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Sebetic is a Wisconsin native and was a participant in the NFL's inaugural Veterans Combine held this past Sunday.

Safety Jerron McMillian is the most prominent former Packers player taking part in the first Veterans Combine on Sunday in Arizona.

Packers scouts will be in Arizona on Saturday checking out 120 pro prospects.

The team's newest member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame speaks at the event getting underway in Arizona on Thursday.

Tracking all the happenings of the Green Bay Packers in 2015 free agency.

Tackle David Bakhtiari came in second on the team in performance-based pay and ranked 15th overall in the NFL.

The Packers may consider placing the franchise tag on wide receiver Randall Cobb, although it's not a given.

Only one NFL team has had fewer suspensions than the Packers since the year 2002, according to a recently published article.

Wednesday was national signing day for high school football players committing to colleges across the nation.

Peering at the Packers' 2014 season through the glass of optimism and pessimism.  

A gentle reminder of how many missed opportunities it really took to cost the Packers a trip to the Super Bowl. 

Quick takes from the Packers' 28-22 loss to the Seahawks in the NFC Championship Game. 

Garda gives you his thoughts on the AFC and NFC Championship games and wants to apologize for New Jersey beating Wisconsin in that basketball game last weekend.

Five things to watch and a prediction for the Packers' NFC Championship Game matchup with the Seahawks. 

Garda stops flaking and watching college basketball long enough to catch you up to date on his thoughts on the playoffs and the idiocy of changing successful coaches.

Green Bay Packers linebacker Sam Barrington was fined by the NFL for his hit on Detroit Lions quaterback Matthew Stafford in Sunday's Week 17 game,...

Quick takes from the Packers' Week 17 win over the Lions. 

Today's game has the NFC North title on the line, and a far easier path on the playoffs for the victor. But the Lions never measure up as a "rivalry game" for the Packers like the Vikings and Bears do. Why is that? It all has to do with respect.

Five things to watch and a prediction for the Packers' Week 17 matchup with the Lions. 

Quick takes from the Packers' 20-3 win over the Buccaneers in Week 16.

Five things to watch and a prediction for the Packers' Week 16 matchup with the Buccaneers.

Garda is back and he can easily explain to you what everyone's chances are for making the playoffs. That is, if by 'easily' you mean 'heavily intoxicated.'

According to Rob Demovsky of #Packers LB Sam Barrington was fined $16,537 for a horse collar tackle vs. Bills.

Quick takes from the Packers' Week 15 loss to the Bills. 

The head coach of the Cardinals clears the air after his team kept hold of the No. 1 seed in the NFC on Thursday night.

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson was one of 32 players nominated for the inaugural NFL Sportsmanship Award, on from each team, the...

Quick takes from the Packers' 43-37 win over the Falcons in Week 14. 

Five things to watch and a prediction for the Packers' Week 14 matchup with the Falcons. 

The Green Bay Packers have grown considerably on offense since Week 1. 

Quick takes from the Packers' 26-21 win over the Patriots in Week 13.