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This is a great post from C.D.

Who is Ryan Grant?  :helmet

(Just not as much sense as Tim Rattay)

So the Jason Taylor rumors are back in full force this evening.

What can only be described as welcome news to the many critics of Packers Defensive Coordinator Bob Sanders (this blog included),

Yes, this headline officially signifies that I have been working in finance for far too long...

Greg Bedard makes a good argument (sorry, sub required) for why the Packers are going to be a solidly better 53-man roster.

An Insult To the Intelligence of People Who Follow Football.

Yes, that's me. Drinking Pabst, from a Pabst glass that I've had since my grandfather's bar in Chilton closed down oh so many years ago. And I'm...

That's how Andy over at Packer Geeks wants things done over at 1265 Lombardi Avenue.

Sometimes, it's hard not to get despondent.

Steve over at PackerGeeks has taken umbrage with

Ok. So now we know. It's unofficially over unless Aaron Rodgers, Brian Brohm and Matt Flynn somehow manage to get knocked out during training camp.

Ok so the draft is over. I feel pretty good. Put that one in the "Wait 3 years to see bag" - we're still trying to figure out 2005 draft based on...

Steve at Packer Geeks and Greg Bedard over at JSOnline are amongst the anti-Cu

McCarthy held court yesterday at the NFL owners meetings.

With Packer fans in full-fledged speculation mode about the possible moves Ted Thompson could make to fill out the depth chart behind Aaron Rodgers...

One of the many great benefits of having Packer World up and running is being able to monitor news basically as it happens. So, I see that there is a new article on It's my favorite kind. Highlight videos. Last season's 5 best by polling data. A must see. "Favorite Fives" of 2007: Play of the Year. Having seen 2 of the 5 plays live, Donald Driver TD against the Giants was a trace more exciting than the Tramon Williams punt return TD if only because it was a playoff game and we needed the boost and Double D willed it to happen. The other interesting note is that Favre is only truly responsible for 1 of those plays...and it's the one that has the most questions for Aaron Rodgers.

So my internet has been out for the last few days (as you may have surmised) but I'm back online today. And wow. Has Corey been busy.

So today we hear that Ryan Grant won't report to training camp without a new deal. And wouldn't you know it, it's Pete Dougherty 'breaking' the...

Packer Transplants, our podcast is on iTunes.

A list of links we talk about in our upcoming podcast. Brett Favre retiring articles and tributes:

Over at the Cheesehead TV Myspace page, we have visited, messaged and managed to meet up with 2,657 friends, cheeseheads and countrymen that share our love for the Green & Gold. Here is what 35 of them had to say about Brett retiring by leaving a comment on our page.

At 12:37, I posted:

Greatest Cheesehead 2008. Man that has a nice ring to it. The nominees are: Packer Bikini Girls

Packer Transplants, our podcast is on iTunes.

Packer Transplants, our podcast is on iTunes.

Less than 24 hours after it began, the great Blog Battle of 2007 between Packer Geeks and CheeseheadTv has come to an end. And lo, the Pabst did...

It was only a matter of time until we got roped into our first blog-battle, and I'm happy to engage Steve over at Packer Geeks all he wants.

according to (whoever that is) "Brett Favre Needs to Call it Quits". I had to post this...if only to get peeps riled up.