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NFL Network reports Ted Thompson will be keeping the young safety in the fold. 

The Packers GM has to decide whether or not to match the Raiders' offer sheet. 

The Packers will play their first two preseason games on the road and their second two at Lambeau Field. 

The restricted free agent signed his one-year, $1.542 million tender for next season.

James Light has a great look at one of the Packers' base concepts in the passing game. 

Aaron caught up with the Packers linebacker at the Super Bowl in Arizona on Saturday. 

Packers media and fans have picked over the carcass of the 2014 Green Bay Packers, looking for a scpaegoat. It's time to move on. 

Garda gives you his thoughts on the AFC and NFC Championship games and wants to apologize for New Jersey beating Wisconsin in that basketball game last weekend.

Aaron appears on Cowboys Crunchtime to help breakdown Sunday's epic showdown with the Cowboys. 

The unstoppable force will meet the immovable object in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs on Sunday.

Today's game has the NFC North title on the line, and a far easier path on the playoffs for the victor. But the Lions never measure up as a "rivalry game" for the Packers like the Vikings and Bears do. Why is that? It all has to do with respect.

The analysts are talking about Sunday's game as a "Super Bowl Preview." The Green Bay Packers have no chance at a Super Bowl if they don't stand up and make a statement against a quality opponent today—something that has haunted them for years.

Garda gets off hs lazy rear-end and gets back to work between Rutgers basketball games to write up some NFL thoughts including the shifting Jets-Bills game, the Chiefs bein' the Chiefs as well as thoughts on the playoff pictures of both conferences.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly from the Packers' loss to the Saints

Week 4 is upon us and so is Garda as he talks about how what we thought in preseason was wrong, resets the accident counter and talks about why the Giants suddenly look competent on offense.

The debut of a new weekly video segment, breaking down the best and worst from McCarthy in Week One. 

This is incredible. Well, maybe not incredible, but it's incrediblty cool. Well ok, maybe it's only incredibly cool if you are a major geek. ...

Finally, we start the great journey that is the NFL season and thank goodness for that.

On today's show, the roster is broken down position by position as the Packers prepare to enter the 2014 season.

Packers' fourth-round rookie Carl Bradford is running out of time to make an impression. 

The numbers are in for Jordy Nelson, and it looks like the Packers are big winners. Again. 

If the Green Bay Packers have any concerns as they open camp, these are likely to be the most important 10. 

Garda is back with Day 4 of his Giants notes from East Rutherford as well as news and notes from around the NFL.

The Green Bay Packers are about to embark on the 2014 season. Here are 10 reasons to be optimistic about the year ahead. 

The Green Bay Packers had their first open OTA session on Thursday. Here's what we learned. 

You know you've moved on. You know you're smarter, more mature. But all of the sudden, there you are, caught in the same place you were in high school. The Bears forced the Packers to relive the worst parts of their 2009 season on Monday night.