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With their first-round pick (18th overall) in the 2018 NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers select Jaire Alexander, Louisville MEASURABLES / COMBINE: 

Once again, we resume our annual tradition of draft day pontification on what may happen or should happen for the Packers in this year's draft.  

Former Packers general manager Ted Thompson, who is currently in a senior advisor role, will be in attendance inside the Packers draft room for the upcoming NFL Draft. My first reaction was, what?

But the one thing that nobody is talking about is protecting the most important asset.

The Green Bay Packers 2018 schedule was announced on Thursday evening.  The opponents, both home and away, were known.  Now we know when the...

Our own Andy Herman joined Dave-Te` Thomas of NFL Scouting Services and Paul Crane, former "Saints Tonight" TV host to talk about the Packers and...

The NFL offseason can be an interesting time and with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, things definitely got a little interesting this pas...

For over 20 years, Packers have been in the crosshairs of Super Bowl expectations. And the reason is simple: stellar quarterback play.  

We're just a matter of days away from the release of the NFL' 2018 schedule and we'll soon know how the Green Bay Packers' slate shapes up this...

Dez Bryant wants to get back at the Cowboys and what better way than to help the Green Bay Packers get back to another Super Bowl. 

At this point what does Rodgers want? Does he want to be included on every single Packers’ personnel decision?

The NFL Draft is quickly approaching - are you well versed in this year's crop of potential new Packers? 

Trevor Davis didn’t commit domestic abuse and he didn’t shoot or stab anyone.  But what he did was make a joke about a bomb at an airport.

Full disclosure: this weekend was my bachelor party.

Tramon Williams is back with the Green Bay Packers, after three seasons away. staff writer

As the Packers get ready for the 2018 NFL draft, should the team be locked in on picking a defensive player? 

Everyone is clamoring for whom the Packers will take with their first pick in the NFL Draft on April 26. 

Davon House will be talking to the Packers this week. The conversation shouldn’t last very long.

Green Bay Packers tight end Jimmy Graham.  A phrase that many Packers fans likely dreamed of during Graham's heyday with the New Orleans Saints.

Jordy Nelson has been talked about ad nauseam since the Packers said thanks but no thanks.

When Alex Van Pelt left the Green Bay Packers as quarterbacks coach, Aaron Rodgers had a word or two to say about it.  Rodgers' comment that it was...

The Green Bay Packers have been fairly active in free agency, but before they are done, there is at least one more they need to take. And that is ...

I expected general manager Brian Gutekunst to be more aggressive in free agency than Ted Thompson, but there is something else at stake here: Aaron Rodgers.  

Here's the absolute latest national mock.

The Packers have won five division crowns since 2008, but the division just got a lot tougher. With NFL free agency slowing to a crawl, the NFC North got a lot better.  

One week ago, I wrote about the Green Bay Packers' need to get it right at cornerback.  If that plan still includes adding a veteran, their options...

The Packers have made a couple of free-agent splashes, now it's time to go bargain hunting -- for a wide receiver. 

But while gobs of money is floating around, the Packers are without a veteran corner and in the process, may also lose veteran safety Morgan Burnett.