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Worst Players of 2008

Worst Players of 2008


On January 30th, Lounge Lizard Paul suggested I make a top ten WORST players on the team. Here it is, but prepare to be surprised.

When I was making this list, I wrote up some of the bad players right away. The regulars were there, the players whose name I cursed every Sunday. Then I ran out, and I ran out at around nine.



This is a good problem to have for a team roster, but a horrible problem when trying to put together a top ten piece. After a week of thinking and drinking(T & D), I came up with the list.

Here it is, the top ten worst players from 2008.

10. Nick Collins – As good as Nick was, he also matched it with stretches of very bad play. Nick Collins is Darren Sharper 2.0 and it drives me nuts. Why can’t he just be consistent? C’mon, Nick. Hopefully Capers can fix him.

9. Ryan Grant – I wonder how many bruises our offensive linemen have on their backs from Ryan Grant running into them? Grant seems bright, but he plays dumb. What makes it worse was every time he stepped out, someone stepped in and ran BETWEEN the tackles and got positive yards. Horrible year. Will he rebound or will someone take his job in 2009?

8. Chad Clifton – Maybe Clifton can’t play well with a bruised back (damn you, Grant). Maybe that explains Clifton's bad year. Or Clifton is just getting old and banged up as his career gets up there. Clifton did not help the running game or the passing game and I hope he’s replaced by a better player next year.

7. Charlie Peprah – I admit, Peprah makes the list because I started running out of people while making it. However, he was pretty bad when he came in at safety. There’s no denying that one.

6. James Jones – Mr. Stone Hands. He’s big. He’s strong. He’s quick. He sucks. James frustrates me to no end. He is reaching Ahmad Carroll level of throwing away talent. He always seems to be dropping a pass or limping off the field. Both of those angered me a lot in 2008.

5. Ruvell Martin – Here comes the backlash. I like Ruvell. He’s charming and talented. He also was nowhere to be seen in 2008, and he got playing time too! He played in 13 games and was useless in 13 games. 1 touchdown. 13.5 average a game. Even after buttering up Aaron Rodgers for three years couldn’t help Ruvell in 2008. Get him a watch next year, maybe he’ll throw you some more.

4. Tony Moll – He sucked. I hope he doesn’t suck in 2009. That is all.

3. Jarrett Bush – After a horrible punt (see: #2), Bush would match the horribleness with missed tackles. Or penalties. Or, taking up space. And that’s just Bush the special teamer. As a cornerback, Bush rarely saw the field, and when he did, he was horrible. Charlie Peprah got on the field more in 2008 than Bush. That’s bad.

2. Derrick Frost – This guy was so bad. I was shocked how bad this professional punter was. I can understand if we sent Alex out there to kick, but Frost is a specialist at one thing: kicking a ball. He also sucks at it. Frost at Punter was like having an armless man taking the mound in an MLB game.

1. Justin Harrell – So much was expected from him this year. With Corey let go, we needed the defensive tackles we had to step up, and he didn’t. Some will say he was injured and it doesn’t count, but it does. He sucks, and so do his bones made of glass.

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Andyman's picture

It shocks me to think how good of a year Collins actually had stats-wise, but I do agree that I was cursing his name for often than not as well. He wasn't high on my list going into last year, and while 7 picks is a helluva season, like you said - he needs a little more consistency.

And you should bite your tongue for calling him DS2.0, haha.

Franklin Hillside's picture

I'm sorry, but any list that has any other player than Derrick Frost as the number one worst player on the Packers has to be redone. He lost two games (for sure, maybe more) for us and only played in 7 total.

Dale Z's picture

The list is worst players, not the top ten most responsible for losing games.

Pack93z's picture

Where is "wait in the hole, maybe the back will run into me" AJ Hawk?

Or "If the run a stunt at me, I am toast" Colledge?

Maybe "ooops, there he goes again as I took the wrong angle" Poppinga should be on the list?

Overall though.. decent job except for the Collins inclusion.

Aaron's picture

Clifton? CLIFTON? Did he have an 'off' year? Yes. Is he a liability in the running game? Yes. Is he still one of the five best pass protectors in the game? Yes.

Rest of the list is gold.

Paul's picture

If we were going by Franklin's list Rodgers would be number one because he totaly lost us a million games!....oh wait I'm not Elmo. But nice list and thanks for the shout out, but I've got to agree with Pack93 with Hawk being on the list, I think Colledge should stay off it he has gotten alot better and is pretty good.

It's a good sign when you can list in your top ten worse a Pro Bowler, a Pro Bowler from last year and a 1000+ yard rusher. But if Grant hadn't of like hitting other guys from behind so much he probably could've went for 1500+

Franklin Hillside's picture

I would argue being responsible for losing multiple games should make you the worst player, especially when the reason behind it is complete failure at doing your job.

Greg C.'s picture

Harrell and Frost are a pretty good one-two punch. After that it gets a lot harder. It makes me realize that the awfulness was really spread out last year. The only other ones on your list that I definitely agree with are Bush, Moll, and Clifton. But that leaves me with five guys to replace. How about Tauscher, Hawk, Rouse, Montgomery, and Jolly? Yeah, that sounds about right. There is no shortage of good candidates, that's for sure.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I don't know if I can jump on any Tauscher having a bad year talk. I would argue that before the injury he played pretty well. Perhaps the most solid of them all.

Asshalo's picture

That comparison between collins and sharper is right on.

Greg C.'s picture

I seem to remember Tauscher whiffing on several blocks early in the season. But I admit that I have a hard time following the play of individual linemen. I read where Darryn Colledge had "graded out" as much-improved in 2008, but he looked no better to me than he did the year before.

Dale Z's picture

Aaron said Clifton "still one of the five best pass protectors in the game? Yes. "

Chad Clifton allowed 6½ sacks after having given up just 18 in his first eight seasons. Top 5? Not anymore, bub.

he also led the team in "pressures." Looking at stats, he was actually better in the run game!

Aaron's picture

Dale, that's why I count on actuall footage rather than stats. Go watch the job Clifton did against Mario Williams and tell me he "does't have it" anymore...

Dale Z's picture

I watched 16 games. That was a good game for him. One of Frost's early games was pretty good too. What does that mean?

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Blog war!

Aaron's picture

It means that yes, he struggled early in the season. I wrote as much here Note that that post was made in Sept. His play improved considerably as the year went on. He had a stinker in MIN but other than that, game after game he was better than most left tackles in the NFL. Packer fans take Clifton for granted. Did you see Max Starks at LT for the Steelers in the Super Bowl? Terrible. Clifton is one of the best.

You need to quit reading this:

And start watching this:

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Will Dale explode? Will he fire back at a pretty solid argument? Will he just drink tons of booze? I can't wait until later.

Beret vs.Batman II - tonight on Packers Lounge.

Aaron's picture

For the love of GOD man. It's not a beret....

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Sorry - Tweed Newsboy Hat

I finally found your other blog though.

How do you find the time?

Aaron's picture

Let's just say I've stopped beating my wife...

Franklin Hillside's picture

I vote Elmo as the worst. He gets 1-10.

mannn's picture

Ryan Grant had over 1,200 yards and he makes this list HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAA....

He ran into the back of O-line because there were NO HOLES!!!!!! when a third down back is in and everyone is thinking pass 5 yards isnt to hard to gain..

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