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The Green Bay Packers (5-7-1, 1-2-1 NFC North) finally found some rhythm in Week 14 and picked up a much needed 34-20 win over the Atlanta Falcons (4-9, 2-2 NFC South) Sunday at Lambeau Field.  

The Green Bay Packers’ road game struggles continued Sunday night, as they still remain winless on the road this season after falling to the Minnesota Vikings 24-17.

The Green Bay Packers (4-5-1, 1-1-1 NFC North) remain winless on the road this season after a brutal 27-24 loss to the Seattle Seahawk (5-5, 1-1 NFC West) Thursday. With what looked to be a promising start for Green Bay ended in yet another ugly road loss for the Pack.  

On a night where two legendary quarterbacks met, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers (3-4-1, 1-1-1 NFC North) could not find it in them to pick up their first road win of the season and fell to Tom Brady and the Patriots (7-2, 2-0 AFC East) 31-17 at Gillette Stadium.

There was 2:05 left on the clock when the Rams kicked off and gave the ball back to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers for a chance to win the game with a field goal. It seemed like Rodgers would do what he has done repeatedly in crunch time, but the opportunity was wasted. Ty Montgomery fumbled on the kick return and the Packers (3-3-1, 1-1-1 NFC North) suffered a tough 29-27 loss to the Rams (8-0, 3-0 NFC West) on the road in Los Angeles. 

They say that being clutch is in your DNA, and for Aaron Rodgers that continues to be the case, as he once again led the Packers to a late comeback, this time to top the 49ers 33-30 at Lambeau Field.

The Green Bay Packers (2-2-1, 1-1-1 NFC North) struggled tremendously against the Detroit Lions (2-3, 1-0 NFC North) Sunday and fell to their division rival 31-23 on the road at Ford Field.  

The Green Bay Packers (2-1-1, 1-0-1 NFC North) shut out the Buffalo Bills (1-3, 0-0 AFC East) 22-0 at Lambeau Field Sunday afternoon to earn their second win of the season in week four of NFL play.

As of September 7, shows that the Packers have $6.803 million in salary cap space. lists the Packers with $2.979...

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  In the midst of the Leroy Butler interview last night on Cheesehead Nation, I think the most important point of the night was made by the esteemed Mr. Greg Bedard. The Packers don't have "that guy."

  Throughout the 48-year history of the Packers - Vikings rivalry, there have been some special moments, but probably none that will live up to this weekend's events. An aging Viking leader returns with a new band of men, looking to plunder the very homeland he once loved.

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