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Picture this (and then knock on the nearest wooden object): Aaron Rodgers goes down with an injury early in the 2018 season, and the player sitting...

The Milwaukee Jounral Sentinel reports Green Bay has been keeping in contact with the senior from Wesley College.

His role with the Packers beyond 2013 is in doubt, but for now, Matt Flynn is trying the best he can to bring stability to the quarterback position in Green Bay.

Wallace will be the backup quarterback to Aaron Rodgers as the Packers get ready for their Week 1 showdown with the San Francisco 49ers.

For better or worse, the Packers appear to be going with the veteran Wallace as their backup to starter Aaron Rodgers.

Out of Graham Harrell, Vince Young and B.J. Coleman, it's possible that none of them have a very long shelf life in Green Bay.

Aaron Rodgers needs to be broken down fundamentally to be built back up again.

The offensive line is not the only unit on offense that needs work when it comes to pass protection.

The Packers' newest quarterback could be a very interesting project for Mike McCarthy.

Charles Woodson is getting all the accolades aft

That's my question after reading Bedard's mini-bombshell yesterday (the whole post is stuffed full of great info) that the Packers were seriously...

Steve at Packer Geeks and Greg Bedard over at JSOnline are amongst the anti-Cu

It's only a visit, but here's hoping the Packers do nothing more than kick the tires on Gus Frerotte.