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You Suck

You Suck

Let me preface all of this by saying that I don't think the chanting of "The Bears Still Suck" is really that cool. Not on a moral plane, I just think it's stupid. If you want to chant it, go ahead. I'm the last guy that's going to judge you. However, let's put the whole thing in perspective for a minute and flip the field from fan to player. Suppose at the end of the game, or shortly before, the lovely (insert hot Packer reporter here) had pulled Aaron Rodgers aside for an interview. After talking about his great play on the field, she proceeds to ask him:

"What do you think about the Bear's next week?"

Aaron doesn't hesitate in his response:

"The Bears still suck, we're going to kick their ass."

Packer fans would crucify Rodgers. The outrage at giving that kind of fuel to the other team going into a huge game would absolutely blow up this website and much more.

"Why would he do that?" "What the hell was he thinking?" "He should shut up until he wins something."

I could go on and on, but you get the point. In that context, the action would be simply unacceptable. I find it funny that fans so adamantly bemoan players for not keeping their mouths shut and celebrating excessively while turning around and doing the same thing they so vehemently disapprove of. Because that's what Packer's fans did. If the Bears come out inspired this weekend, don't be surprised. About 60,000 Packer fans just got done defacing them on national television after they shut the Packers down once this season in addition to taking the division. I'd want to kick some ass. I'm sure the Bears do too. If that turns out to be the case, you really don't have anyone to blame but yourselves. You took the ball, and you're gonna score.

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foundinidaho's picture

Whatever. They still suck.

Kevin's picture

FudgePackers... good luck in the wild-card game if lucky enough to get that. It's called one-and-done.

Cuphound's picture

LOL. Colleen rocks!

I can do without the chant. But Bears Still Suck Polka is an irreplaceable cultural treasure.

And the picture of KGB and Sexy Rexy? PRICELESS!

foundinidaho's picture

Kevin - further proving my point.

Bearmeat's picture

If Rodgers said that, I wouldn't be mad - I'd LOVE IT!

Jayme Snowden's picture

Difference, Rodgers is working in that situation. Fans are not.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Fans should do what's best for the team too.

Jayme Snowden's picture

My point re Rodgers is that in this instance he's working. if he went back to Cal and screamed Stanford sucks, I doubt many people would be pissed. If he says it during an interview then yes, that's unprofessional.

and I don't think chanting the bears still suck somehow hurts the Packers. I get the "it will give the Bears motivation argument" but I also think it is equally galvanizing for the Packers. To me, the crowd at Lambeau has seemed quieter all season, I would believe that hearing the crowd behind the team would be just as great to the Packers as it would be bad to the Bears.

Every game I ever went to at SC, the last cheer of the game, win or lose, was always Beat (insert next opponent)! I think the timing of the chant fits in with that mentality.

Jordan's picture

Rodgers gets paid not to react. We pay so we can.
I don't think further explanation is needed.

Aaron Nagler's picture

"Fans should do what’s best for the team too."

Yeah. Like declare the season over after a Week 6 loss to the Dolphins.

Just a hypothetical, obviously.

foundinidaho's picture

ROFL. How true.

Rbuike's picture

I don't care either way but it was pretty cool to hear 70+ thousand people (me included) chanting that after they spanked the Bears a few years ago. I had a blast and won't forget that :)

BigSnakeMan's picture

Seriously?! If the Bears have to derive their motivation for this game from the chants of Packers fans they've lost already.

foundinidaho's picture


SpartaChris's picture

At least the Packers fans didn't spit on anyone.

MLecl0001's picture

Because players are players and fans are fans. As fans you can get away with things that players cant, its the way it is. I have never heard of players saying they got motivation because of the other teams fans. Its the whole point of being a "fan." As long as you arent personally attacking a person or physically attacking a player anything goes.

JerseyPackFan's picture

Really, I have to be worried about what I say when it comes to talking shit about the Bears? Lovie started this, fuck the Bears!

montanapackerfan's picture

rite on!!!!

Terry's picture

I've always viewed saying the phrase "The Bears Still Suck" as an act of defiance. No matter how good the Bears were in any particular year, they still "sucked" championships or winning record notwithstanding. I think it goes back to the early years, big city Bears and small town Packers. Now, if you want to read anything more derogatory into the word "suck"...well I think your just trying too hard. Go Pack!

nick's picture

I think it would be pretty damn badass if Rodgers said that

PackersRS's picture
Charles's picture

Nay. The Bears still suck.

Overkill's picture

What's a more appropriate alternative? "Yo' Momma"?

FITZCORE1252's picture

This may shock some of you but, if |#12 busted out “The Bears still suck, we’re going to kick their ass.” He would instantaneously go down as my all-time favorite GBP. OK, probably not that shocking of a revelation.

Death, Taxes, duh bares still suck.


SpiderPack's picture

Alex are you having an affair with Wilde?

Its the only reasonable explanation, because you have always been a pretty smart guy.

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"The Bears still suck!"
"A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall. "
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