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What's Up Greg?

What's Up Greg?




With all the talk about "Brent Favre" lately, everyone seems to be overlooking something quite interesting?  Where the hell is Greg Jennings?





If you watched any of our OTA video this past couple of weeks, you will notice a disturbing trend. No Greg Jenning's highlights. I scoured through hours of film and the guy was either not there, or not practicing. The skinny on the subject--nothing.

It really starts to make me wonder if Greg is holding some sort of quiet protest behind closed doors.


1. OTA Week 1: Receiver Greg Jennings sat out team drills.

2. OTA Week 2: Greg Jennings absent for unknown reasons.

3. OTA Week 3: Limited participation.


Now I know Greg has a busy schedule with running the world, and fighting off hot women (and IronMan) at every corner. But, have we taken his god-like status to the point of no questions asked? I mean should we be treating this any differently than a Nick Collins? I must admit I am generally concerned.

The truth of the matter is that Greg missed an OTA, sat out another, and practiced in a limited capacity in a third. Yet, not a peep from anyone involved.

Reasons unknown.

Greg has noted on more than one occasion that he fully intends to be a Packer for the forseeable future. However, the fact remains there still has been no stated conversation about his contract, he is astonishingly absent from any meaningful installs during OTA's, and the strangest thing of all is it doesn't seem that anyone cares.

I will always be a firm believer that whoever you are, a contract is a contract. This should be treated no differently than a Ryan Grant or Nick Collins. Where was Greg, why isn't he on the field like he should be, and has he already started a silent dissention?

Aaron Rodgers summed it up best when he said:


"This is a voluntary time right now, but I think that word has kind of been almost eliminated from our terminology here in Green Bay now,” Rodgers said. “We realize we’re a team. Everybody needs to be here and working towards a common goal."


It doesn't appear that our annointed super-hero is exactly on that same page.

More importantly, why isn't anyone talking about it?

Have a great weekend.


EDIT: Just a little note from Greg Bedard today in his Packer's Daily Briefing:


How are things going on Greg Jennings' contract extension? Likely not great judging by the facial expression he made the other day. I kidded him about buying up all the auction items at James Jones' recent charity event. Jones and I both said Jennings' big money must be close to fruition. A dead-serious Jennings replied, "Then you guys must know something I don't, that's for sure."


I knew it couldn't be going good.


(Stay Tuned)

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IronMan's picture

Damn, now you have me worried.

Franklin Hillside's picture

"Have a great weekend."

How am I supposed to do that after reading this?!?!

I can already see the depths of depression I will sink into...

jeremiah's picture

no kidding!

" you will die tomorrow, have a nice day" geez....

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I will be behind locked doors, just to be safe.

Asshalo's picture

Collins has made pretty clear it's a hold out, while the facts are still shady with Jennins.

Either way, It doesn't alarm me as much as Collins because it's not like he's learning a new offense-- not to mention the fact that their are 11 other receivers for Flynn and Brohm to work with.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I think we can definitely say Jennings is not happy.

jeremiah's picture

well we will see in 3 days, eh?

Asshalo's picture

Maybe they're trying to sign the rookies first and then waiting to get to Jennings. Either way this better not get dragged into training camp.

Toby Hump's picture

Ted's been over-spending on speedo's (would you believe)

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I totally agree that Ted needs to get this done. I am disturbed about what lengths Jennings might have to go to get it done.

I hope there is a solid explanation for all of it. Greg Jennings, even though we worship him, hasn't become "GREG JENNINGS" quite yet. No free passes.

Jeremiah's Johnson's picture

Great site..Can't wait to see the Packers crash behind two pretenders this year.! Ice and wasteland have returned to Green Bay thanks to Mr. 31-33 (Thompson), and Mr. 6-10 (A-ROD).

They both suck!! Have fun in the cellar, mo-rons!


jeremiah's picture

terrible post

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