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Tromalogue - Lions

Tromalogue - Lions

The season finale! Read my thoughts (all of them) as the Packers defeated the Lions to make them the first 0-16 team in NFL history!


- Driver – 99 yards away from 1,000 on the year. Rodgers – 270 yards away from 4,000 on the year. Of course the only numbers people care about this game are 0-16. I have to admit I’m nervous.
- No Alex this week. Him and Ironman are at the game this week so I have the place all to myself. It’s like when your parents are away for the weekend. It’s party time.
- Earlier this week on the website I stated that Ed Hochuli is the head official for this game. Ed, despite his awesome biceps, has been horrible all year. His crews too. Expect ugliness. And here….we……..go.

- The gameday lounge is packed. We have 1 person in there. Me. Awwww.
- GB didn’t score on their first drive, so naturally the moronic fans boo. Ugh. After a 2nd and 34(Aaron fumbled), they get to 3rd and 20, draw, 4th and 12 slant to driver. And you boo? Every person who boo’d, I hope you slip on ice on the way back to your cars. Also, you just lost all right to cheer the rest of the game. An average hurt team is trying not to be humiliated against the lions and they have to hear you boo’ing already?
- Another running back threatens Grant’s job. This week – DeShawn Wynn. 73 yard touchdown run. Untouched on the PITCH, a play that gets no love from McCarthy critics. It’s called “run the play with a real running back and good things happen.” 7-0 Packers.
- 2nd drive for the lions is another punt after a 3rd down sack. Boo now.
- You know, I just realized this is a lose\lose for McCarthy. If we lose, well we all know what will happen, but if we win, we’ll all hear “Where was this earlier in the season?!” I expect Captain Dingleberries Alex to head that committee.
- Ruvell drops one. Aaron looking frustrated. All 3 incompletions have been drops so far.
- Woodson continues to show why he’s a pro bowler. Interception # 2642542424 on the year for the man. We need to make sure he’s back and happy next year. Him and Tramon make me happy.
- Injured Packer on the field. That’s how we need to end this year, the same way it was all year, with player after player being hurt. This time it’s Scott Wells’ leg.
- Jermichael Finley gets his first NFL TD and Lambeau Leap while Aaron adds to his TD total. 14-0. Not hearing much boo’ing.
- Crosby has kicked to the up-man on kickoffs twice now. I don’t know if it’s wind or by design, but either way, I like it.
- Unnecessary Roughness on Al Harris as he planted an Olineman for getting in his grill(yes, the lineman definitely flopped). The real unnecessary roughness is the Packers dominating of this game, but we have dominated almost every game this year and lost, so yeah…finish strong!

- Another packer is down on the field. Rouse is down again. Is this guy injury prone? Wait, that’s not fair. If I ask that, then I have to ask if every player on this team is injury prone since they all get hurt with regularity. But I shouldn’t be bringing this up, some might see it as an excuse. So, after further review…nothing to see here, ignore that big man on the ground in pain. Commercial break! NOW!
- Calvin Johnson on Al Harris = Al gets beat up. Touchdown lions. No boo’ing though. 14-7. Offsides on the extra point kick though, that will be added against us on the return. Yay Mike Stock’s crew!
- Thanks to the special teams offsides combined with Blackmon’s special teams botch, GB has the ball at their own 8. Good thing games aren’t won and lost on defense and special teams. Phew!
- Finley can be a very good tight end if he works hard and shuts up. Can he? We’ll see in the next couple years.
- Right on cue, Finley drops a would be first down. NONE of Rodgers incompletions have been his fault(the play by play man said it, not me!). I’m not saying this to pump Rodgers, I am saying it because I find that hilarious and odd.
- Woodson is now on Calvin Johnson. Lesson learned by McCarthy it seems.
- Collins drops a tipped ball. That was the easiest interception he will ever have. At least it’s punt time now…yay, Packers start at the 5 yard line because of special teams.
- Jennings gets cheered as he finally catches one. I know Alex and David cheered that.
- Rouse hurt again. Wow. He’s being carted to the back.
- The Lions aren’t using their timeouts after the Packers failed to convert a third down with like 1:30 left. It is literally counting down…Lions get it with 22 seconds left, although a 55 yard punt by Kapinos probably sealed the half. But seriously….they could have had the ball back with 1:30 left and a timeout.
- Now the Packers are calling timeouts with seconds left. This is great. The Lions players have to be pissed at Marinelli.
- 69 yard Fair catch kick for the Packers because McCarthy is an awesome coach…..NO GOOD. Just short. Damn!
- 14-7. HALFTIME

- 3 people in the gameday chat(stevegb and mr. fastbucks).
- Wynn only has two carries, one of them being a 73 yard TD(the other just an 8 yarder). Why only two carries? Grant is playing well(5.9 avge) but still. I don’t know what McCarthy’s deal is with these running backs, but it sure is strange.
- I am still very nervous about Mike Stock’s boys messing this game up.
- I jinxed it. Crosby kicks the kickoff out of bounds. Lions start at the 40. My bad. I’ll take the blame for this one.
- GB starts at the 9. The Lions have been all over the field position game.
- Grant just fumbled at the 9 but holy shit did he just get upended on his head! He just spiked on his head! He’s okay though. He should be down by contact FROM HIS HEAD! Coach is challenging. HE SPIKED ON HIS HEAD! That was sick. It looks like he was fumbling before he LANDED ON THE TOP OF HIS HEAD though, so it should be Lions ball, 1st and goal.
- Lions ball.
- 14-14 after Nick Collins fails on a tackle that woulda made it third and medium. Instead, touchdown. It’s almost as if Nick Collins sucks. Hmm.
- We are really missing Scott Wells and Mark Tauscher right now. OOPS, I can’t mention injuries. Nevermind!
- Rodgers has been hit on almost every pass play in the 2nd half.
- Charlie Peprah is in the game and has dropped 2 potential interceptions on back to back plays. Nick Collins Jr!
- I would like to see more Wynn.
- Grant with an 80 yard touchdown, but it should get called back after this challenge. HOWEVER, this is Ed Hochuli.
- No touchdown.
- Aaron Rodgers boo’d for calling a timeout. Stupid, stupid, stupid fans. Tie game, a first down away from FG range, and you’re boo’ing because the QB isn’t forcing the issue. I’m not saying you should be happy the team wasn’t ready, but you just do not boo this. Things go bad, when they do, do the smart thing and call the time out, don’t make bad things worse. Stupid fans. By the way, the post-timeout play was a gain of 8 yards.

