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All three phases of the game -- offense, defense and special teams -- found a way to contribute to the Green Bay Packers' overtime win against the...

Is it fair to be encouraged that the Green Bay Packers defense put together a cohesive and effective performance against the Chicago Bears in Week 10, limiting them to 16 points and keeping them out of the red zone for the entire game? Absolutely. But let's keep things in perspective. 

Coach Ben Clubb helps us look at the Packers linebackers as we begin our position-by-position preview series leading up to training camp.

The Green Bay Packers allowed linebacker Jayrone Elliott to reach free agency back in March for the first time in his career, but, thankfully for their pass-rushing corps, he decided to re-sign with the team after weighing his options. 

One of the most promising trends to emerge from the young 2016 season has been how stout the Packers have been against the run.  No one would have predicted it a few  months ago, but through the first quarter of the season, it hasn't been the St. Louis Rams or the New York Jets but the Green Bay Packers who have boasted the NFL's strongest defensive front.  But do you realize just how good the Packers have been in run defense so far this season—or how consistent?

Ben Foldy of the Acme Packing Company podcast drops by to preview the linebacker position.

A pair of Green Bay Packers linebackers appeared on a pair of podcasts over the past 24-hour period....

Wes Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press-Gazette joins us to discuss what's happening with Clay Matthews and Nick Perry.

While a member of the Carolina Panthers and Chicago Bears, Julius Peppers had always been listed exclusively as a defensive end.

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy confirmed on Tuesday that new free-agent signee Julius Peppers will work with the linebackers this season in an...

In our worst-case scenario, A.J. Hawk is replaced in the starting lineup by the end of the Packers' 2013 season.

In our best-case scenario, Matthews has more than 15 sacks in 2013, in what becomes his best season as a professional.

Clay Matthews is currently the only true outside linebackers on the Packers roster than has any more than one year of NFL experience.

In addition to the previously reported signings we've noted here at Cheesehead TV, the Packers have apparently made a few more roster moves.

With seven inside linebackers currently on the roster, and most of them mediocre players at best, the Packers are preventing themselves from improving the position.

It's easy to see how the 49ers are in the Super Bowl with a linebacker group that's probably the very best in the NFL. Comparatively, the Packers are behind the curve.

The former Packers linebacker could be in for a return engagement in 2012.

The Packers linebacker saw how Desmond Bishop took Nick Barnett's job. The last thing he wants is for history to repeat itself.

The former 7th round pick for the Indianapolis Colts was in camp with the Detroit Lions this summer.