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Twitter Rulezzzz!

Twitter Rulezzzz!

I love social media. I love Facebook and twitter and YouTube and blogging and anything that helps me connect with other people. And can you blame me? Last year at this time, I was a girl alone in Cincinnati writing about random sports topics with a readership of five, and about 200 followers on twitter. Now I can talk about my Packers with other dedicated fans year round. I have numerous venues that I can talk on and on about my obsessive love of sports, and people actually read what I write (that concept is still so amazing to me, I feel beyond lucky). I also have found other USC alums that are arrogant crazed fans just like me. I went to Dallas. I now know people that I would consider friends even though I probably have never and may never meet them face to face. These weird, new, fun means of communication have changed my life, and for the most part, they have changed it for the better.

Recently though I’ve been noticing a trend. And I’m not the only one to notice it. Last night Jason Wilde gave Packers punter, Tim Masthay five rules for twitter, and while hysterically funny, they are sadly true. Somewhere along the line some people have become confused on what a twitter feed actually is. It’s what I’m doing or thinking at any given moment in the day. Remember how silly that sounded. You were just supposed to type what you were doing whenever you did something or thought something or saw something, etc.

My twitter is me. I am a Packers fan. I tweet a lot about that. But I’m also a crazy liberal, vegetarian who likes to play with makeup, defends USC at every chance and watches a lot of soccer. I also have a pretty interesting family, a couple of very important relationships and people in my life, work at a nonprofit and am building a house. I like social commentary, TV shows that can make me cry, sarcastic comedy, quoting movies, worrying about the amount of corn in the world and Armageddon theories. You can be pretty sure that my twitter feed will include a random variation of all of the above.

Now, I get that people who follow me are probably not into ALL of the things that I am. Because that would be weird; I’m me, you’re you and we’re all different. I’m assuming that someone who follows me does so because one aspect, or maybe a couple aspects, of my timeline are of interest to them. Likewise with the people I follow. In general I disagree or just don’t care about 25% of the tweets in my timeline at any given time. However, and maybe this is just me, I don’t unfollow someone because they have interests outside of mine, I simply scroll down. The only times I ever unfollow is when someone has said something that truly offends me (this has happened maybe twice), when I’m being harassed (sadly this happens more) or when I’m being pissy at a friend who has unfollowed me.

I realize that not everyone is as gifted with the scroll bar or they might be really particular about what is in their timeline so they unfollow me. I have had a couple of real life friends unfollow me, mostly likely due to the fact that I tweet A LOT. Most of the time these people simply fade away, silently click the unfollow and we all go about our day.

But then there are the people that feel the need to announce to you that you are not adhering to tweeting about the only thing they care about and therefore you suck. For some reason this drives me insane. Call me names, argue with me, completely ignore all my mentions, fine. But tell me what I should or should not be talking about and here comes angry Jayme. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl in a mostly male (sports) world, my feathers get ruffled easily when someone tells me what I can and can’t say or what I do or do not know. Maybe it’s because I love myself and love twitter and think you’re crazy for not understanding it. Maybe I’m just too sensitive. But if you’re the type of person who wants to only read my Packers tweets and will let me know when I upset you when I tweet about the “awful” sport of soccer or makeup, please know you’re automatically on my shit list. Like me, like everyone, you’re allowed to tweet about whatever you want, but I’m also allowed to be annoyed by it and think you’re a piss ant.

Apologies that this is not Packers related. It’s not even football related. But let’s be honest, there’s just not a lot of football things to talk about. At least not enough non-depressing ones. My body is also slowing shutting down on me (or at least it feels that way) and my attention span is basically limited to twitter. And napping.

So here are my twitter rules:

  1. Be yourself. Write about things you care about and know about or anything that might interest you. One of the best compliments I have ever received was when upon first meeting me a twitter friend said, “you are exactly like you are on twitter.” If you’re genuine, it’s harder for people to hate you. It’s also easier to let the haters roll of your back.
  2. Don’t be stupid.

That’s it. I know the second one is pretty complicated. But I can promise you that if you do follow these rules, you’ll be okay.

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PackersRS's picture

And, with #2, you just censored 80% of twitter...

JohnRehor's picture

Here's the deal: it's the individuals Twitter. We can say what we want when we want. You can choose to read it, or ignore it. If you want to follow, great. If not, that's fine too. No big deal.

But never, ever tell me what I can and cannot say. Its MY account.

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