers has been under center — rookie season notwithstanding — the Green Bay Packers have been a force.   

Players are programmed to play. They stay on the field until they are told to come off.

As speculated by many, Sam Shields’ tenure with the Green Bay Packers was instantly terminated on Wednesday after he announced his release on...

After ridding themselves of two Super Bowl XLV heroes in two days between running back James Starks and cornerback Sam Shields, both dealing with...

Whenever the Packers show the faintest sign of tough times, the same tired script comes out. “Fire Dom Capers.”

The trade deadline ends on November first, and it's unlikely that'll impact the Packers' front office in any way, shape or form.

News just broke that the Packers are making room for new RB Knile Davis by putting CB Sam Shields on Injured reserve.

Sunday was a good day. Check that, Sunday was a great day.

Sam Shields over the last few years has become the a clear-cut leader of the Packers' secondary, and much to his credit, rightfully so. However,...

Four career concussions in the span of a mere few years is less than ideal for the undisputed leader of the Packers' secondary.

What are the biggest battles for the Packers this week against the Jacksonville Jaguars? Andrew Garda breaks them down for you.

Ah, yes. A question that I'm notorious for having an unpopular answer for. But I'm curious - just how unpopular is it? Is there anyone out there in...

With a young, thin cornerbacks arsenal, Ladarius Gunter may find himself continuing to ascend up the depth chart.

The former East Carolina Pirate and undrafted cornerback hopes to make a lasting impact on Packers coaches.

It's starting to feel like the veteran cornerback is done for the season. 

The Packers offense made huge strides last week. The running game provided the added punch that had been missing for much of the season.

NFL Network reports the veteran cornerback is considered day-to-day after suffering a shoulder injury in Denver.

The Green Bay Packers No. 1 wide receiver is out for the season. Their No. 3 receiver has missed most of the season with a bad ankle. Eddie Lacy...

Before getting to this week's Packers Stock Report, we nitpick the team a bit.

As the Philadelphia Eagles marched up and down the field against the Green Bay Packers No. 1 defense on Saturday night en route to a 39-point first...

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