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Both NFL writers recentley released their mock drafts. See who they think the Packers will/should take. 

Aaron Nagler and Corey Behnke of Cheesehead TV talk Green Bay Packers with The's Greg Bedard

Corey and Aaron are joined by Senior Writer at Sports Illustrated's Greg Bedard.

We talk to Packer tight-end Jermichael Finley and Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Packer beat writer Greg Bedard.

Corey breaks down the Top 15 Packer Blogs.

Join us tonight for another LIVE edition of Packer Transplants!

The return of the best Internet-only Packers show!

Greg Bedard has some great footage from last weeks practice during Packers' OTAs.

Greg Bedard of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says the Packers have "No excuses" and no one to blame but themselves if they don't make a deep playoff run in 2010. We here at Cheesehead TV could not agree more.

Packer fans are understandably nervous about Clay Matthews after reports that Brian Cushing, one of Matthews' close friends and teammates from USC, will be suspended four games for steroid use in 2009. Aaron agrees 100 percent with Greg Bedard's take on the subject.

Be sure to check out Greg Bedard's video from rookie camp.

Greg Bedard's case for Jason Taylor makes a lot of sense, which is why Ted Thompson will pay no attention.

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Jason Wilde is currently running through a different position group every day over at and today

That's right boys and girls, time for another exciting episode of Packer Transplants! After a months hiatus, we are back and ready to go LIVE...

Warm feelings about the Packers in the playoffs leads your intrepid blogger to offer up a drinking game for tonight's MNF contest:

Goodness gracious. Greg Bedard started answering questions in his Insider chat at 8pm edt. It is now almost 11pm and he is still going strong.

I take my Saturday, head off to the zoo with the wife and kids, come back home to Bedard's

That's my question after reading Bedard's mini-bombshell yesterday (the whole post is stuffed full of great info) that the Packers were seriously...

What a great idea. (It's a real shame it's sub required. Perhaps if enough non-subscribers lobby the JS they'll open it up to everyone)

Just wanted to say 'thanks' again to Greg Bedard for taking the time to answer our questions, and for his kind words about the site over at the...

Greg Bedard, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Packer beat writer, recently sat down in with me in cyberspace to answer some questions from Cheesehead TV. We'd like to thank him for taking the time and for even associating himself with the Packer Blogosphere. ;) Enjoy.

The Packers have added Darren Perry to their defensive staff, according to Greg Bedard.

A couple good posts from Greg Bedard over at the

This sensational post from Greg Bedard over at the JSOnline Packer Blog regarding Ted Thompson's role in the defensive coordinator searc

That's the general attitude of most of the Packer beat guys at the Big Three that cover the team. (JS, GBPG, and the WSJ). However, the newest beat...

God bless Greg Bedard. Leave it to the him to stir the pot as the players are clearing out their lockers for the offseason.

Greg Bedard starts the drumbeat for the Packers and Ted Thompson to persue Jason Taylor this offseason.