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Breaking down locker room interviews and press conferences from Preseason Week 2 against the Baltimore Ravens.

Aaron talks about the suprise scratch of the starting quarterback and the lack of physical play from the Packers. 

Join Corey and Aaron as they watch the Packers second preseason contest of 2019. 

Why the Packers might win and what to watch for tonight in Baltimore. 

The Packers travel to Baltimore for their second preseason game against the Ravens. The starters are expected to make their debut Thursday night, too. 

The Packers are trading away the veteran running back. 

The Packers fell to 5-5 after their most listless offensive performance yet against the Baltimore Ravens. As you would expect, not much went right...

Kelly Price of NBC 26 looks back at the first Packers shutout in more than a decade.

The CheeseheadTV Staff give you their predictions for the upcoming Packers vs. Bears game.

In Baltimore, the Packers on Sunday face an opponent strikingly similar to the team they just beat. That means the recipe for a win is also familiar. 

Ever since Brett Hundley heard his name announced with the rest of the Packers starters on Oct. 22, the staccato applause was accompanied by a healthy dose of criticism.    

Fresh off a win over their longtime rivals, the Chicago Bears, the Packers stand at 5-4 as they welcome the Baltimore Ravens to Lambeau Field this...

Erik Slaby, senior sports editor at The SkyBoat, shares his thoughts on the upcoming Week 11 match-up.

There is no doubt that in years past, due to injuries and other factors, the offense has not always been the caliber of a Super Bowl champion, but...

Can you hear it? That soft voice beckoning you along with a soft wave that seems to say, “It’s time to come home.”...

What games and storylines will be most intriguing in 2017?

Wondering what to do with time spent not watching the Packers? Need a reason to flip channels during commercials? Andrew Garda is here with three games worth keeping an eye on this Sunday.

Garda stops flaking and watching college basketball long enough to catch you up to date on his thoughts on the playoffs and the idiocy of changing successful coaches.

Garda gets off hs lazy rear-end and gets back to work between Rutgers basketball games to write up some NFL thoughts including the shifting Jets-Bills game, the Chiefs bein' the Chiefs as well as thoughts on the playoff pictures of both conferences.

It was a good day for former Green Bay Packers tight ends on Tuesday....

Garda is back and he's here to remind you that some good has happened in the NFL in the past week or so, despite the Ray Rice disaster.

Garda is back with Day 4 of his Giants notes from East Rutherford as well as news and notes from around the NFL.

Knowing as little about the AFC as I do, I checked in earlier this week with a friend of mine, Aviel, who is as hardcore a fan of the Steelers as I am of the Packers. More so, in fact, since she went to the 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers Women's Training Camp (dear Packers, please have one of these).  I expect that I'll pick her brain when the Steelers-Packers game approaches, but this week, she offered an AFC North insider's look at the Baltimore Ravens.

So, basically, I decided that my normal stats overview wouldn’t be enough for this game.  If this is a show-me game for the Packers, I ought to put in my best effort as well.  Through the lens of Football Outsiders, the matchup is a unique one for the Packers on both sides of the ball.  Instead of taking you to FO, I’ve decided to bring the stats to you.  I warn you that this post is not for the faint of heart – if you are anti-math, I understand if you don’t read further.  Numbers, ahoy!

Welcome to another edition of Opposition Research, where I’ll be taking a look at the Packers primetime opponent, the Baltimore Ravens.  Aaron and Corey covered a lot of ground during last night’s interviews with Ravens experts Chris Pika and John Eisenberg, so make sure you watch the show first.  As an NFC-oriented fan, the AFC has always seemed a little strange to me, so figuring out this matchup has been an adventure.  Without further ado, let’s dive in to Week 13.