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Take a listen to Aaron's Thursday hit on 97.3 The Game in Milwaukee. 

-- After rumors gain some traction, it may take one of the biggest names in the sports industries to bring it to a halt -- at least for now.

Could Dez Bryant really become a Green Bay Packer? New MNF commentator Jason Witten thinks so. 

-- Not that it should come as much of a shock, but the chances that Dez Bryant ends up in Green Bay took a hit on Tuesday....

Dez Bryant wants to get back at the Cowboys and what better way than to help the Green Bay Packers get back to another Super Bowl. 

Have you gotten your copy of the 2017 CHTV Draft Guide yet? If not, head on over to the shop and pick it up – you won’t be disappointed.

My immediate thoughts on the Packers – Cowboys Divisional Playoff game, the winner advances to play at Atlanta next Sunday for the NFC championship...

It wasn’t a catch, Dez. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s examine five reasons why the Packers will once again beat the Cowboys this afternoon.

The call overturned by instant replay is broken down the day following a Packers divisional round playoff win.