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I'm not sure where to begin this. 

Watch the Packers take down the Cowboys all over again tonight on Fox Sports One.

It's about time the Packers got a hit with the tight end position.

It's tme for the Packers to bring back Jared Cook. 

The signing of Jimmy Graham may have drawn the headlines, but Marcedes Lewis could be even more important to the Packers in 2018.

On a night filled with stars from their respective sports as well as celebrities flooding the red carpet outside of the Microsoft Theater in Los...

JP Cadorin of Spectrum Sports tells us who Packers general manager Ted Thompson was watching at Wisconsin's pro day.

The Green Bay Packers likely had to pay a pretty penny to keep Nick Perry, but in the end, it will be worth every penny. 

Ladarius Green? Martellus Bennett? Coby Fleener?...

So Jared Cook and the Packers aren’t close yet in contract negotiations.

While Ted Thompson has never admired free agency, it could help him maintain his draft philosophy, if he used it more effectively. 

The cost of doing business is only going up prior to free agency in Green Bay.

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy loves tight ends more than Ted Thompson loves players from the Pac-12. Most seasons McCarthy encourages...

Not many things are for certain when it comes to the Green Bay Packers and the elusive Ted Thompson, but when evaluating the moves the team could...

Analyzing one of the key offseason question marks for the Packers, whether or not to re-sign Eddie Lacy. 

Which Packers should stay and which should go in 2017?

512 games later, another NFL season is in the books and, once again, we find ourselves bracing for free agency.

If there were ever one true mouthpiece to speak of a playoff drought, you likely wouldn't find it on the Packers sideline.

My immediate thoughts on the Packers – Cowboys Divisional Playoff game, the winner advances to play at Atlanta next Sunday for the NFC championship...

Nestled high up in Soldier Field’s section 433 in the cloud level 31st row I watched the Green Bay Packers offense move the ball with relative...

After the last two years, high ankle sprains aren't a joke in Green Bay.

There’s something to be said of a security blanket. Whenever you’re in trouble, it’s always there.

The Green Bay Packers have a tight end, once again.  Sure, they have one every season by virtue of the roster and depth chart, but the Packers and...

The recruiting of tight end Jared Cook to Green Bay was a move that drew a lot of critical acclaim at first. However, over the last few months and...

All eyes have remained on the mysterious third receiver job as Packers’ training camp unfolds. But is a third wide receiver Green Bay’s best option?

During most of the back half of last season, the Green Bay Packers offense was front and center in the conversations about the team.  Most of those...

This marks the fourth offseason of my 5 guys that have to be good series.  This list is not a top five list of most important Green Bay Packers.

When footballs start flying around during Tuesday’s first practice of 2016, it will instantly set in.

ESPN reports that several key Packers will start training camp on the sideline in shorts.