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Tromalogue - Saints!

Tromalogue - Saints!

The drunken thoughts by Dale Z on gameday are much sought after. Here they are!

- Deuce McCallister is as slow as Michael Myers in the early portions of the game.
- Don’t type “I love black men” when you mean “I love Blackmon” in the Tromadz lounge. Guys won’t let you hear the end of it.
- Atari Bigby isn’t the same player as last year. For whatever reason, be it injury, rust, or just new-found suckiness, the dude ain’t getting it done. Replace him.
- Kornheiser making issue on why McCarthy uses red or blue pens, is it a political statement? Or is Kornheiser just a moron? I vote moron.
- Is Greg Jennings human? Aaron has thrown him two bad yet catchable balls, but he dropped them. Rodgers was OFF, but still…they were catchable. Gotta make those.
- Never promise to do Packers Lounge touchdown shots ‘for someone else’ who can’t be there as well. That’s double the shots(at least)!
- Pierre Thomas solidifies my previous stance that I hate the French.
- Grant has a vagina. When he runs outside, he always tiptoes out of bounds short of the first instead of getting the first, resulting in more 3rd and shorts than we should have. Fruitcake.
- Every other word out of Tony Kornheiser’s mouth is “Favre.”
- Frost and ST Coverage has screwed us for 10 pts so far. Stock!!!!!!!!
{quick note: it’s halftime now and everyone is freaking out including my podcast partner Alex, who said that I SHOULD be “worried.” Oh Alex….}
- The refs just screwed the Packers for the third time tonight. First, was a timeout called then uncalled, then a penalty picked up, then the most generous balls spot ever (challenged and won), then a BS illegal touching by Nick Collins. The refs refuse to call penalties on the Saints. This is AWESOME!
- 30-21

[longtimefan] trom its nice and awesome to be optimistic, but
[longtimefan] stfu

- With 7:40 left in the third quarter, my blogger\podcast partner left the tromadz gameday lounge. This was the time I lost all respect for him. Maybe he can earn it back somehow. It will take time. Damn shame. He’ll say he had schoolwork, I’ll say otherwise. If you can’t stick with the Packers during the bad times, you might as well be a Falcons fan like Profizzle. I wouldn’t be shocked if he came back though.

- People will blame Aaron for this loss, which will make me giggle like a schoolgirl (how I missed those days). The truth is our pass rush sucked. He made ONE real bad throw and it got picked. The other two, as I pointed out, were catchable by Jennings. But hey, Brett had a good week, so let’s focus on the quarterbacks! Damn you, Rodgers!!!!
- We really need to cut Frost.
- The Saints celebrating HARD in the 3rd quarter. That ain’t smart.
- I’m doing a TD shot without Alex in the chat. You have no idea how much this bothers me. Cheers, Alex. CHEERS! EHOOO Cuz we ain’t quittin! Down 10, 20, 30, GB ain’t quittin, and I ain’t quittin! I’m drunk!
- The best CBs in the world mean nothing when you have the worst D-line in the world.
- Saints going for two when up by 2893729873. What a douchebag move. I hope they all get into car accidents.
- Favre talk by Kornheiser with less than 7 to play. Of course. This game is all Aaron’s fault, because Aaron plays on the D-line…
- Funny, when Favre threw it up, hoping for the best, it was courageous. When Aaron does it, it’s stupid. Interesting.
- Packers are ONE game out of first. Let the spaz outs begin.

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IronMan's picture

Aaron's interceptions were a big reason why this game turned into a rout. He has not produced when the game is on the line.

Dale Z's picture

My bad, this is on me. I didn't realize Aaron is the entire team. Aaron shoulda generated a pass rush. This is me.

IronMan's picture

LOL my bad. Aaron was perfect. At least you are consistent.

Andyman's picture

How long before ESPN realizes that Tony K. is not right in the booth?

IronMan's picture

From Greg C. One of the most respected and knowledgeable posters:

Quote: Greg C.

<em>"The two horrible picks by Rodgers are what turned it into a blowout, though. He's pressing and is telegraphing some of his throws."</em>

Andyman's picture

I don't think we can place the blame of the blowout squarely on Rodgers' shoulders though. The Packers defense got eaten for lunch and should know how to overcome turnovers like that. Brees shredded them all night, INTs or no INTs (not that I am excusing Rodgers, but still)

IronMan's picture

"The Packers defense got eaten for lunch and should know how to overcome turnovers like that."

So Aaron throws a pick that is returned to the GB 3 yard line and the defense is supposed to overcome that? OK

Look, I'm not saying Rodgers is the ONLY reason we lost. There was enough suckage to go around.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I think it was a total team collapse in the second half. No life, no fire.

IronMan's picture

Agreed. Coaching included.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Greg C - a no frills kind of guy.

Packnic's picture

You can blame Aaron all you want... but 51 points is hard to match on the road.

Aaron played his worst game of the year because he pressed when down. Brett Favre did the same thing last year. The only difference is... we had a sufficient pass rush that could stop someone.

The Saint's were more motivated and faster on defense... and Drew Brees had as much time as he could possibly want. You can't win when a QB like that gets that much time.

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