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-- It's been almost a decade since the Green Bay Packers last used their franchise tag on one of their players.

Teams are supposed to be a cohesive unit. The word most generally associated with successful teams has been family.

As the window opens for NFL teams to begin applying the franchise tag, Gary Zilavy of joins the show to discuss the tag's impact.

After a discussion of Cobb and the franchise tag, we also air an interview with draft prospect Kevin Johnson of Wake Forest.

The Packers have until 3:00 p.m. CT on Monday to place the franchise tag on wide receiver Randall Cobb.

The Packers wide receiver is scheduled to become a free agent on March 10 if he doesn't agree to a contract extension first.

The Packers may consider placing the franchise tag on wide receiver Randall Cobb, although it's not a given.

Adam Schefter of ESPN proposed that the Packers could sign the New Orleans Saints tight end to an offer sheet and give up two first round draft picks.

The Packers and every team in the NFL has until 3:00 p.m. CT to potentially tag any player.

According to reports, the Packers and Sam Shields will not come to an agreement on a contract before March 8.

The clock starts ticking for defensive lineman B.J. Raji and cornerback Sam Shields on Monday.

The biggest offseason question mark at the position is Sam Shields, who could potentially be a candidate for the franchise tag.

GM Ted Thompson might be looking at a difficult decision to use the franchise tag next spring.

Given the harsh realities of the franchise tag, the Green Bay Packers and tight end Jermichael Finley have a cloudy future—at best—past next season.

The Packers have until 3 p.m. Central time on Monday to place the franchise tag on wide receiver Greg Jennings.

From free agency to the NFL Draft to the franchise tag, here's 11 things the Green Bay Packers should be doing this offseason to become more competitive.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Green Bay Packers are still considering giving the franchise tag to soon-to-be free agent Greg Jennings.

The Packers must decide whether to use the franchise tag on wide receiver Greg Jennings, a move that appears unlikely.

The future of wide receiver Greg Jennings is speculated upon in the media. That and more in today's Daily Links...

In the end, the Packers decided not to place the franchise tag on quarterback Matt Flynn, a move that would have come with a lot of risk.

The Packers have until 3 p.m. Central time to place the franchise tag on Matt Flynn, if such a scenario is going to happen.

Under the transition tag the Packers would have to pay Scott Wells around $8.4 million for one year, but might that prompt talks of a long-term extension?

If the Packers choose to place the franchise tag on Matt Flynn, one option is to trade him and the 28th pick in the Draft to the Dolphins for the eighth pick.

Relax Packers fans - there's no way the Packers will tag their backup quarterback without a deal in place to move him.

Jermichael Finley and Matt Flynn are waiting to find out if the franchise tag will be placed on them.

Today is the first day the Packers could place the franchise tag on a player like tight end Jermichael Finley or quarterback Matt Flynn.

With the Packers a good candidate to get a compensatory draft choice if Matt Flynn leaves, he probably won't be a "tag and trade" option.

Brian takes a look at the offseason: franchise and transition tags, free agency and the upcoming NFL Combine.

The Packers have reportedly not talked with kicker Mason Crosby about the possibility of using the franchise tag. That and more in today's Daily Links...

While not out of the realm of possibility, defensive end Cullen Jenkins seems an unlikely candidate for the Packers' franchise tag.