- Rodgers is 70 yards away from 4,000 on the season. Driver 59 away from 1,000.
- I want to see a stat on how many times Rodgers has been knocked down. Yes, a couple were him holding too long, but jeez, this is the Lions. O-line inju….nevermind.
- Jennings was abused and no PI flag. I thought Greg was gonna headbutt that official. He was fuming. IT BEGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- 17-14 Pack. Thanks Crosby!
- 3 and out for the Lions. GB’s offense needs to do something here. We need a touchdown here.
- Wynn comes in and has a great run, knocking over defenders. MORE WYNN!
- Only 2 starting Olinemen are in their same positions since the game started.
- Greg with a nice catch, but he still looks pissed since that one PI call that he never got. Don’t anger Greg Jennings.
- 24-14 Packers. Rodgers to Kuhn. 27th TD pass for Rodgers and they made it look easy and KUHN LEAPED! HAHAH!
- Rodgers needs 49 yards to get 4,000 yards and I have a feeling he won’t get it because the Lions will get large doses of Grant\Wynn. Oh well.
- Al Harris is playing this like it’s his last game as a Packer. He’s had an overall bad game(one good play) and I look forward to the Woodson\Tramon duo in 2009.
- Harris gives up ANOTHER big play and the Lions 1st and goal at the 9. C’mon Al! He thought he had safety help  but the safety was shadowing Calvin Johnson(because he's...Calvin Johnson and not some white guy I've never heard of before).  Come on, Al.
- 24-21 and the fans boo their team, who ARE IN THE LEAD. Awesome. Boo’ing the home team that is in the lead. Unreal. A couple minutes ago they were all cheering and dancing, now they boo, when their team is in the lead. I’m starting to understand why Leambeau has lost some of its mojo as far as the players go. Your fans boo you when you have the lead. Once again, I’m not saying allowing touchdowns is good, but…the lead…you have it…Now if Aaron or the offense can’t do anything here, do you boo them too? Or what if they EXTEND the lead, do you boo then? I mean, does it matter? I don’t think so, since the team gets boo’d when they ARE WINNING THE GAME, WHY NOT BOO THEM WHEN THEY EXTEND THE SCORE, IT MAKES THE SAME AMOUNT OF SENSE! I really think I hate most Packers fans.
- Rodgers to Driver, both get their season marks on ONE PLAY! BOO THEM NOW, ASSCLOWNS!
- Aaron Rodgers eclipses the 4,000 yard mark while Driver eclipses the 1,000 yard mark. Congrats boys. Too bad you have to celebrate it with morons in the stands(excluding alex and david)
- 31-21 Pack
- Rodgers’ QB:INT ratio is better than 2:1
- Another penalty on Al Harris. Bye, Al. I appreciate what you gave the team, but it’s time to move on. Good luck on another team in 2009.
- Collins with a useless interception. Actually he should have knocked this 4th and 29 jumpball DOWN instead of picking it off. At least he got an interception when the game was over and not the other two when the game was tight.
- 2 minutes till 0-16. I bet Alex and David are also chanting “oh and 16.” Poor Lions.
- Ryan Grant is going to have competition next year with Jackson, Lumpkin, and Wynn. Lumpkin and Wynn were well liked by Mccarthy(more than Jackson) so that should be fun.
- It’s been a while since I seen the victory formation at Lambeau. Packers win 31-21
- 6-10 Record
- Stay tuned in January for the Tromadz Report Card where I break down EACH position and grade EACH player. I’m even going to do the coaches! Oh snap!
- Have a safe 2009 and make sure to continue to check out the site. Me and Alex aren’t going anywhere. Check out the podcast next week!

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Asshalo's picture

did anyone hear ernie simms call grant's TD bullshit on the refs mic? Enjoyed that and the near make on the 69 yarder.

Totally agree about your comment about MM. He shouldn't get any credit for winning today. It was a terrible season capped off by an ugly win at home against the worst team in league history. I'de single out specific players (CW, AR, GJ, DD, poor kampmann), but the real duds this season were the coaches and then the trenches.

J Finley showed some potential. I wouldn't be surprised if (after a good offseason) he takes Lee's starting spot. He's bigger and, according to some, is the most athletic person on the team. This offense could be scary next year-- Jones gets healthy and Jordy and Jeremichael get better. Here's to hoping we pick up the players we need in the trenches and make the right changes at coaching.

Asshalo's picture

also, Here's a link to 2009. That's Dallas at home (sweet payback) and Tampa Bay away (again, sweet payback).

Paul's picture

Boo Them Now Assclowns! Awesome

I think I can predict some of your report card right now

Bob Saunders - F
Mike Stock - F
Kurt Shottenheimer - F
Aaron Rodgers - A

Alex's picture

You better believe I boo'd when they drove the field in three plays. Unacceptable.

Alex's picture

1. People suck for not going into chat today.
2. That lineman didn't look like he flopped when Al pushed him when I saw it. Maybe it was different on TV.
3. If you don't boo how is anyone going to know you are pissed. Next time I will write Sanders a letter instead. Either way, most people were booing the call initially not the play.
4. Firstly, win or lose I would not have said fire McCarthy. Keep bringing up the Ted thing, again, I said they should fire him, not that I wanted it.
5. Good Tromalogue.

Dale Z's picture

"3. If you don’t boo how is anyone going to know you are pissed. "

Silence at Lambeau field speaks volumes. Also, funny signs would be acceptable. You don't boo your team when they have the lead. You're a dead man on podcast [email protected]!

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