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Green Bay's "third quarter" of the season features potentially stiff tests from Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay. 

With the NFL Draft still two weeks away, all the chatter has centered on how Packers general manager Ted Thompson has done as a drafter.

There’s no mistaking the fact that the majority of Ted Thompson’s big-name free agency signings have historically come before the draft. That tre...

Mario Williams had 14.5 sacks two years ago, but has bee miscast and not all that into it since then. Is he worth a flier? 

Is one bad season enough to remove an all-time great from relevancy?    If your name is Darrelle Revis, that seems to be the general consensu...

None of us should be surprised at what didn’t happen when free agency kicked off on Thursday afternoon.

We’re only five days away from seeing the cash frenzy of NFL free agency.