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What's Your Price?

What's Your Price?

What exactly do you ask from the Packers players in return as a fan? I posed that question this morning concerning Greg Jennings, and the uproar was mighty and mighty divided. What's your asking price?

I took a lot of hell today for suggesting the Greg Jennings was just another player to me. I'm sorry but it's true. I'm not saying he sucks, I'm just saying he's not my favorite dude anymore. I don't feel a connection with Jennings. You rarely get a Jennings story that isn't some pre-fab piece, he doesn't sign autographs most of the time, and unless you want to pony up for a charity event you can't really get a piece of the guy. Now Greg Jennings has a right to do things any way he sees fit, and if I don't like it, rest assured that Greg Jennings doesn't give a rat's ass. But, I find my perspective as a fan changing and I think guys like Jennings are losing out.

The fans fuel the NFL. If you can argue that, then you need to hook up with Perry Mason and open a firm. That is fact, period. We buy the jerseys, we buy the tickets, and we buy the ads that feed the machine. The average out of town fan is going to spend $500.00 just to see a single game. Throw in the throwback jersey, a couple of beers for Ray and Nagler, and pretty soon you've almost spent a grand. In the meantime, Greg and Driver both drop a couple, Bush gets burned deep, and the Packers do exactly what the entire world knew they shouldn't do at least three times. Then, you wait around hoping for that, "Here's my Coke" moment to make it all right again and it never happens. That pisses me off.

I want access more than ever now, especially in my world. I want to know what kind of granola Greg ate for breakfast. I want to know what Greg thinks about the oil spill. I want to know what deodorant Greg rolls with after practice. That personally goes a lot farther than the next fund raising event in my twisted eyes as a fan. And for the players who give me that, it's guaranteed the next time I shell out dollars for a number it most certainly will be for a 25 or a 56 or even a 27 (highly doubtful) before an 85. That's the long and short of it.

I said Greg Jennings was just a couple of drops away from being just another guy. In my book, he is.

And that's also why I am, and always will be, just a fan.

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PackersRS's picture

I don't know man...

I mean, yeah, guys like Arod, Barnett, Finley, Grant... those on twitter, you feel much closer to them. It's a marvelous tool. While you get to know A LOT more about those guys, in contrast, the only info you get is what THEY let slip. So it's not as invasive as the papparazzi.

And Jennings being out of it, you kinda lose the sense of proximity...

But I don't know if a fan is allowed to be upset that the guy isn't sharing. I think that's a bit too much, you know? He has the right to be reserved...

Yeah, I know, you didn't actually said that you were upset with it. But calling him "just a guy now" because he doesn't, it's implied.

And it's your fucking feelings about the guy. I get it. I just think it's a bit too much.

And, besides, if Jennings bounce back from last year and has the kind of game he had against the Cards (Yeah, I know, he hesitated on that Rodgers' throw, but still) we'll all gonna love him like we did 2 years ago (yeah, I've lost some love for Gregorious too, I must admit)...

Jordan's picture

Ok, along with what PackersRS said, it's the players right to choose how far into their lives we get to see. I'm ok with that; I really appreciate it when Will Blackmon responds to my musings on twitter and I like to see what the other players are thinking. But when it comes down to it the only jersey I own is 21 Woodson, he's not on twitter, probably never will be, but he's my favorite player ON the field, and THAT is why I buy jerseys.

I'm not spewing hate if my tone comes off as such, its just the only way i can write, if you disagree, that's cool, thanks for giving me something to think and write about.


Alex Tallitsch's picture

It's a good point about Woodson. I personally let Woodson slide too. But, he also was DPOY.

Ron LC's picture

I hate social networks. Too much chaos and too little value. As far as what the players owe the fans - Not much! Play up to your potential and the salary you are paid. If you do that I'm a happy guy!

FITZCORE1252's picture

"Play up to your potential and the salary you are paid. If you do that I’m a happy guy!"


Robert Greenfield's picture

You only make one reference to Jennings play on the field, so I'm assuming you just think he's boring? I'm convinced #85 is a playmaker. You could argue he underachieved last year, but only first half of the season. That's because he was the focus of of the secondaries, and part the reason Driver started out so hot. Their performances basically flip-flopped throughout the year, meaning opposing defenses were confused as hell as to how to stop them = major win for the Packers.

As far as GJ's personality and personal exposure, I'd rather have him the man be reserved and neutral than get diarrhea of the mouth on the interwebs and eventually say something that ticks me off or just annoys me.

PackersRS's picture

The old switcheroo!

FITZCORE1252's picture

Last paragraph = SPOT ON

I wonder how pissed Dwayne Bowe's teammates are with him 'bumpin' the gums' about 'importing'? You know there's a shit-ton of pissed off wives asking questions right about now. LOL


Stan's picture

Let's hope Greg never takes on your approach to fan connection, jeez you sound like a stalker!

Jon's picture

Jennings is on Facebook.

JerseyPackFan's picture

I just shelled out a 1000.00 in plane tickets and game tickets for Oct 24th against the Queens. Mother fuckers better win!!!! kidding, no seriously, they better fucking win.

FITZCORE1252's picture

That's not bad, really. Unless you're going solo. But if it's for 2+, that's about right.

jerseypackfan's picture

Yeah Fitz...I`m taking my son with me. Our first game in Lambeau. Should be exciting.

FITZCORE1252's picture

SWEEEET! I went back for the Seattle game last year, game and plane tix ran us about $600 each (Sea-tac airport really gouges you though, they don't have any competition out here).

It's out of hand, BUT, screw it. You only live once and you can't take it with you, you guys will have a blast!

jerseypackfan's picture

It is definitely a "bucket list" item for me going to a game at Lambeau. What makes it even more exciting is taking my son and watching him take in the whole experience with me.

Greg C.'s picture

I'm late in replying as usual. Personally, I don't expect much of these guys other than what they give us on the field. That's what they're paid for. Some people don't have outgoing personalities and some people aren't into Twitter and Facebook and stuff like that. That's fine as long as they're not obnoxious in turning down requests to communicate.

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