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Corey breaks down the Top 15 Packer Blogs.

That's the scuttlebut from Andy over at PackerGeeks.

Steve over at PackerGeeks dives into the Will-They or Won't-They Greg Jennings drama with this post today.

Great post from Andy over at PackerGeeks.

Heading into this season, pretty much everyone from the Packer coaches to the media to the fans were in agreement that the linebacking corps for...

The Blog Battle between Cheesehead TV and PackerGeeks may have come down to a simmer (mostly due to my inability to carve out a couple hours to...

The Packers and Ted Thompson fell short in their bid to trade for tight end Tony Gonzalez.

Steve over at PackerGeeks has taken umbrage with my post on Ryan Grant and my leering look his way in said post.

33 carries. 90 yards.

...the Great Bailout of 2008.

Absolutely fantatsic post by Steve over at PackerGeeks regarding Favre's desire to play for the Minnesota Vikings.

Guest Packergeek Jim Vandehei writes the following:

Packergeeks cite a Pro Football Talk report about the possib

In honor of my birthday (35 today) I am bringing back "Keepin' It Real Thursday"...

Mike Vandermause partially echoes Packergeeks and Cheesehead T

Ok. I know what you are going to say. How can I do this? The top 15? Well after spending some serious time designing Packer World here at Cheesehead TV, it becomes apparent who is serious about blogging the Pack....and who is not. The main criteria is that a major component of the blog must be The Green Bay Packers. Again- these are Top Blogs- not forums. That may have to be for later. I know I am biased when it comes to our blog (so take it with a grain of salt) and BTW...if your blog updates less than once every 3 days (even during the off-season) you can NOT break the top 5. Here they are: Corey's 2008 Top 15 Packer Blogs

(Just not as much sense as Tim Rattay)

Yes, this headline officially signifies that I have been working in finance for far too long...

Sometimes, it's hard not to get despondent.

Now that the inaugural Titletown Award nominees are all the rage of the Packer-related internet...(um, yeah...) we'll be taking the next few days...

Less than 24 hours after it began, the great Blog Battle of 2007 between Packer Geeks and CheeseheadTv has come to an end. And lo, the Pabst did...

It was only a matter of time until we got roped into our first blog-battle, and I'm happy to engage Steve over at Packer Geeks all he wants.

Packer fans are a spoiled lot. How else to explain this post over at Packer Geeks? In summation, I offer this:

How else to explain the ridiculous schedule that Mike McCarthy is being forced to deal with this year?