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What's Your Fantasy?

What's Your Fantasy?

I don’t like fantasy football.

I know that puts me on the outs with a lot of people, but I just don’t.

It started because I don’t like betting on football. Back in college, my then boyfriend’s parents owned a bar and I was in the weekly Packers football pool there. It was sometime in the 2003, and I remembered hoping that the Packers would kick a field goal instead of scoring a touchdown so that I would win the pool. The Packers lost that day.

I don’t think I have ever forgiven myself for that. I committed a cardinal sin; I had forsaken my team for a small amount of money. I vowed I would never ever let my team down in such an awful way again. So when Fantasy Football began, I stayed as far away as I could. It was awful to me. It could make me at some point root against the best interest of my team. And that frightened me. I also extremely disliked the fact that now fantasy stats were filling halftimes and score tickers.

It was gimmicky, and it was everywhere. People kept telling me how much more interesting it made football; I wanted to slap these people. They needed something to make football MORE interesting?! Most people in my life think I need to find ways to make football less interesting and ways to make my real daily life more interesting. So I stood there in my college angst, looking down my nose at this “fad” fantasy football.

I’ve grown a little. My fiancé, SB is generally in two leagues, and since we started dating, I’ve helped him draft every year. Fantasy football clearly isn’t going anywhere, its growing, so I might as well accept it. But I still can’t convince myself to play.

Last season, SB thought he might need me to fill in for someone in one of his leagues. I was promised I could draft Packers and former Wisco and USC players. I did the math, figured I could make up a team with those parameters. But I still was panicked. The feeling of relief that washed over me when he told me his friend could do it instead was very real.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I just do not have the time for fantasy football. Game days for me are very rigid. There’s brunch to make, makeup to apply and a game day live blog to tend to. I’m usually knee deep in approving comments and listening to McCarthy’s pregame interview while SB yells out questions about who he should start.

This year, fellow Packer fan, terrific writer and everyone’s favorite Twitter personality, Dick Chang approached me about starting a league. I was still in blogosphere no man’s land, and that idea did intrigue me a little. It would be nice friendly competition, and probably provide some good material for some blogs. I’ve thought about it. As I hate to let Dick Chang down, and as he gathered what felt like an army of Packer fans to persuade me, I sat on the fence.

But, it’s time for me to climb down from this fence. I will not be playing fantasy football. I just don’t like it.

Plus, as demonstrated on last night’s Cheesehead Radio, I’m not the world’s most gracious loser. And it’s probably better for all involved that I don’t compete. Ask John, I can be scary.

So have fun my fantasy football friends. May you all have entertaining team names, and win your super bowl during the regular season.

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DirectingTitan's picture

To each their own, we'll miss you this season. :p

Oddly enough, FF is what got me interested in professional football again (after a brief experiment as a child). It also started me on the road to becoming a Packers fan.

FF got me started, but I found other reasons to keep me there. :)

zcalvelli's picture

If we call you 'chicken' you'll play though, right? Or how about a triple-dog dare? No worries, the time we spend on FF you'll spend on blogging so we all win.

willis's picture

In my salary cap FF league, I generally only pick AFC players, Packers, or players that wont be playing against Green Bay. Maybe that's silly but I like having my cake (fun with FF) and eating it too (not cheering for my opponent). FF makes the season that much more exciting but it also makes it less relaxing since your constantly watching stats and yours and your leagues Fantasy players.

ceallaigh's picture

I'm in my brother's league every year (all hail my Three Orange Whips!)We never play for cash, just eternal bragging rights, though I did have to write a 1000 word essay on how brilliant my brother was after he trounced me head-to-head a few years back.

FF is fun if you don't obsess over it. I usually end up in the middle of the pack or just outright stink. But talking smack is fun. And it makes you pay attention to players you wouldn't normally even care that they existed.

Jayme Snowden's picture

i actually do like the sound of that bet. Having to write that essay must have been hysterical!

David's picture

Not a fan of fantasy football either. The main reason I don't like it, I just can't root for anyone that doesn't play for the Packers. I just can't do it. (Cue Singletary soundbite) That, and its just a pain in the ass, with figuring out when all the bye weeks are, and trying to replace guys that get injured. I don't need all that stress. I just want to get drunk and watch football.

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