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D.J. Williams and Brandon Bostick would seem likely trade targets for an NFL team looking for a tight end.

Thanks to Bleacher Report for sharing that even though Cedric Benson, aka DJ World Peace, is no longer a Packer, there's still some spinning in the...

Tight end D.J. Williams recently expressed his desire to become a starter. That and more in today's Daily Links...

The Packers' ground game gets going, Tom Crabtree celebrates his birthday in style, and the team limps into a much needed bye week.

The Green Bay Packers were down another tight end at Thursday's practice.

In a best-case scenario, Finley finally joins the elite tight ends in the NFL, but in the worst-case scenario, Andrew Quarless fails to come back until 2013.

Packers tight end D.J. Williams was an inspiration to his former Arkansas teammates now ready to join him in professional football.

Speaking from the NFL owners meetings earlier this week, McCarthy gave quick updates on the rehab progress of three injured Packers.

Randall Cobb and D.J. Williams combined to form two of the top seven SEC receivers in "clutch catches" in 2010.

We run the gamut from a 1000 yard-receiving season for Jermichael Finley to a perhaps unexpected release for Andrew Quarless––and everything inbetween.

In the opinion of second-year tight end Andrew Quarless, the Rookie Symposium isn't what it's cracked up to be.

D.J. Williams goes from overcoming an abusive childhood to clearing the wreckage in Joplin, Mo. to now navigating the NFL lockout.

Rookies Davon House, D.J. Williams, Ricky Elmore and D.J. Smith got to meet many of their veteran teammates on the Packers for the first time.

The addition of D.J. Williams and Ryan Taylor in the Draft may have fullbacks like Korey Hall and Quinn Johnson on the outside looking in.

The Packers' 2011 draft class weren't drafted purely on potential. They all got it done on the football field last season.

Jermichael Finley, a free agent in 2012, would be wise to receive an unspoken message: Stay healthy and be productive because there are other talented tight ends on this team.

Williams: "My background was pretty much like sandpaper. It was really rough. But after that sandpaper wore out, my family came out smooth."