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Aaron chats with Packers fans after the team’s preseason victory over the Texans.

Aaron gives his gut reactions from the Packers first preseason game of 2019. 

Why the Packers might win tonight, as well as some key things to watch in the preseason opener. 

The Texans' J.J. Watt is enjoying his Green Bay training camp experience.

Aaron talks Texans-Packers and all things training camp with 97.3 The Game

Make your plans now to see the Packers and Texans in joint practices.

The Packers' joint practices with the Houston Texans this summer will mark the team's first joint practice sessions since training camp in 2005.

Follow all of the latest breaking news, commentary and analysis as the Packers take on the Texans.

Justus Cleveland, sports director at WEAU, helps to preview Sunday's showdown at Lambeau Field.

Is the Packers' secondary as good as they looked against Philadephia? They have to be in order to keep their playoff chances alive.

Garda has a key for you to watch each game not involving the Packers on Wild Card weeked.

Wondering what to do with time spent not watching the Packers? Need a reason to flip channels during commercials? Andrew Garda is here with three games worth keeping an eye on this Sunday.

Andrew Garda has picked through a rather uninspiring dockett of games for your Sunday viewing since you already had your Packers win last Thursday. Seahawks-Minnesota, Giants-Jets and Texans-Bills all get broken down.

Garda gets off hs lazy rear-end and gets back to work between Rutgers basketball games to write up some NFL thoughts including the shifting Jets-Bills game, the Chiefs bein' the Chiefs as well as thoughts on the playoff pictures of both conferences.

Wisconsin native J.J. Watt is tearing up the NFL. Sit back and enjoy his utter dominance from the defensive end position.

Rolle leaves Green Bay despite an opening on the Packers' 53-man roster.

Week 4 is upon us and so is Garda as he talks about how what we thought in preseason was wrong, resets the accident counter and talks about why the Giants suddenly look competent on offense.

If the Green Bay Packers were hoping Ryan Pickett would remain available as a Plan B or emergency signing on the defensive line, he's no longer a...

The Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans meet Saturday Night and NFL writer Andrew Garda is here to give you the low-down on what to watch.

NFL writer Andrew Garda gives you the low down on what to look for in the preseason game between the Houston Texans and Minnesota Vikings.

Garda returns with this week's playoff game breakdowns.

Garda has run the numbers, consulted the crystal ball and read the tea leaves - now check out how the playoffs break down, how teams get in, how they could go home and how home field, byes and seat in front of the TVs shake out.

Railbird Central looks back at a complete performance from both the offense and defense in a win over the Texans.

Wide receiver Greg Jennings has already been ruled out of Sunday's game, and Cheesehead TV has the prediction of who will join him on the sidelines.

The Green Bay Packers continue their three-game road trip Sunday with a prime matchup with the Houston Texans. Here's some things to watch and a prediction.

Brian Carriveau joins K107 to preview the Packers-Texans game and talks about the new roles for running backs Alex Green and James Starks.

AG is back with more on the week that was including more firings, thoughts on the Jersey Shore Jets and playoff picks!

Join Andrew Garda as he delves into the mystery of the Houston Texans with 10 Questions with Stephanie Stradley of the Houston Chronicle.

Andrew Garda gives you his thoughts on some of the events we watched unfold during the Week 1 preseason games.