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The Packers certainly can go 5-0...But I’m not buying it. 

While it's more than reasonable to be in a panic about the state of the Packers, this season isn't over yet.

For the first time since 2008, the Green Bay Packers' season will have a set expiration date: December 31st.  

The Green Bay Packers won their sixth game of the season Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, their former NFC Central rival. In the process,...

The Green Bay Packers are 4-3 at home in the playoffs under head coach Mike McCarthy.  They're 6-5 on the road if you include Super Bowl XLV. ...

The Green Bay Packers return to the home of an old playoff foe from the mid 1990's and a week after exorcizing the headache that was the New York...

The Green Bay Packers are on to Dallas.  After a 38-13 beat down of the New York Giants in Green Bay, the Packers move on to face another of their...

The NFC North champion Green Bay Packers are back at Lambeau Field for another playoff game against the New York Giants.  It's the first home...

How can the Packers make the playoffs? How can anyone else in the NFC North? Let's break it down—but bring your aspirin.

In a game of inches, the Green Bay Packers let too many slip away. The result was another heartbreaking playoff loss. 

Five things to watch and a prediction for Green Bay's NFC Divisional Round showdown with the Cardinals. 

Up Periscope against the Packers divisional round opponent; the Arizona Cardinals.  Can the Packers repeat the Falcons game from 2010 or will this be another week 16? 

Losers of six of the last 10 games, the Green Bay Packers (10-6) are entering the 2015 NFL playoffs as the NFC’s No. 5 seed.

Eddie Lacy has been a mystery this season.  Is he hurt, or is he just not producing?

Five things to watch and a prediction for the Packers' Divisional Round matchup with the Cowboys. 

From WBAY-TV in Green Bay, the city is preparing for a higher than normal number of guests using services such as private planes and limousines for...

Nathan Jahnke of joins the show to help preview the upcoming Packers-Cowboys game.

The unstoppable force will meet the immovable object in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs on Sunday.

Garda stops flaking and watching college basketball long enough to catch you up to date on his thoughts on the playoffs and the idiocy of changing successful coaches.

Today's game has the NFC North title on the line, and a far easier path on the playoffs for the victor. But the Lions never measure up as a "rivalry game" for the Packers like the Vikings and Bears do. Why is that? It all has to do with respect.

Garda is back and he can easily explain to you what everyone's chances are for making the playoffs. That is, if by 'easily' you mean 'heavily intoxicated.'

Garda talks about the lousy Thanksgiving games and a little about whether or not there are any divisions in the NFC which are already decided.

For the Packers to go into Soldier Field and raise the Halas Trophy, they'll have to expunge all of the demons that have followed them since week 3.

The Atlanta Falcons are sick and tired of hearing about how the Packers are going to waltz into Atlanta and win handily. They'd like to remind you that they're the #1 seed, they won the FIRST time, and they're going to do it again.

We'll find out on Sunday whether four months of game film was enough for Dom Capers to crack the secret to the Michael Vick-led Eagles offense.

So I’ve slept on it, and here’s what I come away with from yesterday’s games: Colts 30, Jets 17 The Jets ground game was MIA.  Yes, they ran the ball alright in the first half, but not nearly well enough to allow any serious play-action in the second.  I figured that the only way the Jets were going to win this game was by pounding the ball up the middle with Thomas Jones, off-tackle with Shonn Greene, and with fun end-around and reverse plays out of the Wildcat with Brad Smith. Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene gained a total of 39 yards on the ground in the second half.  Foolishly, I figured that the Jets would “dance with the girl that brung ya.”  Silly me.**

I had only planned on doing a little preview, since I’m not generally a betting woman.  However.  Now that Aaron’s given you his picks, I can’t let him completely take over my turf without chiming in myself, now can I?

Apologies for the lag time.  Work + life + inability to visit an NFL page without reading about how great Warner was against Green Bay = Holly took some time off from football. After watching the weekend’s games, however, I’m left with a few lingering thoughts: 1.  The Cowboys-Vikings game reminded me at points of each of the Packers-Vikings games.  In each game against Minnesota, the Packers were down significantly at the start of the 4th quarter (28-14, 31-20 – 24-3 in 3d!), but managed to tighten the score in the face of serious pressure from Minnesota’s front four.  On Sunday, Dallas was still theoretically “in the game” going into the 4th quarter.  Yes, they were down 17-3, yes, Flozell Adams had left the game before halftime, and yes, Romo was getting his butt kicked.  But 14 points wasn’t so much that Dallas’s offense couldn’t make something happen.  The Vikings were letting them stick around.