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Vick To The Pack?

Vick To The Pack?




Some nasty rumors are starting to float around about the Packers showing some interest in Michael Vick. Please, say it ain't so.





After a mention of the Packer's interest on ESPN's Around the Horn yesterday, rumors are starting to run wild on a possible discussion by the Packers on acquiring Michael Vick.


Said one report:


"Signing Mike Vick was a top secret discussion among the coaching staff today in Packersville. Our insiders told us they had to swear on their first born’s life not to discuss the team’s interest in signing Vick. I was told that discussions are very serious and that the team is very interested in having him come in to back up Aaron Rodgers."


Everyone is well aware of where I stand on the Michael Vick situation. Let's not tarnish the phrase "Packer people" for a washed up dog killer.


EDIT: Ted Thompson said the following in today's press conference:

"Thompson wouldn't rule out signing Vick because they never rule out anybody else."

Here is a complete transcription of what Thompson had to say about Vick.

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Max's picture

Can Vick punt? . . . then we don't need him.

Erik's picture

It'd seem like an odd move for TT as well. He's all about pure "football" guys. Vick seems anything, but that. Seems to be mostly just wild rumors right now. When an official statement not outright closing the door on Vick comes out, then I'll pique my interest more.

mark's picture

Yeah, I would have a big problem supporting the Pack if we signed Vick. It would unquestionably break my heart.

I would rather go 0-16 with Matt Flynn than win a Super Bowl with Mike Vick.

Ryan's picture

Don't be foolish with that statement! If you were a true PackerBacker, you wouldn't be saying that.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I don't think that is the case, Ryan. I will have to think a long, long, long time about where I go from here if the Packers pick up Michael Vick.

andy's picture

Maybe they're just trying to keep him away from the Vikes.

Asshalo's picture

He hasn't played football in over 2 years. He was a less than decent passer to begin with. All for signing a veteran but not with his baggage. Didn't we have enough distractions last training camp. Keep Green Bay peaceful.

MrBacon's picture

Just remember, Thompson took on Koren Robinson, who was fighting personal demons with his substance abuse.

Also remember we gave Charles Woodson a second chance when everyone though he was about through with the league.

Packnic's picture

I like Vick. I think Vick is an above average to excellent quarterback, served his time, and got scapegoated for a crime that has vastly different levels of outrage depending on culture.

That said, I still dont see how or why he fits into this team. We've already invested draft picks, time and money into our backup qb's. I mean maybe if Flynn was the struggling 3rd stringer.... but hes the number 2 and I cant justify dropping our 2nd round pick this early for a major unknown in Vick.

We wont carry 4 qbs on the roster i wouldnt think. So logistically i just dont see it. Two ways I would be ok with it. Brohm to the practice squad, Vick in as 2nd or 3rd guy. But if we do it, I would rather see our 3 qbs and Vick. Grant, Jackson, and Wynn seem like more than enough punch at RB especially since no one else is really standing out. Maybe let Vick use up that 4th RB spot and let MM work some magic.

You have to admit, the wildcat and trickery options are endless with a guy like Vick in the game.

Ryan's picture

Kudos to your thoughts. People need to pull their heads out of their arses. If a guy is going to make our team better, why not for the cheap price he can bought at! If Rodgers goes down now, the Pack are one hurting unit. I'd like to have a proven NFL starter with playoff victory experience (in Lambeau Field at that) at the backup position and even in on some goofy "wildcat" formations to throw off that no talent Vikings Defense.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I agree. It would be a strategic move if true. And if not, it gets the Vikings thinking. I also agree that if Rodgers goes down, we don't have a prayer. I am completely torn, and hope it just blows in the wind.

That being said, we need a QB... something I still stand by.

Paul's picture

We have kept 2 punters on the roster in the past so why not have 4 QB's. We could line Vick in the backfield with the RB's and he could roll out and run or pass. He would most likly still be the fastest man on our roster.

