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Aaron chats with Packers fans as the team prepares to take on the Raiders. 

That's What Cheese Said is out now for the Preseason Week 3 game against the Oakland Raiders. Find out what the team thought about the bizarre circumstances that impacted the game this past Thursday. 

The head coach won't talk injures until he has to but Aaron Nagler's ready to talk all things Packers. 

Aaron takes stock of the Packers third preseason contest. 

After yet another debacle involving an unsafe playing surface, it's time for the NFL to show it actually cares about player safety.

Aaron's gut reactions to the Packers preseason loss to the Raiders. 

Join Corey and Aaron as they watch the Packers third preseason contest of 2019. 

If Green Bay Packers fans are hoping that the team will treat the third preseason game like the dress rehearsal everyone expects it to be, they co...

Aaron chats with Packers fans about the upcoming third preseason game and all things Green and Gold.   

The team made the long-rumored news official Wednesday afternoon. 

Remember, the 27-year-old Khalil Mack has averaged 10.1 sacks a season over four years and has been a first-team All-Pro twice.

The Green Bay Packers have some tough roster decisions looming and one of the more difficult decisions will be what to do with quarterback Deshone Kizer. 

Discuss and follow all of the latest breaking news, commentary, and analysis as the Packers and Raiders face off

If the Packers were smart, they would bite the bullet and pay Aaron Rodgers right now. 

Now we’re seeing how strong Jerry Jones is. In the last year, three teams have been approved to relocate — and none of those are moving into Texas.

How well did the Packers draft class of 2016 fare against the Oakland Raiders?

Check out all the latest breaking news, commentary and analysis as the Packers travel to Oakland to take on the Raiders. 

Up Periscope against the Packers week 15 opponent: the Oakland Raiders.  Will the Packers be able to secure their playoff hopes with a win or will they need to rely on some NFC losses to get in?

Reacting to news of Ty Montgomery's setback and offering his thoughts on the Raiders game is our guest, James Kust of TMJ4 in Milwaukee.

Garda gives you three non-Packers games to watch which Green Bay fans should still be following.

The sinfgle best game of the weekend - or the one with the most meaning and potentially the most excitement - happens to be one this site will...

Garda is back with some football action to get you through the bye week.

The NFL’s Week 4 has kicked off with a sloppy (and badly coached as far as Steelers fans should be concerned) game, but there is a lot better...

NFL Network reports Ted Thompson will be keeping the young safety in the fold. 

The Packers GM has to decide whether or not to match the Raiders' offer sheet. 

Will the Green Bay Packers match the Oakland Raiders' offer? We break the safety's value in today's episode.

The Packers can match the offer but recieve no compensation if he leaves. 

The Oakland Raiders, who already signed one former Green Bay Packers wide receiver last season, will perhaps go after another this offseason....