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Brian Carriveau provides his analysis on what the Packers should do on Day 1 of the upcoming NFL Draft.

It's finally here.  Draft week.  It's been one of my favorite weeks of the year since I was a kid.  Growing up the basment at our family's...

Full disclosure: this weekend was my bachelor party.

As the Packers get ready for the 2018 NFL draft, should the team be locked in on picking a defensive player? 

Everyone is clamoring for whom the Packers will take with their first pick in the NFL Draft on April 26. 

Here's the absolute latest national mock.

While just about everyone was gushing about Saquon Barkley’s strength and speed in the Underwear Olympics also known as the NFL Scouting Combine, Harold Landry was also making a name for himself.  

The rules here are simple.  If I'm making a pick in a vacuum (have signed no other free agents, haven't drafted anyone before this player), I'm...