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If you  missed the image on this post, take another look.  It's the perfect summary to how the Green Bay Packers allowed their 2015 season to end.

The Green Bay Packers are not strangers to large point-spreads in recent NFC games and shouldn’t be discounted as upset winners on Saturday.  Once the two teams take the field the odds mean nothing.  Where the smart money is riding on the Cardinals the Packers have the means to pull off a victory.  

I started writing this mid-way through the third quarter.  That's how this day went for the Packers.  It was a terrible showing by the Packers,...

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas holiday or is enjoying their weekend so far.  I got a lump of coal in my stocking (cinnamon flavored) so for...

To our Christian Friends Merry Christmas to you all.

News from around the NFC North including the defending champion Green Bay Packers and their competitors the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings.