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What Would Vince Do?

What Would Vince Do?

Let’s review the 2010 Packers’ offseason so far:

Spencer Havner was arrested on suspicion of DUI following his motorcycle crash in March. He sustained a fractured scapula in the accident.

Johnny Jolly’s ongoing drug charges are reaching a climax as prosecutors have upped the ante, claiming that Jolly:

”Bought, sold, funded, transported and aided in the buying, selling, funding and transportation of illegal narcotics including cocaine and marijuana in Harris County from 2006 through May 2008.”

His trial date has been set for July 30, which also happens to be the first day of training camp.

Brandon Underwood has been under investigation for alleged sexual assault against two women this past weekend. The case is set to go to the DA on June 8, and charges could be filed against Underwood by June 12.

After taking in all of the information, and trying to keep everything in check, I have to ask the following question to certain players of a certain team:

What the hell are you thinking?

I understand the innocent until proven guilty policy of the justice system. I am not one who likes to judge before all of the facts are obtained. But the Packers are definitely drawing the attention of national media in a way which is definitely not what the players, the team, and the organization should have to deal with.

The players are adults, and they can do what they want when they want. My issue is when it affects the team and the goals the team has set out to achieve. A Super Bowl victory is a definite possibility in 2010, and because of these three players, the integrity of the entire team is being brought into question. Not only that, the three aforementioned players all had roles which would help achieve the ultimate prize:

Havner was a find at tight end when Finley was injured last year. The drafting of Quarless, combined with the decline of Donald Lee, almost certianly meant one of these three would be shown the door. Havner, not able to participate in OTAs due to his injury, is not helping his case for a roster spot.

Jolly is coming off his best season and was a vertial lock to start (assuming he would sign his tender). With a huge legal case hanging over his head, he is facing a certian suspension from the NFL if jail does not come first. The defensive line changes significantly if he is out of the mix, and Mike Neal, CJ Wilson, and (gasp) Justin Harrell all now play a much bigger role.

Brandon Underwood was just praised by McCarthy, saying:

“I think Brandon Underwood would definitely be a candidate for most improved player from Year 1 to Year 2 so far from what I’ve seen. I think he’s really matured in the weight room. He looks very good right now. I know we’re only practicing in shorts and helmets, but I think Brandon Underwood is off to an outstanding spring so far. I’ve been very pleased with what he has shown on film.”

One of the young CB's was going to have to step up in the secondary, and Underwood could have (and still may) be that guy. But the possibility of charges stemming from the investigation, plus word coming from players that he is not exactly the most popular player in the locker room and immature, really makes me wonder if he isn’t long for the green and gold.

It has been an interesting offseason to say the least. What does it say when the Packers have three times as many arrests as they do free agents signed? Somebody needs to wake these guys up, and I know just the guy who can do it:


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Max's picture

"...the Packers have three times as many arrests as they do free agents signed..."

Nicely stated.

Jersey Al's picture

Technically not true. Remember, they signed their own free agents...

Jersey Al's picture

Damn. First TGIF, now "What would Vince Do?" Everyone's stealing my phrases...!/photo.php?pid=225739&id=1822007994

Just bustin' you John. I really don't care about this. But TGIF, that's a different story...

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I'm trying to go to work for you Al on the TGIF. The fact that it is getting totally ignored only strengthens your case.

PackersRS's picture

Isn't Finley planning on commercializing the phrase? Why in the world would he recognize that a guy he's never heard off created that phrase? What if that guy is actually interested in making a profit out of it, out of his name?

This may be an innocent situation to you guys, but it may be not to Finley... Just saying.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

"Why in the world would he recognize that a guy he’s never heard off created that phrase?"

He won't, and that's the point. I don't think even has cash on the brain, he just wants kudos for getting the buzz rolling.

Jersey Al's picture

I'm not looking to get anything out of it other than just the satisfaction of being acknowledged. You know, some psychological reward for all the time I spend on this stuff...

PackersRS's picture

I know that. But like I said, maybe Finley doesn't...

PackersRS's picture

Serves you right. Maybe it's time to patent those babies before letting them loose, eh? I'm joking, but kinda...

Jersey Al's picture

Actually a trademark would be required and if you see what goes into getting something trademarked as far as time and money - forget it...

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Not to mention the TGI Fridays would never allow his logo.

PackersRS's picture

You're right... D'oh! And like Alex said, there's problems with TGI Fridays, with Finley's name... Could never happen...

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Hey guys, you can add youtube to your comments now.

Just find the video and add a 'v' to the url like this - httpv://

Working on getting images too.

Greg C.'s picture

What would Vince do? He would look the other way while Paul Hornung and Max McGee stayed out all night drinking, gambling, and whoring.

wgbeethree's picture

DING DING DING! We have a winner.

Alex's picture

Leave it to Greg C. to bring home the belt.


Asshalo's picture

"A Super Bowl victory is a definite possibility in 2010, and because of these three players, the integrity of the entire team is being brought into question. "

Issues like these can also bring a team closer together too. Don't rule out locker room dynamics and leadership.

That lombardi soundbite makes me laugh everytime I hear it.

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