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The recent string of injuries from the Golden State Warriors made me think about how we view injuries.

David Michalski breaks down the key matchups in Monday Night's Packers 49ers showdown at Lambeau Field.  

-- For a team who came out of the preseason as the healthiest they've been in years, that took a sharp left turn for the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

Green Bay Packers offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga left Wednesday's practice with an ankle injury.  At the time, it was unknown how serious the injury...

One preseason game into 2017 and the Green Bay Packers are already monitoring at least four players for injuries sustained in the game.  Damarious...

The Green Bay Packers and the wide receiver position have been a hot topic for years running.  Stretching as far back as the mid-1990's the Packers...

The Green Bay Packers drew a trip to Jacksonville Florida to take on the Jaguars in week one.

Now that the Packers’ schedule is out, everyone is giddy about the easiest slate in the league.

On a good week this season the Green Bay Packers' offense has been banged up. Recently the injury report has began to read like a beginner's guide...

Everyone panic! Or not. Some things you should worry about during training camp. However, these three things shouldn't occupy your mind.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy spoke to the media in his Monday press conference and provided thess updates on Andy Mulumba. 

When I was in Cleveland last week, my sister and I agreed that one of the best things about football is the physicality of the game.  There’s just nothing quite like the sound of pads colliding, that pop that rings out as a player tries to impose his will on an opponent.  No one can dispute that Atari Bigby’s punishing hits on Seattle’s receivers were highlights in the 2007 divisional playoff game.  They were thrilling, and we watched them again and again.  But reality sinks in when, in extolling the rush that comes with a particularly hard hit, we have to add a caveat: “so long as it’s clean and no one gets hurt.”

There's only been one regular season game, and already, the rolls of players lost for the 2009 season are already filling up.  We've been hearing all week that the marquee matchup between the Bears and Steelers is marred by significant injuries to All-Pro S Troy Polamalu (lost for 6 weeks) and LB Brian Urlacher (lost for season).  The standard doomsday questions abound:  are the Steelers in danger of losing their spot atop the AFC North? (If they are, it's not because of this.)  Will this mean the Bears and Jay Cutler will run wild? (Highly unlikely.)  With Urlacher out, are the Bears still Super Bowl contenders? (No, Peter King, but they never really were.)  Will the Bears' misery ever end?  (Oh, I hope not.) Well, now there's news coming out of San Diego today that Chargers DT Jamal Williams has been placed on injured reserve with a triceps injury. Like the Packers, the Chargers run a 3-4 defensive scheme, and an injury to the big man in the middle is going to put the Chargers in an even tougher spot than they already were going into this week's game against the Baltimore Ravens.