Nicole W's picture

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stephanie's picture

I will never watch the Pack again if Vick is on the team. The guy is a loser and disgustinly hurt dogs. I am sure people are already lining up to throw something at this guy if he ever walks on a football field again. I know I am. I grew up close to Green Bay. My family loves the Packers. My brother lives in Thiensville, and my Aunt in Whitefish Bay. Nobody in my family will support the Packers if this guy is on the team.

Jersey Al's picture

Well Alex, if you have to stop being a Packer fan, can I inherit Packers Lounge? (LOL)

Graham's picture

He killed some dogs get over it. He paid more for killing dogs than anybody in the HISTORY OF MAN KIND. He lost all his $$ he lost 2 years of his life ect.

The Good Kid's picture


You should be ashamed of yourself, with such a foolish statement. Oh yea, nobody cares where you or your family live too, nor do we care if you wish to support the team or not.

Graham's picture

Bottom line he is better than Flynn or Brohm, I'd take him PLUS he is going to cost us what? 1-2 mil a year for 2 years? Talk about a value!! That does not fit TT's MO?

Greg C.'s picture

Signing Michael Vick would be a horrible move. By the time he got busted, the rest of the league had caught onto his gimmicky style of playing QB, and he just wasn't very effective anymore. Also, the national media spotlight is not a good place for a guy who's been in prison for two years. Let him play in the XFL for a year or two and prove he's ready for the big time again.

Max's picture

I think people are getting a little ahead of the situation. Thompson has said before, when guys like Haynesworth et al, came on the radar "we'll keep looking at guys to improve our team." It doesn't actually mean anything (as indicated by the fact we only got two less than impressive F.As).

Brandon Fisher's picture

The guy did he time and had a lot of time to think about what he did. Also with Tony Dungy being his mentor I don't see anything wrong with signing this guy. He is an improvement over either of our other backup QBs and could also add the wild cat offense to our playbook.

J pack fan 4 life's picture

This would be awesome!!!!!!! Vick would help the team out. SIGN HIM!

jeremy's picture

dont go to green bay bums, they hate colored.

Mia's picture

You know this from personal experience?

longtimefan's picture

Jeremiah's Johnson Said,

Yeah…all the Crackers are out howling about hiring a guy who would help their team out because of his “culture” and background.

That’s why you guys were LOSER for 22 years before Favre came and saved your asses..


Hey D.Levens ( from

How is the library today?

Mia's picture

I hope Ted Thompson signs Vick. People deserve a second chance. There are people who have done worse things and not served a lick of jail time. I hope you don't think all white people don't like Vick because of his background. Me and my hubby could give a shit. I cheered when Favre got booted, and I'll cheer if they get Vick. So as long as the Pack is winning, the negative hype will die down. I also think it would be funny to see PETA freezing their butts off in subzero weather trying to conduct protests when the people around them are wearing blaze orange eating brats, venison, and beef jerky.

Mia's picture

I've heard more bellyaching about Vick killing dogs than young girls getting raped and abandoned by their families in Congo. Seriously, folks. If I had to think of the 10 most horrible travesties in the history of human existence, Vick going to jail over dogfighting wouldn't crack the top 20. Yes, he tortured dogs...but sorry, I'm not going to get worked up over it. Humans > dogs. So I'm glad there are organizations like PETA who are only to happy to bloviate to the world about it. Then again, they don't believe we should be eating hamburgers. I seriously hope this time that Packer fans who threaten to leave the team because they don't agree with TT's personnel moves follow through. I would like to get my hands on a few tickets. I also think there is a great deal of hypocrisy going on. Favre hunts animals for sport. He's been doing it for years, and he skins them after he kills them and eats them. Where was PETA then? They have their own selfish reasons for dogging (haha) brings in the donations and it ratchets up support for their cause. So don't hand me this b.s. that PETA isn't also pursuing this for selfish reasons.

I'm not losing sleep over Vick coming to the Packers...

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