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Listen to Aaron's Thursday hit on 97.3 The Game in Milwaukee. 

-- Take it from one of the best to ever lace up a pair of cleats: Aaron Rodgers just needs to be Aaron Rodgers.

Yes, the post was deleted. No, we don't care. 

Aaron chats with Packers fans about the greatness of Brett Favre and all things Green and Gold.

The Green Bay Packers have been blessed with some of best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. Maggie reflects on the trio of Starr. Favre. and Rodgers. 

The Pro Football Hall of Famer also offered his opinion on Mike McCarthy's time in Green Bay. 

A couple years back I filed one of my first ever posts for CheeseheadTV. It was breaking down Mike McCarthy's ultimate 53-man roster.

Starr? Favre? Rodgers? David Michalski gives his thoughts on who should be considered the greatest quarterback in Packers history. 

When Patrick Mahomes burst onto the NFL scene, many compared him to the Packers’ original gunslinger: Brett Favre. 

Many Packer fans may be glad to see him go, but ultimately history will look kindly on Mike McCarthy's tenure in Breen Bay.

The former rivals were featured in a NBC segment reminiscing about playing against each other. 

The former Packers running back joined Aaron Nagler for the Cheesehead TV watch party during Monday Night Football. 

Brett Favre talks once again about his concerns with the safety of football.

The summer of 2008 was nothing short of action-packed for the Green Bay Packers.  At the center of that action were former Packers quarterback...

There have been a lot of different takes about moving on from Aaron Rodgers this offseason.  Some more immediate, some down the road, but all of...

Part of the fun (and all of the frustration) of every draft is that even the "sure things" aren't actually sure things.

-- In order to receive a concussion, some form of trauma must be administered to the skull to knock the brain about within and briefly off of its...

The difference between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick isn’t that they are perfect, it’s that they at least had the sense to keep it muffled from the public.

When it comes to the topic of the best teams in Green Bay Packers history, it’s not hard to find a starting point.

From his miracle touchdown to Greg Jennings on the first play of overtime against the Broncos in 2007 to his rainbow of a throw across the field to...

Around this time every year you can find a surplus of 53-man roster predictions for every team throughout the NFL. Predicting the opening day...

The other day, Aaron Rodgers said it himself, he said he’s on the back nine of his NFL career. And in truth, he’s right. 

Is it possible that the value of quarterbacks can be growing? The NFL has become a petri dish for passing offenses and now it looks it is being pr...


On Monday afternoon, Panini America released a special set of Brett Favre Panini Eternal trading cards. The cards were created to commemorate Favre...

It’s either Joe Montana, Tom Brady, John Elway, Peyton Manning and Dan Marino that has been mentioned ahead of him.

As Brett Favre is set to be inducted into the highest, most prestigious of accolades a professional athlete can reach this Saturday, his supports...