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It's a dark day in a dark year and even the best distractions, like football, can't get the job done. 

It's time for the Packers coaching staff to send a message with actions, not words. It's time for them to reduce Jermichael Finley's playing time. Significantly.

The third-year Packers safety has yet to make much of an impact on the Packers defense, and patience is wearing thin.

The ruling that stole away a victory from the Packers will be felt in Green Bay for the rest of 2012 and possibly beyond.

Once again, the Packers tight end is getting attention not for what he does between the lines, but instead, what happens off the field.

The issues that plagued the Packers defense in 2011 are the same ones that appeared in the Packers' season opening loss to the 49ers, and defensive coordinator Dom Capers is to blame.

Sam Shields has gotten the message. He's willing to tackle. It's time to make him the starter and only allow Bush to play in the slot.

As a new season gets underway, we'd like to introduce a new feature that will provide our readers with fresh, new content every day of the week.

New additions to the defense through both the free agency and NFL Draft will create a spirited competition for roster spots.

The 10 rookies on the Green Bay Packers have gotten a lot of attention, but they'll be lucky to see any action on the offensive or defensive side of the ball, at least early on.

An improvement upon their 10-6 regular season record and the right to host playoff games at Lambeau Field are expected next year.

The veterans on the Packers might be the team's leaders, but it was the some of the youngest players on the team that got Green Bay to the Super Bowl.

The Packers trek away from Lambeau Field for the third consecutive week when they'll face the Bears in Chicago on Sunday in the NFC Championship game.

Nick Collins and Charlie Peprah have been vital cogs in the Packers' defensive mechanism this season.

Aaron Rodgers is in the process of becoming one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, but he needs to lead the Packers to playoff victories.

Despite the inability to win close games, McCarthy shouldn’t be on the proverbial chopping block even if the Packers manage to lose the remaining two games this season.

Debunking the fallacy that there's some sort of need to run the football better or more than usual in the winter months.

For a team that's lost their share of close games, as little as one turnover can be the difference between winning and losing.

At this rate, Green Bay Packers head man Mike McCarthy could be an NFL Coach of the Year candidate by season's end.

Most people expected Charles Woodson and Nick Collins to be good, but did anyone expect Tramon Williams and Charlie Peprah to be this good?

As the season reaches its midway mark, the 2010 Packers rookie class has really made an impact so far and could continue to do so for years to come.

Whether it was information that another player had been injured or a salacious story about the most famous of former Packers, every report seemed to take on a negative connotation.

The Packers will benefit from the return of cornerback Al Harris and safety Atari Bigby from the PUP list.

The Packers shouldn't trade for a running back only to lose A.J. Hawk and the depth they've built.

Brian's inaugural column is appearing in several newspapers around the state of Wisconsin.

A column in the Green Bay Press-Gazette calling for the Packers to cut ties with Justin Harrell following the birth of his child was uncalled for and irresponsible.