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Tough Enough?

Tough Enough?




The only question I have about Aaron Rodgers is in his toughness. Does Aaron Rodgers have the nuts to make the gritty, this is going to hurt but we need it plays?




This had nothing to do with injury prone or physical skills. Rather, about what it takes upstairs to get it done during crunch time.

Rodgers recently made the following statement:

"I like our position with what is happening in the division -- Jay Cutler in Chicago, what might happen in Minnesota, and Matthew Stafford in Detroit. Maybe we can become more of an aerial division than a grind-it-out, black-and-blue division."

Screw that.

You know what aerial division translates too? A bunch of pansies. This is exactly what you have in Minnesota, Chicago, and Detroit right now. I don't see any need to join them. The Packers were soft last year. The team played with no emotion, no fire, and no sense of urgency. When we needed a tough yard, we were pushed back.

The last thing we need around here is more finesse.

This will always be the black-and-blue division Aaron. That's what makes Packer football what it is. Packer football is about having what it takes to outlast, out will, and physically pound your opponent into submission. We couldn't do it last season, and an open thought about wanting this to become a bird farm division doesn't make me feel any better.

I like your style number 12, I really do. You say all the right things, get all the hot chicks, and you look like you walked straight out of GQ.

But, can you get us a yard on fourth down when you know you are going to feel your Sunday face on Monday morning?

I hope so.

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Greg C.'s picture

This is something that Rodgers still needs to prove. I fully agree with you there. But I have no problem with the "aerial division" comment. Passing is more important than running and has been for about 25 years now. That includes the Packer teams at their peak in the mid-90s.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I understand the era of the pass is here to say. The segment I don't like is parting ways with black-and-blue. You can pass and still be tough.

Be known for toughness first, not how you choose to display it.

MrBacon's picture

If everything goes to plan... The Predator QJ is going to pound the ball for .5 Yards on 4th and Short.

Packnic's picture

playing with a separated shoulder didn't do it for you? i cant find the video... but the bullet throw touchdown to Greg Jennings seconds after injuring the shoulder puts this whole article to rest. Next outrage please.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

That's not my beef Packnic (but at least it brought you out of your cave) at all. I don't doubt his physical abilities. This boils down to attitude.

I don't want this team to have that chuck it up mentality.

MrBacon's picture

Quote: <blockquote cite="comment-4536">

<strong><a href="#comment-4536" rel="nofollow">Packnic</a></strong>: This had nothing to do with injury prone or physical skills. Rather, about what it takes upstairs to get it done during crunch time.

Alex said this on the first line, "This had nothing to do with injury prone or physical skills. Rather, about what it takes upstairs to get it done during crunch time."


PackersRS's picture

I don't question that. His first touchdown if I'm not mistaken was a QB sneak. He finished the game when he hurt his shoulder. He's though. If he's gonna be Brett Favre in the prime, scrambling to headbutt a defender and jumping into the endzone though (or crazy), that's still uncertain. But he won't be scared to make a play. Actually, I don't see the difference between playing with an dislocated shoulder, knowing that if you throw the ball, you're gonna agravate it and it's going to hurt a lot, and diving in the endzone, knowing that it's going to hurt a lot.

PackersRS's picture

But I have a problem with that pansy comment. Hey, that's just the californian in him speaking. Barnett and Jennings are going to make sure that his head's in the right place when he puts on the helmet.

andy's picture

The toughness doesn't need to come from Aaron, it needs to come from this offensive line we've been using the past few years. A small center, developing players like Colledge and Spitz, and (gasp)Tony Moll, have not been able to get that tough yard, or grind it out in bad weather. This new group better be able to, and I like their chances.

Graham's picture

I'm not worried about Aarons toughness, in fact i'd be worried if Aaron was in favor of running it every play, big time QB's want to chuck the ball. That is what they do.
At the same time there is nothing like having that RB and o-line that you KNOW you can run the ball 15 times in a row and get 4 yards EVERYTIME. That is the Packers football which Alex is talking about. Just physically beating the SHIT out of the defense. That is what the packers have been missing since the 4th and 26 season, which by the way was lost when sherman decided not to go for it on 4th and 1 in the Eagles territory instead we punted, touchback and gained 12 yards of field position. In that case we had the attitued we just needed a new coach. Playing Dave Wannstedt type football the old playing not to lose type mentality.

Jeremiah&#039;s Johnson's picture

Rodgers is a pansy...It's just a matter of time before he's riding the pines and Brohm is calling the signals.

Austin's picture

You make me laugh... Brohm won't even be the 2nd string QB.

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